Reader Reports Car Jacking in Adams Morgan Yesterday Afternoon


“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to make you and your readers aware of a car jacking that took place yesterday on Biltmore St. NW between 18th and 19th St. It occurred around noon. Of interest is that the two car jackers were clearly and obviously staking out of area for 20 to 30 minutes beforehand. Only when they spotted an opportune target – a women alone in her car with the engine idling – did they act. They opened the door of the car, pulled the women out, and drove away East towards Columbia. The car jackers were two black males, approximately 6 ft. tall, medium build. One of them was dressed in blue jeans, a striped polo shirt and a black jacket. They stole a 2012 charcoal gray BMW X5 SUV. The police were notified twice first when the two men were spotted moving from house to house watching residents come and go and then again immediately after the theft.

This crime was obviously premeditated and thought out carefully. I believe it is reasonable to assume they will try again.”

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  • They’ll definitely try again… and again. MPD needs to put more officers on foot throughout the city. Some of my neighbors suggest that would be a better use of taxpayers money than more speed cams.

    • But speed cams generate tax revenue, so why not use some common sense and ask for more of both?

    • Speed cams pay for themselves, smart guy. There may not be enough foot patrols but it sure isn’t because of all the speed cameras.

    • Not a great argument. Speed cams are revenue generators for the city…

      • Folks eager to crash the poster missed his point. He’s saying to use $ from speed cameras to subsidize the coppers on the street.

        • But I heard on Popville that copper gets stolen easily due to its value? (Although, I also heard that said value’s been dropping as of late, so maybe not so much now?)

  • “Police were notified twice first when the two men were spotted moving from house to house watching residents come and go” so they didn’t respond or check it out huh?

  • My mom would always stress to me to always lock my car doors as soon as I get in the car, even if sitting there idly/waiting. Unfortunately, it seems as though that is in fact necessary.

    I heard of something similar happen to a friend’s mother last week. When she reported the incident to the cops, their response was basically “Sorry, that’s been happening a lot in this neighborhood lately…”. Sigh.

  • This is right in front of my house! That is not normal for that street but it is a city and crime happens everywhere! I wonder if they broke into any houses first. Yesterday seemed normal in my place…nothing missing…thanks to my sweet fire death trap steel bars!

    • I never like walking up 19th from Biltmore. There’s hardly ever anyone on the street, and I feel like easy pickens. I’m not sure it’s not normal. All it takes is an opportunity, and with how few are actually on the streets in that area, there seem to be plenty of those. Also, don’t idle your cars!!!

  • For the person wondering if the police didn’t show up, they did.

    PSA: 303
    CCN: 13144192
    RPT DATE: 10/07/2013 13:30
    OFFENSE: Robbery
    METHOD: Carjacking Unarmed
    LOCATION: Highway/Road/Alley/Street
    START DT: 10/07/2013 11:30
    END DT: 10/07/2013 11:31

    • I think they were wondering if they showed up when “police were notified twice first”.

    • justinbc

      I’m not sure how to read this, but is it saying the report was done 2 hours (13:30) after the call in to 911 (11:30)?

      • Here’s how to read it. As far as RPT DATE goes, I wouldn’t assume that is the date/time when a) 911 was called, or b) the police responded although it might be one of those two.

        PSA – The Police District (first number=District) and area or police beat where the incident occurred.
        CCN – The Complaint Number for the incident.
        RPT DATE – Date the incident was reported to Police.
        SHIFT – Estimated tour of duty crime occurred. DAY=Day EVN=Evening MID=Midnight
        OFFENSE – Crime Classification.
        METHOD – Subcategory of the Crime or the Degree (i.e. Burglary 2 = 2nd Degree Burglary, meaning Burglar not in contact with the victim.)
        BLOCK – Block where the crime occurred.
        LOCATION – General description of location where crime occurred.
        START DT – Earliest datetime the incident could have occurred.
        END DT – Latest datetime the incident could have occurred.
        ADW – Assault With A Deadly Weapon
        F&V – Force and Violence
        PBS – Pocketbook Snatch
        P/P – Pickpocket

  • MPD does have officers in plain clothes and uniforms on foot in the adams morgan/lanier heights area. The response that I’ve gotten when I’ve reached out to MPD about suspicious or illegal activity in the area has been phenomenal. I think a lot of the time people see stuff happening and don’t want to take the time to contact the police, beacuse whenever I have they have upped officers in the area, increased patrol cars and officers in plain clothes. As a resident of lanier heights, I think we need to focus sometimes on the positive things that MPD does, and not always the negative.

    • I live around the corner from there, and have witnessed police incompetence in the area many times. Once I called the cops because a guy tried to grope me near Safeway and continued to try to do the same to other women. When he headed down the alley after someone, I called the cops and headed home. On the way I noticed a police car pulled over and told the officer what happened and pointed out the guy as he headed towards RCP. The officer seemed not to care, then got distracted by tourists asking for directions. 30 minutes later the police called me back to ask me where the suspect was. PHHHHHHH! Fortunately I didn’t hear about any attacks in the area that night, not that I’d trust the police to actually report it!

  • A construction worker at my place on Biltmore said he heard the woman screaming and went out after it happened. This morning he said that there was a report on the news last night (not sure which channel) that says they caught the guys who were something like 16 and 17 years old…

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