Update on Former Mid City Deli Space at 14th and P St, NW – Dolcezza Gelato and Coffee Coming?

1418 14 Street, NW

We previously have heard that another restaurant from the owners of Taylor Gourmet (though not necessarily a Taylor Gourmet Deli) would be coming to the former Mid City Deli space at the corner of 14th and P St, NW. A permit had been applied for under the name Taylor Gourmet. We learned this back in Dec. 2012. Now a very good source tells me that he hears a Dolcezza Gelato and coffee shop could actually be taking over the space instead. I’m trying to get confirmation from Dolcezza and will update when I hear back from them.


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  • I bet the rent is INSANE.

  • anything please. F those owners for what likely is extortion level rents (assuming this is the case since it hasn’t been rented already…).

  • I lived in this neighborhood in 2008 and I said then, “I need to open an ice cream shop/coffee shop and it needs to be in the nasty deli location.” If you ever ventured inside there was a perfect opportunity for a long bar, similar to an old ice cream soda shop. This was when there was nothing dessert wise in the neighborhood. It seems my idea was a good one and someone else is going to make a killing doing it. Good for them, silly of me to sit and wait on it.

    They will likely need to bring in a priest to perform an exorcism on the interior because, short of burning the building down, I don’t know how else one could truly clean that space.

  • Wish it were something better than an ice cream coffee place. We have those, don’t need another.

  • How many overpriced Gelato shops do we need on one block!?

  • That whole building needs a pretty hefty renovation. The top floors are still damaged from the fire ages ago, and the former deli area is a mess. Frankly, the building probably is due for its own Horse’s Ass Award.

  • What we really need in the neighborhood is a “small plate” restaurant.

  • But…there’s a gelato place literally down the street from this. Literally. Why would this be necessary?

    • Agree. And Pitango is way better than Dolcezza.

      • lovefifteen

        I disagree. I think Dolcezza is a lot better than Pitango. I suppose having both on one block will allow people to chose. LOL

    • Literally?

    • When shops like this are near each other, business is better for both of them. Hence, why restaurants are all together and hair salons being neighbors is good, etc. etc. Pitango has like 3 seats so if I want to walk down the block to see if I can get a seat at Dolcezza, that’d be great.

  • I don’t particularly care what goes in there–just get rid of that godforsaken fence along the P St. side of the building! Between the fence, the bus shelter and the tree box, that little stretch of sidewalk narrows into almost nothing after having blissfully wide sidewalks in front of the adjacent buildings!

  • I wish this would become retail, nothing food related.

  • Dolcezza makes disappointing and very expensive gelato. I was looking forward to the Taylor given the lack of cheap, semi-healthy options nearby for lunch. Whole Foods’ choices really aren’t that great once you’ve worked through them and the restaurants in the immediate area are mediocre at best. the old takeouts seem more like grease and/or ptomaine.

  • It has the potential to be a really nice space, if the exorcism and renovation are successful. Not sure a gelato place makes sense, given that there’s already one on the block, but as others have pointed out, something is better than nothing. Maybe a baby stroller repair shop or diaper service, given the seeming baby boom in the area? 🙂

  • To echo other comments, enough restaurants, ice cream, and coffee. More quality retail would be nice.

  • A local bookstore and yoga studio would provide total consciousness. So I’d have that going for me, which is nice.

  • Guess this is in keeping with 14th street evolution from a neighborhood-serving retail street into a destination street for people from across the city and region. Hopefully, we can eventually get a midsized retail cluster out of it.

  • Any word on whether Playbill/Yums will be re-developed?

  • Dolcezza should not open a block from Pitango. Instead they should come to Petworth! The Upshur corridor where Domku, Corehaus, Willow, Bentley, Fias and Petworth Citizen are would be perfect.

    • I think a place like dolcezza relies heavily on tourists/visitors to get their summer treats or morning coffee. Is there enough foot traffic, especially during the summer, to warrant a petworth location?

      • The foot traffic from the Georgia Av/Petworth metro alone would be enough. Plus the new grocery store coming in will attract even more people. Not tourist (thank god!), but plenty of families/customers.

      • Most of the places on the Upshur corridor rely on foot traffic and they seem to be doing well. Plus rent/properties are cheaper there than in any of the Dolcezza’s locations (Georgetown, Dupont, and potentially Logan). I think you’ll be surprise how well Dolcezza would do in Petworth.

    • So funny you posted this comment as my neighbors and I talk about needing an ice cream shop in Petworth/CoHi all the time. I think by the new Safeway/Chez Billy or on the 11th St Corridor would be perfect. From the comments above, it doesn’t sound like Logan Circle wants another ice cream shop anyway!

      • ‘Cuz that’s where all the dumb money is located. And small businesses (and their investors) love dumb, easy money. Petworth/GA Ave is still a risky proposition for investors. They might be faced with slim profit margins for the first year or two while trying to get the business off the ground.

      • Custard ice cream YES, frozen yogurt NO.

  • Such a shame to waste such a prime location on coffee, Gelato, yoga, or Taylor Gourmet. After years and years of waiting for this place to finally open up it would be such a perfect spot for something community bonding like a small NY style diner that could grace us with an affordable down-home breakfast, lunch and dinner menu…or a wonderful beach style real custard ice cream shop/dessert shop.

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