Update on the New Restaurant, Homestead, Coming to Georgia Ave in Petworth


Lots of folks have been asking for updates on the new restaurant Homestead, from the owners of the Blaguard, coming to 3911 Georgia Ave, NW.

Here’s an update from the owners:

“Things are moving along nicely. We are under construction at the Homestead. Demo and all construction drawings are complete. At this point we are just waiting for an approval from the city to start building the addition to the back yard. The most complex parts of this project involve converting the residential building to commercial code and the rear addition, both of which require extensive review from the city. We are finalizing the permits on that part of the building at this time. The build should start in no more than 30 days. The space, the menu, and the finishing touches should be complete over the winter and we will launch in the Spring when the roof deck will be enjoyable. We can’t wait to open our doors.”


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  • Awesome — we can’t wait! Between this, Petworth Citizen, Chez Billy, the new Safeway… my head is spinning.

  • Parking is going to become interesting around here…that being said, I cant wait for this place to open.

    • Hopefully there’s a big public parking garage under the Safeway there similar to the one under DCUSA in Col Hts…

    • It will take significantly more development before parking is a problem in this area. I live about 3 blocks from this location, and if you walk the streets on fri/sat evenings you will see entire blocks with only 1 or 2 cars parked on them. The only time parking is an issue around here is Sunday mornings when the churches are full. Other times, there is plenty of parking available for customers of our new places!

      • saf

        I live a block and a half from here. I already have a LOT of trouble parking.

        • Surprising. I live a block from you and parking is a breeze.

        • Do you drive a U-haul? There is always parking around there (except Sundays)

        • I find that that “trouble parking” is relative for folks in this neighborhood. Some people think there is “trouble parking” if they cannot consistently park directly in front of their house. I have lived right near here for 4 years and not once I have I had to park more than 1 block away from my front door. To me that means there is no trouble parking. For others, maybe it means there is.

    • There will need to be more development before it is an issue. There always seems to be parking in the area now .
      Saf, do you drive a U-haul?

  • Yay! Yay! Yay!

  • Parking concerns? It’s two blocks from Georgia Ave Metro.

    • yea b/c everyone takes the metro to the restaurants on U St…ppl from northern petworth/brightwood would probably prefer to drive to this location making parking a potential concern.

      • Its pretty sad if people from upper petworth/brightwood drive down to where the Georgia Ave Metro is…its a 15 min walk and the 70 buses run through there every 10-12minutes….

    • Anon 5:59 pm, I think the poster who said “Parking is going to become interesting around here” was speaking from the perspective of neighborhood residents, not from the perspective of restaurant-goers from other neighborhoods.

  • They sure don’t look handicap accessible??

  • Happy that a restaurant is coming, but I’m not a fan of these architecturally disruptive mid-residential block businesses.

    • Not a fan either of the mid-residential block businesses but luckily this particular block of Georgia is end-to-end small businesses; with the exception of the apartments in the Jair Lynch building, it is almost purely commercial.

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