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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • mtpgal

    Rant: One of my coworkers is the type who will be sweet as pie one day and the next she’s a total, raging mess. How do you cope with someone who is a rage monster 50% of the time with no warning? Ugh. I really hate dealing with unpleasant people at work. Why not save all that craziness for your family (who has to love you) and be your most cordial and professional self at work? Things would go so much more smoothly.

    • I would reduce my interactions with rage monster or just refuse to interact with her at all. If she is a rage monster, and is aware of this, your limited interactions might be a signal for her to change her behavior (if she cares). If she is unaware of the mood swings, then that is another issue that requires some professional attention. Good luck.

  • RANT: The traffic attendants at the Convention Center on 7th street always manage to make traffic around the area worse. They don’t stop people from blocking intersections. I think they all need to be re-trained. Traffic has been horrible for the last few days. Jeez.

    RAVE: Made my world famous pasta & meat sauce last night. It was good. Tons of leftovers though… Cooked way too much pasta. Picture: http://i.imgur.com/9feu1QB.jpg

    RANT: I hate it when you send someone a text and they don’t reply back until days later… You can’t tell if it’s a lack of respect, irresponsibility, or just plain stupidity.

    RANT: Mice chewed through mortar in the brick work on my house and got into my basement… The house was well sealed prior to this… Is this a new killer breed that has evolved into a more efficient pest? Are we doomed? Something drastic must be done. I need a good reference for someone who can evaluate and fix all the weak points for mice on my house exterior. :/

    • i always wondered what the heck those traffic police were doing there — they don’t seem to add to the safety or improve traffic flow at the intersection, while incessantly blowing their annoying whistles!

    • Dude, take the Metro. You’re a glutton for punishment if you drive into core downtown DC everyday from Petworth/Columbia Heights.

      • Because people who ride the Metro have no complaints.

        • I don’t! I love metro. A modicum of judgment about when to take it and how to act on it makes it a totally acceptable transportation option.

        • I’d rather be stuck in a Metro mess once every 2 months than stuck in traffic every day. At least if something goes wrong on the Metro I can zone out and read a book or something. In a car you always have to be paying attention. I find the Metro much less stressful.

          • Ditto. Metro is also way better than the NYC subway, which I commuted on for 9 years. Much less bum piss, crazy people, smelly people, sexual harassment, and open masturbation & defecation here in DC.
            I love you New York, but you’re grossing me out.

      • Though I have traffic frustrations… I’m still sitting in my comfy car, sheltered from the cold rain, listening to my music as loud as I want and accepting phone calls whenever my phone rings without being a massive douchebag to everyone around me… Freedom, it’s the American way! Never givin that freedom up! Yeah!

      • I ride my bike to the office daily and the traffic control people at the Convention Center create havoc for multiple blocks in all directions. Very frustrating. Pedestrians are also flummoxed by the situation, too. I’ve had conversations with several while awaiting a signal change.

        (Awaiting the standard rant about bikers…)

    • I cannot STAND those traffic flow people. What are they called?? Why are they necessary? ‘Cuz they’re already doing the job of a traffic light but much, much worse. And not just around the Convention Center. Occasionally they’re stationed up and down K street, or Mass Ave, or wherever, for reasons I can never figure out and their services tie up traffic for blocks! They always stop traffic from going through the light as soon as it turns yellow and it just causes a headache.

    • Rant: I hate it when somebody sends me a text and the think that responding to it has to be my communications priority from the moment my phone buzzes until I respond, preferably seconds later, and then projects evil characteristics onto my personality because I didn’t find their text as earth-shakingly important as they did.

      • Amen brother! I also hate it when people troll posts on POP, thinking they can summarize what a post I made was referring to and assuming that I’m an idiot who can be put into a nutshell!

        • Rave: Too long since we’ve almost come to blows — feels like a ray of sunshine after a black, rainy morning.
          All I have to work with is what you put on my screen.

          • Hah…

            Do you work at the Supreme Court for Psychic People? Because you’re always being a bit “JUDGE… MENTAL”. Har. 😛

            Whenever I’m bored at work I usually go to reddit.com or youtube. POP is a good morning hangout.

          • Yep. Maybe I’ve been busy, or I keep my phone in my pocket instead of incessantly checking for a text, email, or update, or maybe I just don’t want to talk to you.

          • Anyone else think the fact that Jack5 hangs out on Reddit explains a lot?

        • If you’re going to be overly sensitive to replies to your rants/raves, why put it out there for the community?

    • Traffic downtown has been a mess ever since the government reopened. Did everyone decide to start driving to work?

