Restoring Faith in Humanity (and Cab Drivers) Vol. 27

Photo by PoPville flickr user brunofish

“Dear PoPville,

On Wednesday I was rushing from a work event to my weekly volunteer gig at an ESL program for immigrants. My Ethiopian cab driver and I were chatting about my destination and the program, when we got stuck in traffic. I was visibly distressed that I would be late, but he got me there in time while we commiserated on the stupidity of the government shutdown. When we arrived and I went to pay the $15 fare, he refused, and would only accept $8, because as he said “I volunteer too, and someone should do something nice for you! Thank you for what you do!” I was completely shocked. It was such a genuinely kind, appreciative gesture. Since we always seem to talk about how most DC cab drivers are rough around the edges, I just wanted to remind your readers, that there are, indeed, a lot of good eggs out there.”

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  • There’s a good apple in every bunch. 🙂

  • Makes a rainy day a bit brighter.

  • Totally – I’ll never forget when I was late for a train and in a cab to Union Station and the cabbie asked if I had anything smaller than a $20. I remember thinking, “Here we go again, another cabbie looking to rip off a customer,” and told him to pull over at the McDonalds so I could get change. But then he said, “You know what? It’s almost Christmas – no charge. This’ll be my good deed for the day.” It definitely restored my faith in D.C. cab drivers.

  • that is nice. thanks for sharing!

  • It happned to me once during the Katrina response!

  • Oh, I have a nice cabbie story. I was leaving work late (after metro closed) one night and I was exhausted. I was so tired that I got into a cab and immediately realized that I’d forgotten to put my new debit card in my wallet and I just had the old expired one. I told him I had $5 on me and to just take me that far. He waved me off saying that he wouldn’t feel right having me walking by myself that late and just drove me home for free. I have plenty of awful cabbie stories, but the nice ones really do make your day.

  • It’s great seeing all these stories come out. I only have horrible stories about DC cab drivers, and I don’t think my PTSD will ever allow me to get in a cab again, but it’s good to know they occasionally do nice things for people.

  • I once got into a cab at Barracks Row heading back to NW. We were at Penn. and 7th SE when I found a phone on the floor. I mentioned it to the cabbie, who asked if he could return it to the owner, who he presumed was the last occupant of the cab. I said sure, he turned off the meter and tracked down this girl, who was still standing outside the bar smoking a cigarette. A very nice gesture.

    The owner of the phone never offered him a dime and didn’t even say thank you. So sometimes its the passengers who are the villains.

    • Wow, when I used to take cabs and find a phone I would track down the owner myself because I didn’t trust the cab driver to do it!

  • I was covering an event on the Hill two weeks ago and as soon as I stepped out of the cab, I realized my cell phone had slipped out of my pocket…and he was gone…not good! The next morning, he made a special trip to the Taxi Commission and turned it in…the right thing to do but you never know these days…I was very grateful!!!

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