Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Truxton Circle

1515 3rd Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1515 3rd Street, Northwest:


The listing says:

“This 2 br,1 ba condo has been renovated with Dishwasher, disposal, washer & dryer in laminated floors, microwave and eat in kitchen, window a/c unit. This is a typical NW DC Property with interior bedrooms.”

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $1,400/Mo.

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  • Interior bedrooms, my favorite kind.

  • You’re not getting much for 700/br these days…

  • a two bedroom with w/d in NW for $1400??? whats the catch?

    • It’s a crappy house in a fairly sketchy area. It’s no Carver/Langston, but my girlfriend would never agree to live in that ‘hood.

      • I walk my dog past this house all the time. This hood is fine.

        • look, don’t kid yourself. “fine” it is not.

          • People think that because townhouses and condo conversions are selling for $600K+ in the area, it’s magically better. Last time I checked, the multiple public housing projects which within two blocks of this place did not decide to go away just because some folks qualified for jumbo mortgages. The area is going to continue to have problems for years to come.
            This rental is a good deal for two guys who want a cheap place. I’d caution my female friends against moving here, unless they have a tolerance for bullsh#t from street harassers and are generally very street smart (most of them are not).

    • And you don’t even need to walk far to buy drugs. There must be a catch.

  • Oh, interior bedrooms, you say?!? Go on…

  • interior bedrooms?? I didnt know this was typical….

  • I live a 5 minute walk away- Bloomingdale- and never walk south of Florida, even with my (large) dog. If you look at the police reports, its not safe. I’ve been harassed and followed every time I run/walk through the area. Unless safety is not a concern of yours, in which case this is a great deal.

    • My girlfriend walks through this “hood” twice a day to and from work (we live in Bloomingdale). It’s no Georgetown, but it’s fine. While you’re right in that there have been several shootings further south on 1st St, they all happen in the middle of the night. During the daytime it’s very peaceful and quiet.

  • I’ve lived in this Bates neighborhood in Shaw for eight years. The area is fine and safe. Use the same street sense you use in any other part of the District.

  • I also live in this area, I walk around all the time and feel safe. Treat people with respect and they give you the same.

    • This. It’s not perfect, but nowhere is, especially not for the (relative) affordability of the neighborhood. But if you become a part of the community, you’ve have a very different, very pleasant living experience.

  • My girlfriend and I have lived in this area for eight years. We’re an two female houseold and happy that douches are too scared to live here. Pity they’ve infiltrated Bloomingdale, though.

    • Being realistic isn’t the Same as being douchey.

    • In the four years I’ve lived in DC, one friend has been robbed. Where was it? Right in this area (where she lived). Her roommates also were victims (at other times). Peoples concerns are warranted IMO.

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