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  • Like the new look? No.
    Is it better than the old look? Yes. File under lipstick on a pig.

  • Wow. Definitely doesn’t give a seedy strip club vibe.

  • Looks a lot better but this unfortunately means it is not going anywhere for a long time. I’m sure the parents with kids in the elementary school right next door are happy that the unsavory characters will now be entering through a new shiny facade.

    • Would the unsavory characters be hanging around during the hours the elementary school is open though?

    • That Club has been there before the school was there.

    • Wow, hold on now. Just because you may not want to go to a strip club does not make everyone who does “an unsavory character.” I don’t want to go to church but I don’t characterize everyone who does as “unsavory.” (even though church goers tend to be the first to violate parking laws)

      • hmm, you live in Eckington and don’t like all the illegal church parking? any chance you’re single, cause we have at least two things in common?

      • Eckington Chick, I take it you haven’t been by there. Yes, everyone who hangs out there is not “unsavory” but take a walk by sometime. Or maybe I’m wrong, do you work at one of these establishments?

    • pardon me if i don’t feel bad about parents that choose to live near and send their kid to a school next to a strip club. it’s been there for decades!

  • I agree with the lipstick on a pig comment. This place is a blight in our neighborhood either way.

  • For some reason, maybe the roof line, it reminds me of an IHOP. And, for some strange reason, I like it. I guess because I don’t mind the idea of a neighborhood strip club –but I’m glad that it at least looks less skeezy, especially since it seems to be right across from a school.

  • Also curious about that. Anyone been?

    • Let’s just say that the time I went the talent wasn’t the freshest around.

    • I would never call this one of the nicer strip clubs in town. The talent is not the freshest or talented for that matter, and they dont give lap dances.

    • I have been twice but more as a novelty. One time they were renovating I believe, but both times the talent were on what looked like boxes built using plywood and covered in sheets. You can see all the pierced butt hole area you want. Last time, a guest got on stage because it was her birthday, and stripped down to nothing until they had to ask her to get off. I have only been to 4-5 clubs in my life, all in different cities, and this by far is the worst imo – but in a lets do something awesome and weird tonight in DC, its the best. I am sure I will be there again.

  • Glad to see POP is staying abreast of this news. Stories like this tend to fall between the cracks, and its easy to get a little behind.

  • saf

    When we first moved to the neighborhood, it was still called the Penthouse. And the sign said “Girls Girls Girls. Weekend Bid Whist Tournament.”

  • It’s pretty meh…you could do worse, you could do a lot better.

  • The sign’s hilarious lameness was that it only said a truncated “GIRLS GIRLS”, missing the 3rd “GIRLS”. A couple years ago PoP invited opinions of the talent from those who had visited. Those comments were even more hilarious. Tattoos with tattoos on top to cover old ones, C-section scars…I can’t remember all. A female attendee expressed her surprise that the strippers removed everything, showing no modesty.

  • This new small stone façade is really taking off – the Everlasting Life/Woodlands Vegetarian place looks the same

    • I’m wondering if both the House and Woodlands Bistro (no longer Everlasting) got funding through the Georgia Ave Great Facades program where the city gave generous grants for facade improvements as long as the business owners matched some portion of it?

      At any rate, it’s a strip club–who cares? No one seems to mind the Royal Palace at Fla and Conn, or the one on M at 18th St.

  • When my son was a baby he loved to look at the pretty blinking lights on the “Girls, Girls” sign. It adds character to the neighborhood.

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