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  • Its great that the MPD had a sting operation for prostitutes over the weekend, but where is the sting operations/task force for all of the shootings and assaults? Where are our elected officials at on all this?

    • i believe that both arrest rates and conviction rates have been increasing.
      can mpd do better? hell yes. but lets not pretend that they don’t do anything.
      a huge part of the problem is that decent folk are really good at getting pout of jury duty.

      • Meh,

        I went to jury duty. I was excited to get seated and hear a case. Would have happily sent someone to prison if warranted. I didn’t get picked though.

        We have lived in the District for just over 3 years, and they still haven’t called my wife (a fact she is HUGELY disappointed about)

      • I’ve gone down to the courthouse and sat all day 5 times, and not selected any of those times. I’m an older, neatly-dressed, white guy — anathema to defense attorneys.

        • Because of who lives in DC, juries get plenty of white middle class people on juries with occupations that usually get kicked off of panels like lawyers and psychologists.

      • Are you guys saying that the perpetrator here should have already been locked up from a previous trial that they walked from? Or that, if apprehended, the perpetrator would necessarily walk from a trial for this particular crime? As someone who has been on a criminal jury in D.C., both perspectives sound pretty ignorant.

    • How the hell do you do a sting operation for shootings? Seriously?

      • It’s probably more about having information about gang activity and who’s on the outs with whom. Much more complicated. The prostitution sting followed meetings with community groups that complained about sex worker activity (i.e., visibility); that sort of thing is easier to do.

      • Just take a look at what other big cities are doing.

  • A crime is commited in that corner/area almost everyday and even thought there are police officer around they are most of the time hanging out in Carolina restaurant.

  • This whole corner needs to be cleared out. People do nothing but loiter all day and night around seedy bars and brothels at 14th and Soring and in that general area. It’s a shit show.

    • OK let’s not mix up the guys who hang out outside and the gang types who go around shooting each other. Most of the guys there will never do anything worse than drinking on the street.

    • Agree 100%. The seeds of crime are there, but it’s always a reaction from MPD. Never proactive.

  • Here’s hoping the closed circuit camera there will provide some assistance.

    • I live on that corner- Tried to get detectives to look at the camera footage 2 different times. They just passed my call around for weeks and ended up getting nowhere.

      • This is what I was thinking. Isn’t there an MPD camera almost in that exact location? I guess those are not a deterrent since this is at least the second violent assault I recall reading about in that exact location.

      • Trying to getting the DC police to spell peoples names correctly and add the right street name to a police report is hard. Also if they are not interested in a criminal for some reason they have been known to let then walk on a slam dunk case.

        From my experience on jury duty the cameras are also tricky in that they pan back and forth so they often miss details of crimes. I saw footage of a car jacking where you see they guys approach a car, then the camera pans away, then pans back and the owner of the car is unconscious on the ground and the perps are driving away in the car. Pretty obvious what happened but in other crimes you could miss everything.

  • I noted a for sale sign on the Carolina’s property. Too much to hope that it is closing?

  • Update from story on Fox5: The victim was an employee of Posto (14th & Q). Fox reports it was an attempted robbery; when the victim said he had no money to turn over, he was shot. He spent time in surgery today and is expected to survive; description of suspect is “vague”.

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