Rendering for The Maryland Coming to 14th and Maryland Ave, NE

14th and Maryland Ave, NE

I was excited to see a rendering posted for the new condos coming to 14th and Maryland Ave, NE

Rendering via

Their website says it will be delivering in December 2014 “From the $300’s to the $500’s 1 & 2 Bedrooms”.

This is the corner that used to be home to an old boarded up church.

Here’s what it looked like in 2011:


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  • DC is quickly becoming a cookie cutter city… what happened to creativity?

    • Greed / Profit.

    • lovefifteen

      Haters gonna hate. It’s not really possible to make every building groundbreaking and astoundingly creative. It’s the same with all the townhouses in DC. It’s not like each one is a unique work of genius.

      • imagine if the church structure was kept and a built upon it. #interesting

        instead its all greed/profit. Quick to build, quick to sell, quick to fall.

        • That would have been a lot more expensive to build/design, and the cost would be passed on to buyers. I’m all for keeping housing as inexpensive as possible, personally.

        • What do you think was there before the church? Not everything deserves to be saved.

        • I am all for historic preservation and I’ll be the first to tsk at developers for destroying the original character of a house or building, but nothing about that church seemed particularly worth preserving.

    • As if other cities don’t have uninteresting condo buildings?

    • when was DC not a cookie cutter city?
      in 1900 nearly all the houses being built looked the same.
      in 1950 nearly all the houses looked the same.
      why should it be different now? when it’s not the same people bitch, when its the same people bitch.

  • Man, that is one boring building. It’s going to be amazingly well located, however- that area around the starburst intersection is about to get a lot busier. There’s loads of poorly used space around there on 15th, Mayland & Benning Road.

  • Blah….

  • brookland_rez

    Nothing ground breaking in terms of design, but it’s fine. I don’t have any problem with it and it will help solidify the area. Now if we can get rid of the Pentacles.

  • Because all those endless rows of identical houses aren’t cookie cutter. Oh, but they’re old, so that makes it ok.

  • I just hope they had the good sense to sow salt so no church ever grows there again.

  • Personally I think this will be a welcome addition to the area. There isn’t too much in the way of development on that end of H yet compared to the west end.
    Speaking of development, does anyone know what that large concrete looking structure is going up behind the Maryland Condo site?

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing about the building behind… they were using the condo lot as a staging area for a while, so it may be the same developer/construction company. Looks to be a restaurant/bar, but the top two floors look… odd. Some sort of enclosed balconies, I think.

      The more important question in my mind: when will the Checkers get re-developed?

      • Ugh that Checkers! It would be wonderful if it was ever redeveloped, but it doesn’t seem likely it will go anywhere, at least not until the demographic of that area drastically changes.

      • That Checkers always seems to be doing business. If it were mine I’d hold on to it for another five years before selling it off.

  • the rendering is pretty boring, but this is one of those buildings where the execution is going to make the difference between boring but nice vs. boring and shoddy looking. Lot of the ballpark district apartments are shoddy looking, while the NOMA construction mostly looks well-built even when some of the designs are pretty drab.

  • The church wasn’t vacant until the developer bought it.
    I sure wish they would pick up the trash surrounding their property. What an eyesore. Where is DCRA when you need them?

  • The rendering fails to show the one thing I really wanted to see, which is how they’ll back this building up to the breakfast spot on 14th and those two corner buildings on H Street. Actually nothing about the streetscape in the rendering looks anything like the lot where they’re building this.

    Originally they kept the church’s old stone retaining wall, and I thought that would be a nice nod to the more historic buildings while still allowing them to build higher/more densely. But I see from the rendering that will be gone too. Too bad.

    • I could be wrong here, but I *think* the parking garage/lot entrance is going to be where the building backs up to the buildings on H.

  • that is going to stick out like a sore thumb there. a really boring looking thumb too. it’s neighbors down maryland are old row homes. across Maryland is a school built in the same style as the row homes. at least it’ll distract the eye from the Checkers and the gas station across 14th.

    hopefully it won’t encourage my landlord to increase rent

  • generic and ugly at the same time. The church would have been interesting to recycle as something else.

    As for the comment about row houses–you can make them different from each other and the basic designs aren’t ugly.

    • The church was not architecturally interesting or worth preserving. It wasn’t even designed as a church — it’s clear that it’s a series of buildings, including at least one row house, all covered in the same horrendous form stone. People on here need to get a clue.

  • the building is fine. fits in with the average housing stock of the area, but has a bit of contemporary style. nothing great, but its far from horrible.

  • That church was a mess and had squatters living in it. The Checkers needs to go next, that place is a blight on the neighborhood.

  • Looks ok to me. Net positive for the neighborhood. I’m interested in the ‘solar’ places coming in at 17th&D-ish. Anyone know anything?

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