Reports of “Multiple Patients Trampled” by Howard University

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From @IAFF36:

“Units responding 2400 4th Street, NW Multiple patients trampled – use caution.”

Ed. Note: I am out of town right now if anyone finds out more info please add to the comments. And I’ll do the same with emails I receive.

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  • DC Fire Fighters L36 [email protected]

    Update 4th Street Nw – mass casualty task force dispatched for multiple patients – #dcfd

  • i just biked through there right before this happened. tons and tons of people were gathering for the festivities. cops were everywhere too.

  • I saw the medical ambulance bus go screaming down Ga Ave around 4:20pm, and worried that something big had happened. 🙁

  • Students were very upset that HU was charging for the event this year. It has traditionally been a free event for the students. It was only $5 but many felt it was amother indicator of how out of touch this HU administration is. Stil no excuse for violence, but I can see where they’re coming from.

  • Im pretty sure it has to do with yardfest (typically the biggest event for howard homecoming)

    its basically a big concert on the yard

    up until this year it has been free of charge. from my understanding they decided to charge $5 this year and that caused problems
    i think this is related. probably people rushing the gates

    also i dont htink its the dollar ammount that people are upset about. mainly the principal
    this was a highlight for a lot of people old and young.

  • I’m confused as to why the hospital patients were outside getting trampled, and why the university was trampling them. A very difficult headline for me.

  • it appears to not be a huge deal. just people injured when they were pushed against a fence. non life threatening.
    5-7 people injured.

  • Wow that sad … they are acting like children for a mere $5 that the university BADLY needs because they are broke as it is

    • well, they are college students.

      • I was a college student once…. and if this happened at my unviersity it would have never resulted in an outcome like this

        • whatever.

        • Juicy J doesn’t perform at unaccredited community colleges.

        • It’s probably because nobody wants to perform at your boring college.

        • Yeah, like no universities ever have any problems with students acting rowdy at events. Like, when University of Maryland wins (or loses), no property damage ever occurs in College Park. You’re right, no bad things ever happen at any university but this one. LOL.

          • Exactly. Penn State students rioted in defense of Joe Paterno after a brushed those sexual assault charges under the rug.

    • they ARE children

      • 18 year olds flew bombers in World War II and died in Vietnam. 18 year olds are only children if we treat them like children.

        • lets all try to be as judgmental as possible!

          everyone realizes that the majority of howard students are super upstanding adults, right?
          and that not everyone that goes to yardfest is even a howard student. some are just kids from the hood.

      • don’t blame the kids… students were still free but non-students were charged the $5…
        a very large portion (perhaps the majority) of people at and around Howard campus during HU homecoming festivities are not Howard students.

      • more than likely not HU students – the majority of people attending homecoming activities today on campus probably are not HU students…

  • Some really solid comments on this one. People must be anxious for the weekend.

  • howard is like a country in the developing world. horrible governance, inept leaders and no hope for change. this is a local uprising that is long overdue.

    • Now that you got that off your chest, do you have anything intelligent to say?

      • probably most comparable to zimbabwe. both have horribly mismanaged the land under their control to the detriment all stakeholders. they are run by an incompetent and overpriveleged elite that put their own interests above the people they are serving. though mugabe’s departure would probably have a more positive effect than ribeau, that remains to be seen.

        • What exactly are you and anonymous October 25 6:08 pm trying to say?

        • Zimbabwe didn’t just have a sixteen day government shutdown because its legislature couldn’t agree on a continuing resolution (not even an actual budget!). LOL.

          • @flag on the play; You have obviously never read anything on the state of Zimbabwe and the dictator Mugabe that has ruined the country if you are comparing the U.S. to them.

  • Terrible. From the pictures it looks like it Howard vastly underestimated how popular the event would be, and perhaps did not provide enough crowd control…

  • I think part of the motivation for charging admission was to discourage non students from attending. Most people who come for homecoming are not students. Thats a fact. Homecoming is way bigger than the school. This a not so good attempt to seize control.

  • Here it goes….just wait, this ain’t nothing.

  • Lets be honest here, Howards homecoming is a hot mess every single year. From gunshots to stabbings and armed robbery to a massive 2 day increase in cars broken into parked on the streets all within a 2 block radius of campus.

    That, and Banneker park across the street gets absolutely trashed by the end of the weekend.

    I avoid the entire Georgia Ave corridor around Howard every year during homecoming. Its dangerous, and disgusting.

    • Lets be honest here you are wrong. Its college kids having a good time (with a bad element that interlopes on the festivities) and Banneker Park in never trashed after Homecoming. Howard students are more conservative and reserved than your average college students.

      • I went for a run today at Banneker about 5 and it looked absolutely terrible. Trash strewn about and probably 70-100 people loitering and drinking, then throwing their cans on the ground. I suggest you actually set eyes on the place during homecoming rather than blindly igoring the problem.

  • Why is Howard homecoming always a mess and other college festivities go on year after year without a hitch?

  • I was actually there. Howard had numerous event planning problems with the event. They ran out of student tickets earlier in the week and the line for will-call tickets (those purchased online) was ridiculously long and did not move. The event staff/police were not allowing people with tickets into the event, and there were huge lines and crowds at the numerous entrances. According to a friend with tickets, the police actually told her she just needed to go home and would not allow her entry. The event was badly organized and the police were reacting strongly against the crowd including using mace and having tasers out. I’m sure that any money Howard thought they would make off of charging for the event was used to pay for the enhanced security. I would hope next year Howard would rethink their structuring of the event (perhaps having people pay at the door) and allow people WITH tickets to enter the event for which they paid.

    • Come on “using mace and had tasers out”, I’m sure the police were attacking people without discretion. Quit making things seem different than reality and trying to incite anti-police anger.

      • Are you trying to suggest that police never use mace and Tasers? LMAO. If you weren’t there, you can’t refute someone else’s first hand account.

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