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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: I’m one of 3 people in my office…Let me go home!

    • Emmaleigh504

      As the self proclaimed Thanksgiving Fairy, I give you permission to go home at noon, or now if you prefer πŸ˜‰

  • Rave: I closed on the new condo and moved in yesterday! Everything went really well. Blithe, how did your move go?
    Rave: we’re getting out two hours early today! More time for unpacking.
    Rant: I was walking down the escalator at the Petworth metro this morning and it slammed to a stop. I fell on my elbow and butt. There were two other people on it, but they were both standing and neither of them fell. One of those two came over to see if I was okay, which I appreciated. I was pretty dazed, so it didn’t even occur to me to talk to the station manager, but I did call wmata after I got to work (but it did occur to me to tweet, what is wrong with me?). I have escalator marks on my butt and my elbow has a little cut. Has anyone ever filed a wmata claim? I’m not sure I should, I might just call and ask them some questions, then decide.

    • Emmaleigh504

      How wonderful that you are in your new condo! Very exciting!

    • I’m kinda scared of the likes of this happening somewhere like the Dupont escalators, which is why I try to remember to cling to the handrail. Let us know what you end up doing; I’m interested in hearing what wmata says and what happens.

      • The woman I talked to in customer relations took it very seriously and was concerned. She gave me the number for claims, it had not occurred to me. Honestly, unless I can’t move my right side tomorrow morning I will probably do nothing.

        • Talking to the woman in customer relations may be sufficient — but I’m with Anonymous 11:40 –it would be good to file some sort of official incident report, so that if this particular escalator has a record of malfunctioning in this way, it can be addressed by Metro.

    • Congrats on moving into your new space! Sorry to hear about your fall – yesterdays WPost had an article about people filing claims against metro for such things (read past the part about the man who threw down a banana peel, slipped, or “slipped” on the peel and then filed a claim against metro).

    • Very scary about the escalator, but wondering what claim you would file? Do you want them to cover the cost of your band-aids? Definitely let them know what happened because it could have been much worse, but are you just trying to get something for an unfortunate accident here??

      • I honestly have no idea what happens when one files a claim with wmata. I’m not out to get anything from an accident, though I would like to know what on earth happened and if there are any possible safety improvements that can be made. There should really be some kind of alert when an escalator stops, like a short alarm. There is no warning and certainly no slowing down, just immediate stopping. Though I’m not sure that you’d still have any time to react.

        • Maybe you should look into what a claim is then. Perhaps what you really need is some kind of “incident report”. From what I understand, a claim means you want money from WMATA. Maybe read this in addition to other info about what a claim against WMATA entails: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trafficandcommuting/the-i-slipped-on-a-banana-peel-caper/2013/11/26/49d63c86-56aa-11e3-835d-e7173847c7cc_story.html?tid=pm_local_pop
          The litigiousness of our society is a problem and while I find escalators randomly stopping to be truly frightening and dangerous, I would urge you to take action to help WMATA fix the problem, not waste all our resources so you can get “yours”.

          • …this comment seems kind of mean, so don’t take this as jumping on his/her bandwagon, but I also want to point out that Metro does repeatedly ask customers to stand (not walk) on the escalator and to hold on tight. I know I run up and down moving escalators all the time and, frankly, if the day comes that I’m flying down and it just stops and I go tumbling…my own fault.

          • This comment seems out of line to me. Jeslett never said she was looking for money. Even if she is, it’s not litigious or greedy to file a claim with WMATA. If she tore clothing or will have medical expenses because of this, it seems perfectly appropriate to me that WMATA should pay.

          • No, it’s good if there’s a record of it happening so WMATA can look into this and try to prevent it from happening again. If it had been an elderly person there probably would have been broken bones.

          • I’m in agreement with Anonymous at 11:04. Any claim/attempt to get money would likely be unsuccessful because jeslett was walking down the escalator, something WMATA tells its customers not to do. Of course, many of us do it, but it’s a calculated risk. KenyonDweller, why do you think WMATA should be made to pay when jeslett wasn’t following their rules? And Anonymous at 11:40, do you often see elderly people walking down the escalators? I typically don’t-I see them standing or choosing to take the elevators much more often.

