Bar di Bari Now Offering Zeke’s DC Donutz in Logan Circle

14th and R Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“I noticed a Zeke’s DC Donutz banner outside Bar di Bari. My wife and I loved Zeke’s and were heartbroken when it unceremoniously closed [2029 P Street, NW]. Will there be donuts soon? I know the two establishments have the same owner, so it’s not entirely surprising. Even more optimistically, could Zeke’s be coming to one of the other nearby retail spaces under construction? Or, most optimistically, replacing Bar di Bari entirely?”

Looks like Bar di Bari is now offering Zeke’s DC Donutz – on Nov. 22nd they wrote on their facebook page:

“Tonight’s donutz:
Vanilla bean glaze
Chocolate Glaze
Pumpkin Cheese cake
Spiced donut holes”


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  • What?? This is exciting.

  • I’m not sure this will save Bar Di Bari. I’m not impressed and I’m not sure what the place is. Restaurant? Coffee shop? Food Market? It tries to be all of them and ends up being none.

  • Zeke’s donuts were gloriously large and square. The ones pictured on the site look bland and mediocre by comparison.

    Just like Bar di Bari looks in comparison to pretty much everything else on 14th St. (except, to Bari’s benefit, the even crappier M Cafe across the street. What’s up with that intersection?).

  • YESS!!!!

    Thank goodness. I live at 22nd and P and was devastated when they left.

  • Wait, is this place called Bar Di Bari? I wasn’t sure the first time I read their logo on their window, or the second, or the third, or the fourth – but then I saw the sign over the door and I was convinced. Also, want to know the best way to forecast that your coffee sucks and you’ll do anything to get people in your door? Advertise 1/2 price coffee with a giant banner outside…

  • I spoke with head chef Stephanie last week and she said the donuts will be offered as part of a series called “Fried Fridays”. The fryer will go on every Friday at 5pm and the fresh donuts will be available from 5:30pm until they run out. The donuts are smaller than Zeke’s original donuts because the fryer being used is significantly smaller than the one they had at Zeke’s. I’m bummed Zeke’s no longer exists but I’m happy Bar di Bari is keeping Zeke’s legacy alive.

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