Update on Archie the Dog struck by car at 14th and S St, NW


“Sorry for the delay in posting this, but I wanted to give everyone an update on Archie (aka Scrappy).

He is doing well under the circumstances. The hospital released him late Tuesday evening, and we have pretty much taken the week off and stayed home to monitor him. Miraculously he had no catastrophic injuries. His lungs, heart, spine etc were unharmed. He has a very large gash on one leg that cannot be sutured, so we’ve been taking him to the vet every day to have the dressings changed. He had a nicked spleen which caused some internal bleeding but the vet decided to let it heal on its own.

We remain concerned about some high liver test numbers which we hoped would have gone down by now, but so far our vet is not too alarmed. There seems to be some cartilage damage on the one leg, which we won’t know for awhile whether he has any permanent mobility issues. He is walking though, and I even took him for a stroll around the block this morning. (We went past 14/S, I guess sort of a get back on the horse concept!)

Other than that, he had some pretty horrific road burn, which has already begin to heal. The first few days he was lethargic, but the last few days his spirit has slowly been returning. We cannot express how enormously grateful we are to have him.

The final vet bill at Friendship Animal Hospital was significantly less than the estimate, and I noticed later at home that they removed several charges from the estimate so it seems they definitely cut us a break. He got absolutely fantastic care there, and we are very appreciative of their efforts.

This week, we used our neighborhood vet at City Paws for the daily visit, and they have also been great, he seems to be their star patient. I feel he is getting really good care there.

I filed a police report; it seems there will not be charges against the driver. I have been in direct contact with the insurance agent, and they have verbally said they are covering 100% for the medical care. So we shall see.

I was able to track down 1 of the 4 bystander/witnesses myself later Sunday afternoon. (Note to the manager at Le Diplomate: I didn’t realize until I got home later that I was standing in the middle of your dining room still splattered in blood, needless to say you were the epitome of graciousness. And I say that not only because you followed me outside to hand me a container of your delicious pastries.)

A second witness was found through the PoP posting, and she was actually in the crosswalk with us, so was the most important of the four. The 3rd saw a sign I posted at the intersection and called just yesterday. Also, a woman who lives in a building on the corner witnessed everything from her window and contacted me after seeing the sign. So I am VERY grateful for everyone offering their support.

Finally, I want to say that all of the warm thoughts we have received the last week have been very encouraging. It definitely brought us comfort to know we were not alone and that so many people were sending good vibes. I have to confess I had some trepidation about posting; it just seemed like such a private kind of situation. As it turns out, I am really happy I did, and of course elated that it produced positive results. So HUGE thanks to all who read, posted and rooted for our little Archie.

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  • I would like to hear further details on this part “I filed a police report; it seems there will not be charges against the driver.”. Was there a reason behind their decision?

    • Yeah, that’s unfortunate—that many eye witnesses and no charges? I’d like to know the legal basis.

    • epric002

      agree- am curious as to why there won’t be any charges. and so glad to hear that archie is doing well! sending healing thoughts your way!

    • Remember, in DC it’s less about the law and a whole lot more about whether or not a cop wants to be bothered doing paperwork (their job) involved with actually filing charges.

      Not as bad as their usual intimidation of crime victims with the old “Come on, you’re not going to get your stuff back. Why file a report on that mugging?”, but sounds like that’s what we’ve got.

    • At the very least, will there be a traffic citation? Even if there won’t be a misdemeanor charged, at the very least this driver needs a few points on her driving record. She hit both a human and animal – severely injuring one of them – and then attempted to flee. WTF.

    • gotryit

      I agree – that should be pressed further. They can and should still bring charges. We shouldn’t wait until someone gets killed to start taking it seriously.

    • I kid you not…. I spent the night at my boyfriend’s house one evening. My roommate, trashed, “borrowed” my car to hunt down her wandering Booty Call. She not only led the police on a chase, crashing my car into a telephone pole, she then resisted arrest. My car was totaled. NEVER had I given her permission to use my car; she trashed my room to find the extra keys. Get this: the police refused to press charges! They told me it was a domestic dispute that could surely be solved by two friends. I had know her two months.

      • Holy sh#t. That is one of the most INSANE things I’ve ever heard. Did insurance cover the damage or did they try to screw you over? How could they not press charges for Resisting Arrest?!?! That’s nuts.