          • What the heck…? Yes, I’ve seen elderly people on escalators. Just because they’re old enough for bone thinning doesn’t mean they’re all in walkers and wheelchairs.

          • KMB: I think WMATA should pay for the obvious reason that their escalator stopped suddenly, without warning, which could throw someone to the ground regardless of whether they were walking or standing. And, based on yesterday’s article in the Post, I fairly certain that WMATA would pay.

          • I asked if you often see elderly people WALKING on escalators, not if you often see them on escalators at all. I’m not sure how standing instead of walking relates to having a walker or a wheelchair.

          • KenyonDweller, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree, because to me (and apparently a few others on here), that reasoning is not so obvious, particularly because the people standing did not fall. It could easily be argued that, had jeslett followed the rules, she wouldn’t have fallen.

            That being said, I didn’t mean to imply that she was out there looking for a quick buck and I do agree that Anonymous at 10:49 was way too harsh. My reply wasn’t even in response to her comments as much as it was to some others.

        • Jeslett, glad to hear that you weren’t too badly hurt. (And welcome to Park View!)
          “There should really be some kind of alert when an escalator stops, like a short alarm.” +1 to this.
          I’m surprised to see negative responses to this — it seems like Jeslett wasn’t particularly interested in hitting Metro up for money, but rather in seeing them make some kind of change so that this doesn’t happen to someone else.
          Lots of people walk down (and up) escalators. Asking Metro to provide some kind of alert when an escalator is about to stop is not an over-the-top request.

          • Agree on the snipping at Jeslett. I did not read her initial comment as grubbing for money.

            Unless they were awesome, legit-looking street art, there are or have been signs in stations that say something to the effect of “Stand right, walk left.” Either way, I’m gonna lean towards Metro being flip-floppy.

          • I don’t know much about the mechanics of an escalator, and I’m guessing you don’t either, but I think it’s fair to suppose an alarm before a sudden stop due to a mechanical malfunction may not even be possible. Metro should be held to a very high standard, but it’s important to be reasonable and realistic about our own expectations.

          • Anononon, the signs I’ve seen have all said something to the effect of “most people stand to the right.” I’d always assumed that not saying anything about walking is one of the ways Metro protects itself from liability-by explicitly not encouraging people to walk, they are less liable when someone injures themselves while doing so. I’d be curious to know where/when you’ve seen the signs telling people to walk on the left, though. I don’t ride the Metro as much as I used to since moving and taking the bus more frequently, so maybe the signs have changed and I didn’t notice.

          • KMB, yes, you’re totally correct. I was vague, and, alas, I wish I could remember where and what exactly I saw; maybe it WAS the “most people” suggestion, though I think it stood out to me because it was more suspiciously expository. Anyway, I mostly notice maps but I should definitely take pictures of other weirdness, if only for reference There are a bunch of Metro things I wish I had pictures of, like the whale song sign that someone put up a while ago. πŸ™‚

          • The paper fare cards (at least until fairly recently) tell people to “walk left, stand right.”

    • You should probably talk to a lawyer before you file a claim.

    • Glad your move went well!!! Mine went very smoothly. The guys from Bookstore Movers were beyond awesome!!!!! Thanks much for commiserating with me through this process. Now my rants will focus on dealing with the piles of boxes.
      Jeslett, your rant sounds scary! I’m glad that your injuries were not more serious!

      • Yay! I’m so glad yours went smoothly!
        Ugh, boxes.
        Thanks! I’m just glad it happened on a barely populated escalator and that I’m pretty young. Plus, my butt is well padded.

        • Yeah, the walls of boxes are pretty staggering, but given the horrendous moving day disasters that I was imagining, having the boxes in the apartment where they need to be is pretty sweet!
          LOL! I think your butt deserves some doughnuts for saving you from more serious injuries! πŸ™‚

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: All my Thanksgiving shopping is done,(I only had to buy 3 things) and now I just have to assemble the very easy but tasty dish I’m making.
    Rave: Sister is making the big Thanksgiving spread.
    Rave: Took off work to play with a college pal who is in town.
    Rave: I lovelovelove Thanksgiving sooooo much!
    Happy Thanksgiving Popville!

