Some DC Caribou Coffee Locations to be Replaced by Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

Thanks to a reader for sending from Slate:

“Most of the shuttered Caribou branches are going to reopen as Peet’s Coffee outlets.”

In April it was reported by Star Tribune that:

“Caribou Coffee will close 80 underperforming stores and rebrand another 88 outlets to Peet’s Coffee & Tea, just four months after a German firm purchased the Brooklyn Center-based company.

Some Caribou coffeehouses in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Illinois, Georgia and eastern Wisconsin will be converted to Peet’s, another brand with the same ownership as Caribou.”

Any fans of Peet’s? You can see DC’s current Caribou locations here.

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  • I LOVED Peet’s when I lived in the Bay Area. Glad to see them coming to the area!

  • Is Peet’s a downmarket brand from Caribou? Seems rather strange to rebrand a coffee shop with a new name, but similar merchandise in a location that already proved to be insolvent.

    • Quite the contrary… Caribou would be “down-market” from Peet’s. Alfred Peet was roasting coffee when the guys from Starbucks were still figuring out what a roaster was.

      Peet’s here! I can’t wait.

      • Gotcha – thanks. I’ve only heard tall-tales from West Coasters who swear by this stuff. Never actually tried it while out there (went for “local” options), but this is a good sign.

        • Peet’s Tea is really a strong point for them. One of the few places with a spicy chai rather than a cloyingly sweet one.

  • vz

    Peet’s > Caribout, by a considerable amount IMO.

  • KSB

    AWESOME! Peet’s is my absolute favorite by a mile. Great news!

  • BEST NEWS ALL YEAR!! Finally, we can get a decent dark roast coffee other than Starbucks. Fie on all those carefully selected, single source, shade grown, light roast pour-overs that taste like lettuce juice.

      • I’m sorry, but coffee is waaayyy too important to me to buy something gross tasting just so I can say that I “shop local.” If local cafes want my business, then they can start stocking some dark roasts. What’s so bad about catering to all tastes? I get that a dark roast is considered less sophisticated (despite the fact that it was originally considered MORE sophisticated when Peet’s started doing it.) But I think the point of a cafe should be to serve customers, not to be “sophisticated.”

  • Peets coffee is often on sale at Safeway. their shops will be a big improvement over Caribou and their dishwater coffee and cardboard-like pastries.

  • Has anyone actually ran into a shuttered Caribou yet?

    A Caribou employee at Metro Center told me 18th & M is first to convert, followed by metro center, but it would a rotating schedule, and not all the Caribou Coffees at once.

    I, for one, will miss Caribou Coffee.

  • This is the best news of the year hands down! As a religious Peet’s drinker, it will be nice to have somewhere to go in the middle of the day that won’t make me want to vomit (cough, cough, starbucks). My brother will be out here on the transition team for when they start converting at the beginning of 2014.

  • This is the best news for this coffee lover and former San Francisco resident where I discovered Peet’s Coffee many years ago. I just hope there’s a store coming to 14th St or U St area.

  • Their regular coffee is better than Caribou or Starbucks if I remember correctly, but I’m not sure about their espresso drinks like lattes and mochas. I’m looking forward to trying them out again!

  • Zach, the Caribou in Crystal City was shuttered the day after the announcement that Peet’s would be replacing a large number of Caribou locations. Not sure if they’re planning on reopening that location as a Peet’s or if it was underperforming too much to warrant staying in operation as a Peet’s.

    I’ve always liked Caribou, but if I have to lose Caribou, Peet’s is a worthwhile replacement. I liked it while visiting San Francisco back in 2007 and subsequently enjoyed stopping by their two Chicago-area locations when I lived there from 2007 – 2009 (they have one location near North & Clybourn on the red line and the other in downtown Evanston). They have some tasty scones too!

  • I for one have always thought Peet’s was way over rated with much of the love coming from Bay Area snobs who couldn’t bear that Seattle’s Starbucks eclipsed their beloved local chain. Peet sold the store in 1979 and it is now owned by a German multi-national. So, it’s hardly a mom and pop anti-Starbucks. If my local Caribou switches, I’ll certainly give Peet’s a shot, but I hardly view this as a milestone in the DC coffee scene.

    • It’s a matter of taste which is better. For people who put cream and sugar in their coffee, the difference between chains is minimized. As a black coffee drinker, I enjoy a much wider variety of Peet’s coffee than other places. Plus, I find the freshness of their coffee to be better than other chains.

  • This is terrible.

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