  • Rant: I really want to join an adult sports activity, but don’t want it to be one of the “young professional” social-drinking-focused leagues (not that these are bad, they’re just not for me). After looking at DPR, their adult sports class fees are upwards of $500?!? Why??
    Rave: Homemade apple pie last night courtesy of an apple harvest festival this weekend.

    • I have a couple friends that are in a soccer league in the District. While they do drink after the game sometimes, it is only sometimes and definitely not their main focus. Don’t know what the fees are though.

    • Rowing! No experience necessary, all ages and fitness levels accepted and — given a baseline of participation — you can pretty much take it exactly as seriously (and drink as often or rarely) as you wish.

      • I’ve looked into rowing and am really interested, but it looks like all the ‘learn to row’ classes won’t spin back up until the spring…looking forward to an intro class though!

      • Yep, we’re about to pack up for the season — and if you were out on the river in the rain at 6AM today you’d be about ready for your last practice, too. 🙂
        But don’t worry, if you like it and have the time, there is an evening “Club PM” crew. Although, per your social drinking observation, they are known to turn weather-cancelled practices into happy hour binges. It could be that rowing is the healthiest thing you do and hanging out with rowers the least healthy. 🙂
        Have fun, whatever you decide.

    • Maybe try Meetup? a former coworker found a volleyball group through Meetup. They weren’t necessarily a formal league with teams, etc., just a group that met up and played a few games each week.

    • http://unitedsocialsports.com/season/get-in-the-game-fall-13-sun-rec/
      This is a women’s BBall league. I just started playing this season and it is a lot of fun, and we actually don’t ever go out drinking as a team. But everyone is super social and fun. You should join for the winter/spring season.

      • this is great! how competitive is the league? I played in high school but haven’t played much since. Is this at the campus near Union Station?

        • The sunday league is friendly, all skill levels, I haven’t played since high school either and it is just fine. Apparently the Thursday league is more of the former college players. And yes, this is the campus near Union Station.

    • Try the CAN league – if your alumni chapter has an active membership base.


  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: A favorite cousin died last night. I hope he gets buried in the family cemetery so I can visit his tombstone at family reunions.
    Rave: Saw a wee tiny girl meet a puppy at the bus stop this morning. I’m not sure who was more excited, the puppy or the little girl. It was an adorable start to my day.

  • Rant: Having to deal with the Dept. of Transporation after becoming my agency’s POC for transit benefits. Nothing like having thousands of people having a financial interest in your work.
    Rant: Why doesn’t my agency’s HR department handle this stuff??
    Rave: Found out this morning I got a time off award, woo hoo.

  • Rave: For everyone who has posted here about how you’d like to make new friends – ( as well as those who just like good food, drink & parties) – here’s your chance! The 5th annual Miriam’s Kitchen Chili Cook-Off is this Sat. Oct. 26. 10 meat & 5 veggie chilis, desserts, beer, wine & soft drinks + mystery rum cocktail – all for only $30.00 – all for a great cause. (Homeless services)

    It is a really convivial event where it is super easy to talk to new people (i.e. potential friends) because hey – what’s a better conversation starter than “How’s your chili?”

    The event is at a private home 1/2 block from Columbia Heights Metro. https://mkchilicookoff2013.eventbrite.com/

    Rant: I know my chili should have won last year!!!!!

    • Rave: My veg chili won last year so now I can just enjoy all the awesome entries! C’mon out to support Miriam’s Kitchen and help them end chronic homelessness in the District!

  • Rant: Tried to cancel Comcast tv last night only to find that the cost of internet only is the same as the promotion that we are getting for TV+internet. Comcast, why can’t I quit you?

    Anyone have experience with RCN? It looks like Fios is about the same cost, but RCN is about $30 cheaper…

    • I’ve had RCN for 3 years now. I’ve also had Comcast before, but not in DC, so I can’t directly compare. That said, I’ve had no problems with RCN’s customer service, and I feel like their channel selection is at least as good as the other companies. I’d definitely swing for the $20 upgrade package, though, that includes a number of premium and sports channels if you’re interested.

      If you’re just looking for internet, all I can say is I haven’t noticed any problems with speed or reliability with RCN. I’m sure FiOS is faster if you actually get the fiber optic at your address.

    • I’ve had no problems with RCN. In 4 years it’s never gone out once, and when they raised my rates after the intro deal ended they were also very easy to negotiate with.

    • I just made the switch to RCN after my 6 month price with Comcast ended. I am getting 50mbps for $40 a month, think it is $37 if you don’t need a modem. They lock you into that price for a year, and are clear with the prices for the two years after that. The speed is great, I am actually getting 50mbps, which I was promised with Comcast ‘Blast,’ but was never getting. All the people have been great over the phone.

      We have a short outage one day, but they were very responsive and got it fixed within hours, which was drastically different than all experiences I have had with Comcast.