  • Rant: The rain.
    Rave: Office is empty, so I brought the 5yo with me to work. He’s busy coloring me Thanksgiving decorations right now and we’re headed out to meet family for museums and lunch in an hour!
    Rant: Big screw-up at work that requires me to go through the last 55 monthly invoices line by line and compare to the 3-5 invoices that go into making each monthly invoice. I’ll be working on Friday.
    Rave: I can work on it at home! And gain a floating holiday to use at Xmas πŸ™‚

  • Rant: In the office
    Rave: House will be finished in about three weeks! Wife, puppies and I are so excited to move back home to Petworth, and out of the parents house in the suburbs!

  • Rant: 30 years of progressive politics have made me so PC — at least in my official capacities — that I hesitate before closing a note (regarding Native American Heritage Month, no less) to our Equal Employment Director with “happy Thanksgiving.” That whole thing with the Indians did end badly, after all.
    Had a spectacular birthday dinner for a friend at CityZen, then shot over to Union Station to pick up The Girl, who will be aiding, abetting and attending Thanksgiving Dinner, shoe shopping and just warming my cockles. I’m not ashamed buy her affection — I gave her shoe money.

    • Rave: being someone who would never be “The Girl” and who would never accept money from The Boy for shoes or anything else. But if it makes the two of you happy, then have fun shopping together for those FMP’s πŸ™‚

  • Rave: Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday of the year. I like some of the secular, wintry-festive elements of the Christmas season, but I’m not religious, so Christmas has no real deeper meaning to me. But I love taking Thanksgiving to gather with my small immediate family and really reflect on everything I’m grateful for in my life. (Plus, due to a slightly unusual family tradition–long story–my mom, sister, and I actually do our gift exchange on Thanksgiving…so tomorrow is Thanksgiving AND “Christmas” for me!)
    Rant: I seem to have “holiday brain” and cannot focus on work for the life of me.
    Corresponding rave: At least I get to telework today, can knock off at 3pm, and it’s a pretty slow day in the Outlook inbox!

    • One more rave: Delightfully juvenile level of excitement about the silly gag gift I bought for my sister (to go with some other nice, non-gag gifts). I think she’ll get a kick out of it. Tempted to rave about what it is, but on the off chance she reads PoP and could put 2+2 together with my screen name, I should keep mum about it for now!

  • Rave: not traveling today πŸ™‚
    Rant: in the office πŸ™
    Rave: going to Miami for 6 days starting tomorrow πŸ˜€

  • Rave: Smoked turkey.

    Rant: People who think they’re so clever by saying, “You’re smoking a turkey? You must have a HUGH pipe!” My cousin has to tell this joke every year.

    Also, people who call Thanksgiving “Turkey Day.”

  • Rave: Last day of the week before the holiday. The bus was so empty this morning. I love being in DC during the winter holidays when it is so quiet.
    Rave: Cooking a Cuban pork roast for the in-laws and two dear friends on Thanksgiving day. Looking forward to a quiet low key holiday. Our first one since we got hitched. I LOVE THANKSGIVING! The best holiday ever.

  • Has anyone been to the Botanic Gardens on Thanksgiving morning? We’re eating late tomorrow, so I thought it would be nice to go see the trains and fairies early. Just wondering about parking, lines, general chaos. It would be so lovely to pull up as soon as it opens, park in front, spend an hour, and then mosey home to put the turkey in the oven!

    • I’ve never been there on Thanksgiving, so I’m not sure if it’s any better then, but in the past the line for the Christmas display extended out of the building so you’d end up freezing your butt off for 15-20 minutes. Just something to keep in mind. Given the weather lately you may want to have a backup plan.

    • I went last year (or maybe the year before) on Thanksgiving (not sure what time, though probably not right when they opened), and the line was not bad at all. The day after Thanksgiving, however, I’ve seen a very long line outside the door.

  • Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday – being with family, enjoying good food, getting away from the city.
    It’s also a difficult holiday – my mom died last year shortly before Thanksgiving, one of my sibs has cut off communication with the rest of the family, my dear uncle was just moved to a locked dementia ward (from assisted living) in a VA hospital.
    Still finding lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving ~

    • I’m sorry for your loss. My Mom died last year in early December, so this year I’ve been trying to find ways to use holidays to both acknowledge my loss and celebrate my blessings. From your comments, it seems like you’ve found this balance for yourself. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  • Rant: So many fire drills at work today. Shouldn’t everyone be at home (and not bothering me)
    Rave: early leave today…hopefully…

  • Thankful: Family, friends, furry companions and a job I love.

    Not Thankful: Our current poisonous political process.

  • Rant: my heat is not working well and my family is visiting me. Anyone else in Petworth having heat issues? I’m guessing I’m not getting enough gas from the city.

    Rave: parents spending a week with me.

  • Rave: Love this picture!
    Rant: Nowhere to get a fancy coffee drink anywhere near my office.

  • Rant (more of a “d’oh!”): Figured I’d spend Thanksgiving with some friends who live in the ‘burbs, and whom I’ve spent the last two Thanksgivings with. I didn’t get around to checking with them until the other day… and it turns out that this time, they’re going out of town. D’oh! So now I am on my own, unless I can find someone to adopt me.

    • Black Squirrel in DC is doing a $5 all you can eat Thanksgiving feast tomorrow starting at noon, if you can’t find someone’s place to go to. Might be fun? It’s on their FB page.

  • justinbc

    Rave: The ability to shamelessly plug the things I’m thankful for: http://www.wellfedwellread.com/2013/11/what-am-i-thankful-for-this-year-hint.html
    Rant: Our offer on another investment property was not accepted today. We came within 25K (plus closing costs) of a deal, but ultimately they’re just asking way too much. Even our final was a good bit more than we wanted to spend, but anything more and it steadily loses profitability. I have a feeling (since the other offers were much lower) that they’ll be giving us a call back after this long weekend.

  • Rave: One more meeting and then I’m outta this joint!
    Rave: I am making pumpkin goatcheese cheesecake with goats milk cajeta for Thanksgiving. My cajeta can cure zombie-ism and bring the dead back to life. #nolie
    Double super uber rave: I’m leaving for NZ on Friday!!! It’s 73 degrees there!

    • I want to make that–share a recipe!!!!

    • Have fun in NZ! A word of warning from someone who was there for Xmas a few years ago: wear sunscreen. You’d be surprised how quickly the NZ sun can roast you. I don’t know why, but the sun is stronger there.

      • Artemis – you’re sort of right. There’s a much thinner ozone layer down there so the dangerous rays get through and burn your much quicker. Even the school uniforms have Freng legionnaire hats. I forget, but normally go home in their winter, so it’s not so much of a problem. Nettie – enjoy! It’s a fabulous little country. Kiaora!

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Going home early to bake pies and cornbread and make jello salad.

    Rave: I love Thanksgiving so much!!!

    Rave: Daydreaming about getting an orange kitty or two after Christmas.

    One little rant: The new Smartrip card I bought 2 weeks ago (my old one was splitting down the middle) only works about 40% of the time. Yep, I’m that annoying person at the faregate, swiping over and over, trying desperately to get my card to work.

    • Despite my current superiors being a grey/brown tabby and a black tabby (he really is a tabby when you see him in the sunlight!), I have a super soft spot for big ol’ orange kitties. My next boss will definitely be orange and his name may or may not be Abraham DeLacey Giuseppe Tracey Thomas O’Malley. Jussayin’. πŸ™‚

      • Quotia Zelda

        I have some truly wacktastic names picked out for the future cat(s). I do have to sell my husband and children on said names, but that should be easy. The kids will love the cracked out nature of the names, and the husband will go along with whatever we want.

        The best part? The wacktastic names all come from way back in my family tree. Apparently, my family was completely nuts.

    • Two orange tabbies!

