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  • I live around the corner and really like how this has come together. My only question is why the left so much white space under the temporary “condos” banner. Seems like that space needs [something].

  • The building looks a million times better, but it’s a real shame that they didn’t take up some of that concrete and put in some sort of landscaping. It would have helped draw some attention away from the fact that the building, overall, if kinda plain jane.

    • I agree. Are they keeping it be able to have parking spaces associated with the units?

      • There’s no dedicated parking for any of the units, I don’t think. They are still finishing things so that’s likely a contractor’s car. (For instance, there’s no way they would just leave asphalt in the middle of that concrete block.) With that said, I doubt we’ll get the green space everyone wants. Best bet is to convince the condo-owners to put up some raised flower beds or urns of some sort?

  • Who do we contact to encourage replacing the concrete triangle with a greenspace of some kind?

  • They turned this building around FAST. I was shocked that the units were already for sale. Not to say that they didn’t do a decent job, but if you are in the market it would make sense to make sure you have a good inspector. I would also like to know exactly what retail will be going in on the ground floor before committing to a purchase.

  • i live across the street and watched them do the renovation, and went to the open house a few weekends ago. they did a nice job with the interiors, better than i would have expected. to a previous poster regarding the front landscaping – the black asphalt is from pepco, which is completing some work and the ground will then be repaved to match the rest of the front. we were told the retail space has been leased to someone planning to open a cafe, with outdoor patio seating (if the permits are successful). it is definitely a huge improvement, and welcomed by the neighborhood. except, perhaps, for the resulting decrease in available parking…

  • Id agree they did a pretty decent job. The common areas look really nice. There is a contract with someone who is going to put a cafe on the first floor FL ave side and is going through the permit process now. Regarding that white space under the banner there is a bricked up (window or door, can’t recall) but it is part of the cafe space so the owner may decide he needs that blank wall inside, or he may decide to put a window back in it, or the sign for the cafe. As far as all of the cement, think outside the box and you will figure it out. The building itself is built on the property line. Anytime you have a weird angle on a building you can usually assume that. So all of that cement in front of the building is all city property, not building property as most assume. Some of it will be used for outdoor seating if the permits allow, the rest you would have to lobby the city to have them remove and plant. . These places ain’t cheap but they are a very nice addition to the neighborhood. One studied and the rest are one bed one bath units.

    • If residents can lobby for removal of all the cement, this seems like an ideal use of a kickstarter-type funding tool. As a nearby resident I would donate to that cause.

  • if that concrete can become an outdoor cafe people won’t mind it so much.

  • Wow, $365,000 for a 1 bedroom condo in Ledroit Park. Well now I’ve seen everything.

  • Glad this building was finally renovated. Even with a sidewalk café, something needs to be done about that concrete triangle. A few tree boxes would go a long way.

  • Missed opportunity to not put a large window on the blank face of the wall on the ground floor.

    • Opportunity is still there (you can see the existing support beam). It’s unfortunate that the developer chose not to incur these costs themselves – guessing that they’re trying to pass this off to the eventual cafe owner.

    • do you know the details of what is behind that wall? maybe a solid wall is necessary.

  • this is not in LeDroit Park

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