        • Insurance was a cluster. Ended up that her “Daddy” paid for the whole mess to go away and she had to move home immediately. I made her pay for the ad soliciting a new roommate, which was carefully worded “No psychos”.

          She did spend the night in jail and was convicted of a DUI. I guess maybe the cops thought she was screwed enough…. you know, cops being such sweethearts and all.

          • Did you by chance post that ad on craigslist? I distinctly remember seeing an ad that said “no psychos” in it. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if multiple people have posted similarly worded ads…

  • Hugs and snuggles to poor Archie!

  • I’m sorry to hear but glad Archie is back at home with you guys! I have experience w/ open leg wounds and daily bandage changes and you will be amazed at how resilient these guys are!!! I hope he makes a full recovery so you- it sounds like he’s in good hands!

  • So glad Archie is going to be OK and is moving around!! I’m also so happy to see how many people came forward to help. Definitely restores some faith in humanity.
    Friendship Animal Hospital is so amazing and it’s great that they’re so understanding.
    Sorry this had to happen and am also curious why no charges will be filed.

  • So glad to hear that Archie’s doing ok, and that you’re getting the help you need! Fingers crossed on the insurance pulling through!

    Rather concerned to hear that a woman can hit a dog in a crosswalk and the police won’t carry through on charges, though… Ignoring pedestrians with pets seems reckless.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Thanks for giving us this update. I’m disappointed that no charges were filed against the driver. Good to hear Friendship cut you a break, like I said they do a lot of pro bono work for Wash Humane and WARL. I’ve had a good experience with City Paws as well, pleasantly surprised. Dr. Hamilton was very kind to me when I had to have Scratch PTS. <3

  • My husband and I have used Friendship Animal Hospital for our cats for years. I think we’ve seen a different vet every time we went, but each and every one was not only super-professional but very patient with us and and very gentle and compassionate with our pets.

  • Archie’s person: Didn’t you say you were struck by the car as well? Did I misread/ misremember? I’m shocked that the driver is getting away scot free, even if it was “only” the dog that was injured.

  • I find it very disturbing that the person who caused all this will still be allowed to drive w/o any sort of penalty. At the very least she should have to pay some sort of ticket and have some points added to her license.

    I walk to work everyday and almost everyday there is a driver who, despite seeing me in the cross walk, they cut me off.

    • Seriously. No points or anything? People get points for getting a simple speeding ticket, even if they were not driving recklessly or endangering anyone. This person actually HIT a person and seriously injured a dog, and she gets nothing? That is insane.

  • Wow no charges – being hit as a pedestrian blows.

    A elderly gentleman ran a stop sign a few months ago and took me out on my bike. All he got was failure to obey a sign or some BS like that. He was 88! At some point you have to wonder if he should have been driving to begin with.

    This women clearly shouldn’t be driving if she was behaving like that. I’m really sorry you have to go through this. Thankfully it seems your pup will be OK.

  • Big rave that Archie is recovering – hopeful that insurance comes through and that charges are filed or a citation is issued.

  • Best of luck to you and Archie. Dogs are remarkably resilient; I wouldn’t be surprised to see him make a full recovery.

  • Happy to hear that Archie is doing well but also curious how no charges will be pressed?!? How can a driver hit a pedestrian and an animal in a crosswalk and drive away as if nothing happened? Not to mention, who covers your loss wages/time at home, etc?

  • I’m so glad to hear your dog is doing better!!! Thanks for the update. May he have a quick recovery!

  • Oh my god, I just read your original post and wow. WOW. I’m so glad Archie is okay, and I wish a million dog treats on him for everything he’s gone through. I would gladly pester the DCPD or a council member on your behalf regarding there being no charges. It is basically a hit and run. How is that okay?!?

  • houseintherear

    I thought it would be the OP’s decision whether to file charges. Maybe not, since it was a dog and not the OP who was injured..?

  • Fantastic news, excepting the lack of charges…so glad to hear he is on the mend after such a horrific trauma

  • Hang in there Archie!

  • Fantastic news! Very happy to hear Archie is on the mend! I still think that lady should have her license revoked. She seriously has no business being behind a wheel…

  • I’m glad to hear that Archie is on the mend, but I can’t share the general enthusiasm for singling out the driver for additional punishment — as if accidentally running over a dog weren’t it’s own punishment.

    Aside from the revenge motive, how is jailing, ticketing, or otherwise hurting the driver going to make anything better? It’s not going to be a deterrent, it’s not going to rehabilitate … what *is* it going to do?

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