  • Rave: drove home to NYC this morning with minimal traffic!
    Rant: had to leave at 6am. I am exhausted.
    Rave: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I personally don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or anything else because I’m a little bit like the Grinch; but I want to wish everybody happy holidays and happy time with their families. I also wish you all safe travels and little or no traffic. And good weather. And If you feel like being nice to me, just wish that the Red line doesn’t have any problems when I need it πŸ˜€

  • Rave: I have a LOT to be thankful for!
    Rave – ish: I’m gonna be a Big Girl and go to get a flu shot today. Does getting a shot on a cold rainy day right before a Major Holiday mean that I get to go to Proper Topper for a treat? πŸ˜‰
    Rave: I’ve survived — and grown from — a year which had many formidable challenges. I appreciate the dinner invitations that several friends have extended to me — but I’m really planning to spend tomorrow counting my blessings, thinking about unpacking boxes, and eating Chinese food. It’s weird, but it feels like a good way of acknowledging my bruises as well as my gratitude.
    Rave: Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

    • A flu shot definitely calls for a treat from Proper Topper! I wish I could buy all the jewelry in that store.

    • This is a good time to get a flu shot. Between the weather and the holiday you can probably afford to lie in bed doing nothing for a few days if you react to it. I always plan mine that way.

    • This is super late but I highly recommend the intradermal flu shot. I never got a flu shot before these became available b/c I hate needles. The first time I got it I actually wondered if it was administered properly b/c I didn’t even feel it. My arm eventually turned slightly sore so I figured it was fine.

  • Early dismissal today – four hours!

  • Nothing to do the next five days but lounge, drink, watch movies, and shop!

    Except in the midst of that I do need to study for a state licensing exam Monday morning. Eek.

    Kind of wish I had some family/friends to hang out with, but I’m pretty sure I can amuse myself. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: DC Cabs. So in a pinch I hailed a cab last night from Columbia Heights to the National Theatre. I thought with the new lights on top, red and silver paint job, and ability to accept credit cards (finally) I would give it a chance.
    Once inside I noticed the driver had his daughter in the front passenger seat. No big deal, other than she was searching the radio stations for a song she liked. I told him where I was going and he said that he was on his way home and that he was going to leave the meter off. I asked, β€œSo does that mean the ride is free?” He laughed, β€œNo.” So I asked β€œWell how am I supposed to know how much it is?” He replied, β€œIt’s 2.75 a mile.” I told him that he would need to turn on the meter. He asked are you paying with credit card. I said no but I’d prefer the meter to be on. He made no effort to start the meter. We had travelled from 14th and Newton to the intersection of 14th and Irving. The light was red, so I jumped out telling him I would get a different car. He yelled something as I slammed the door in his face. I hailed another cab and the ride was tolerable.
    They may have a brand new facelift but it’s the same old shell game, rip-off scams on the inside.

    • Yup, would have taken the ride and paid nothing. Told him I would be happy to discuss it with the DCTC (number saved in my phone)

      He would have moved on his way, and hopefully learned a cheap lesson.

      • Yeah, if the cab driver won’t turn on the meter, I’ll be happy to pay the amount listed on the turned off meter when we get there. Hope you didn’t have to wait too long for the next cab!

    • Ugh, why do we always have to deAl with such nonsense whenever taking a cab? Imagine if the service were so poor with anything else. It would never last.

  • Rant: Husband’s boss is a Thanksgiving grinch. He has tons of vacation time but he wasn’t allowed to use any to leave early today despite the fact that there is nothing crucial happening at work right now. Then we were hoping that he would be released early as is the organization’s tradition the day before holidays, but apparently that isn’t happening either.
    Rave: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • RANT: I took 9 hours of leave today and ended up working from 7am (international call – ugh) until 12 noon. I’m at a relative’s house in New England right now.
    Right at noon, my boss emailed saying “Are you on leave today or just telecommuting? If you’re working, I really want to chat this afternoon about something that needs to be done first thing on Monday.” It’s particularly funny because this is the boss who approved my updated leave request this morning (I deducted 4 hour because of the 2 hrs early dismissal plus 2 hours for my intl call that made me get up at the buttcrack of dawn).

    • I think it’s cool that you get to work with international people, though! I work with a very narrow demographic (old, male, conservative, and white) and long for interactions with different types of people.

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