The Mediterranean Way Market Now Open in Dupont

1717 Connecticut Avenue, NW

The Mediterranean Way has opened in the former Ginza/Aaron Gallery Space in Dupont. Their website says:

“Store owners and husband and wife team, Niko & Oana have brought their Mediterranean experience and passion of living in Tuscany and Greece back to Washington, DC and into their store.

By partnering with respected independent, and organic producers that they personally met, visited and dealt with while living abroad, they can now offer unique artisan products to their customers in Dupont Circle and beyond.

Oana is also a certified nutritional consultant and can help customers by offering advice based on their personal needs and goals.

The store’s collection is unsurpassed in quality and value, some of which are:
High quality olive oil & olives
Pure honey
Balsamic Vinegars
Chocolates & sweets
Coffees & teas
Jams & fruit preserves
Skin care and cosmetic products

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  • I stopped by Saturday afternoon and it looks really nice. I can’t wait to try the lemon olive oil!

  • They have olive oil and vinegar stations where you can sample each variety.

  • “olive oil and vinegar stations” can you say pretentious. No one shops like this in the actual Mediteranean.

    • justinbc

      How convenient for this store then that they’re not located in the actual Mediteranean [sic].

    • Sorry to say, but growing up in Italy, we had neighborhood grocers who fill up your olive oil bottles while you shop….just because you haven’t seen them on your trips there going to the tourist areas, doesn’t mean the don’t exist there.

  • Is “certified nutritional consultant” actually a real thing? Who certifies them? What does one study to get certified? How does it differ from the (certifiably checkable) dietitian?

  • stopped by today. what a great space. excited for what else they will bring.

  • Awesome! Between Glenn’s and this place, we’re starting to get back to some nice food options on CT north of the circle. Still miss the old Larimer’s Market, but this will help fill the void! 🙂

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