Special Forum regarding the Adams Morgan alcohol license moratorium – Wednesday, Oct. 9

Photo by PoPville flickr user Faucetini

From the Adams Morgan listserv:

“This a reminder that ANC 1C will be hosting a Special Forum regarding the Adams Morgan alcohol license moratorium on Wednesday, Oct. 9, at Mary’s Center (2333 Ontario Road) beginning at 7:00 p.m. All ANC 1C Commissioners have been invited to hear comments from neighborhood groups and individuals regarding the alcohol license moratorium. The Director of the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration, Fred Moosally, will also join us to provide background information regarding the moratorium and related processes. The ANC will not vote on any matters at this meeting.”

Will Adams Morgan follow in the footsteps of U Street…?

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  • The moratorium inflates the prices of liquor licenses and encourages the businesses who are able get one of these coveted licenses, to sell as much alcohol as possible to pay for the license. If they allowed more licenses we could get better dining establishments that could sell alcohol to pay the rent, etc. I know of existing restaurants in AM that may go out of business because they can’t sell wine with dinner, or at least the owners tell me so.

  • I’m not sure why there is a moratorium to begin with, but i think its hurting development. Right now there are probably 10-15 empty storefronts on 18th – and this is during good economic times – so something is wrong with development in Adams Morgan. Perhaps they should lift the moratorium on restaurant licenses but prevent new tavern/ bar licenses (the ones not linked to food sales). The area needs some nicer alternatives to all the watering holes/ clubs. Also there needs to be some serious investigations into how places like Roxanne/spaghetti garden/ peyote cafe, the place with the madonna in the window (Yemaya?), and the B&K “newsstand” are staying in business. Those places have got to be drug fronts.

    • Excellent points. I would love it if somehow the licensing restrictions could be lifted for legitimate restaurants or could be limited to businesses selling only beer and wine.

    • Great points! Any chance you are going to make it to the meeting? Otherwise it might be a one-sided conversation.

  • All this will do is enrich incumbent license holders to the detriment of nearly everyone else. Barriers to entry for entrepreneurs looking to start a business and fewer restaurant and bar options for customers.

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