Two Men Shot Last Night in 4900 block of North Capitol St, NE and (likely) 1200 block of Shepherd St, NW


From MPD:

“Shortly after 10:30PM on October 19, 2013, MPD Fourth District units received a call for a shooting in the 4900 block of North Capitol Street, NE. Units responded to the location and discovered an adult male victim suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. The victim was transported to a local area hospital for treatment. A lookout was provided for a black male, light complexioned, 5’7” tall, between 20-30 years old, wearing a red/black jacket.”


“Several hours later, MPD’s Shotspotter gunshot detection system alerted Fourth District units to multiple gunshots in the 1200 block of Shepherd Street, NW. Officers responded to the location and canvassed the area, but did not locate a victim. Shortly thereafter, an adult male victim arrived at a local area hospital suffering from an apparent gunshot wound and was treated for his injury. There was no lookout provided for the suspect in this case.

Fourth District detectives are actively investigating both incidents. At this time, it is unknown whether these two incidents are related. Anyone with information regarding these cases is asked to call (202) 727-9099 or text 50411.”

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  • Too many young men with guns in this town!!

  • There is an especially nasty gang or crew that hangs around the 13th and Shepherd Street area. Will just beat, shoot or stab somebody to watch them bleed.

    Police know who they all are, just have a hard time getting convictions.

    • I’ve never noticed this, Wobbie. I take this route on 13th Street, NW going to the Target in Columbia Heights. I will have to pay more attention to my surroundngs. I’m a senior citizen and criminals tend to prey on senior citizens. Thanks Wobbie for this informatiion.

    • This drives me nuts. Then why the hell don’t they do anything. Crime is rampant in our city and elected officials continue to use failed policies. Look at what other cities are doing. Get with the program!

    • Need Clint Eastwood to pull a Gran Tarrino

  • The holidays are approaching and all D.C. residents should be aware of their surroundings at all times. It’s so sad!

  • I live on the 1200 block of Shepherd, and heard the shots last night. I’ve been here for 1/2 a year, and can’t say that I’ve noticed a lot of characters in significant numbers. I’ve been aware of petty crimes, but nothing that violent. It was surprising to hear the shots, but given the reputation of the Petworth/Columbia Heights area, I figured it was just a question of when.

    • Welcome to the block! We’ve been here about 4 years and Saturday night was the first time we’ve heard anything like this happening on this part of Shepherd.

  • I’m just curious, does anyone know how Shotspotter works?

    • No clue, but that made me wonder as well

    • I read an article about this once, but I can’t remember where. Basically they deploy a network of microphones over a city/region. Gunshots are loud and distinct and so when the microphones pick one up they’re able to triangulate where the gunshot came from.

      Imagine a sensor at Dupont Circle, one at Logan Circle and one at 16&U. If a gunshot reaches all three sensors at the same time and same volume you’d know the shot was fired at 16th & R, since that corner is the same location from each sensor. Pretty cool technology. If the shot was fired in Columbia Heights it would reach the U Street sensor a few moments faster and louder than the other sensors.

  • Ugh. I would like to live in a place where Shotspotter was not needed. I think it’s time to move to the quasi-burbs.

  • Surprised that the second incident only points to that shotspotter alerted the police. The wife and I also heard the shots (about 10-12) around 1:30am and called 911 immediately as I saw a car speed down our alley. Sounded like they were fired in the alley right between 1216 and 1214 Shepherd (just to the left of the pin in the map above). Operator said they’d send someone out but only saw a couple police cars speed by, none stopping or calling back to follow up. I’ll follow up with the number above.
    Hope I wasn’t the only one to call this in. If we expect the police to help make us safer, we need to report things like this to help them too!

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