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  • This place wasn’t very good. The french bread was delicious though but all the ingredients they used were pretty cheap – think Subway cold cuts, etc.

  • clevelanddave

    I disagree. Loved the bread, pastries, sandwiches, but the place always seemed kind of, well strange. The place had no atmosphere. It always seemed a bit disorganized. They always ran out of the most popular items. I wonder if they ever did much in the way of catering- they were in a great place to pick up that business because you can’t survive on the meager breakfast and modest lunch business. The place had no street presence at all. And the hours sucked- if you are going to pay the big rent, have enough prepared food, use the space you have well and keep hours consistent with your customers- not your employees needs first.

  • This was our favorite lunch place. Huge loss for the neighborhood. I am devastated.

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