Three Macaws Mural To Be Demolished for Ontario Theatre Development in Adams Morgan


“Dear PoPville,

Say “goodbye” to the Three Macaws mural on Columbia Rd. NW. Due to the redevelopment of the former Ontario Theater by Peterson Companies, the nearly 20-year-old mural will be destroyed with the demolition of the building. The beautiful piece of art will join the several other murals that have been lost or damaged recently in Adams Morgan.

I exchanged messages with the project manager and learned that “the mural cannot be preserved under the plans that were approved by the Board of Zoning Adjustment.” The artist, G. Byron Peck, is aware of the mural’s fate and was given the piece’s dedication plaque by the Adams Morgan Partnership Business Improvement District.”

Ed. Note: G. Byron Peck is also the artist who is recreating his famous Duke Ellington Mural on U Street.

Yesterday we learned the mural from the side of 1830 14th St, NW was also coming down.

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  • NOOO! Do you know when it will be demolished?

  • Murals on public buildings come and go, but I am sorry to see this one go.

    i frequently check out the demolition work, though, and have been impressed with how careful they are being to not be a neighborhood nuisance.

    The old theater had outlived its use life. I am relatively pleased with the new construction that is going on in Adams Morgan, and look forward to more retail shops in the neighborhood for the increased density of the neighborhood, and fewer cheap bars for kids who come in from the suburbs and drink beer till they puke on their shoes.

    Neighborhoods change, and it has been fascinating to see the changes that have happened over the past 13 years I have lived here. I know others will disagree.

  • Lesson Learned:
    Always paint the murals on panels that can be removed from the building if necessary, for restoration or relocation, as was done with the Duke Ellington mural.

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