    • I wish I could get RCN or FiOS. I’m stuck with Comcast and my only other option is Verizon DSL, which would require me getting landline phone service and is even slower than Comcast cable.
      I had RCN when I lived in NYC and their customer service was great. I’d love to drop Comcast ASAP.

    • I have the same problem. We never watch TV, but we won’t save any money by getting rid of it. It’s helpful for the occasional guest I suppose!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love RCN! It’s cheaper than Comcast (TV & internet bundle) and the TV reception is so much better. I have never had to call them because anything went out, unlike Comcast.

    • gotryit

      Yes on RCN! I switched from Comcast to RCN as soon as I was able to – also just internet. The service feels the same, customer service is much better, and prices are better.

  • epric002

    rant: my marigolds are not your effing trashcan. quit leaving your bags of dog isht there. i manage to pick up after my dogs and dispose of it in the trashcans 1 block south, or 2 blocks north, so you can too. GOSH.
    rave: yoga. got complimented on my headstand after class. thanks, and double yay yoga!

  • Rant: I am so terribly unhappy and miserable at my job. It’s demoralizing and soul-sucking. (At least I have a job blah blah blah…)

    • If it helps I’m feeling the same way. Hope you have some great things going on outside of work to make it better.

  • Rant – Spider crickets!! They are invading my kitchen and they are gross. I cannot deal with them and their long legs and their erratic hopping, ugh! I have no problem dealing with roaches, ants, spiders, centipedes, silverfish, basically any other big, but these effing spider crickets make me cry like a little girl. I cannot deal.

    Rave – Pumpkin muffins from Swings are delicious.

    • binpetworth

      Ugh. I had one of those spider crickets in my kitchen the other day, too. First time I’d seen one in my place. Darned cat–who normally loves a good spider chase–couldn’t be bothered to attack.

      • What are you supposed to doooooo? I’m can deal with millipedes, sugar ants, palmetto bugs, and lizards, but house centipedes and spider crickets just give me the heebie-jeebies.

        • House centipedes are good! They eat other bugs. The camel crickets, those are gross. In addition to being huge and erratic they leave huge poops all over everything. I wish house centipedes could eat them!

        • Well I just huddle in the corner until my boyfriend kills them. Not an effective strategy! I use Borax to deal with occasional ants and roaches so I’m going to sprinkle some around the area of the kitchen where I usually see them and hope it kills them.

        • If you have resident crickets (as opposed to a few that just wandered in), try reducing the humidity. They love damp places so if you can dry it out they’ll leave.

    • GiantSquid

      Suck them up with a vacuum. Everytime I see one it’s Mr. Dyson to the rescue.

  • rant: hangover.
    rave: park police out with bales of hay and their horses letting people pet them on my way to work this morning!

  • Rave: Starting Friday I’m on vacation for nine days and I’m going to two weddings in that span.
    Rant: It’ll be a long road trip, which isn’t bad, but I just started to feel like I’m coming down with something. The 10 hour drive to Hilton Head is going to suck with a stuffy head and sore throat. I hope it doesn’t wipe me out for the wedding 🙁
    Extra Rant: if I feel sick tomorrow, I can’t stay home because it’s time for another extermination treatment. Grrrrr.

  • Rave: When I smiled and said “hello” to the cute little 70+ lady at Safeway, she thanked me for saying it and told me to have a glorious day!
    Rant: I was left wondering why more people don’t smile and say Hello to strangers…. not really a RANT rant…. jsut kind of a sad reflection

  • Was witness to another (failed) robbery of an iPhone by school kids last night, at 16th and U.

    I was sitting on my porch in the 2000 block of New Hampshire. Heard someone yell hey!.

    Next thing I knew, a 16 year old chubby school kid (white polo shirt, blue pants) is running up the street and cuts through our side lawn toward the back alley. Following him is a 35 year old guy in a suit with a briefcase. Following him is a guy in workout clothes, I guess trying to help chase the kid down. After that came too more school kids, in jackets but the same blue pants.

    I went over to help and the businessman is walking back with phone in hand. I asked him if he was okay and if he got his phone back, and he said yes. Definitely seemed like he just wanted to move on.

    I continued on to the back alley, and the three kids were still there, joking around. They eventually left, heading back onto U Street.

    About 15 minutes later, I was walking my dog down U Street and saw the same three kids, along with two more, joking around at the intersection of 14th and U. I wanted to take a photo of them, but was afraid they’d try to swipe my phone, too.

    So, just another reminder – be careful using your phone on the street.

  • Rant: I woke up with teary eyes and sneezes this morning. It’s October! What could I possibly be allergic to?
    Rave: It’s not until Spring, but Pat Metheny — my guitar hero — will be coming to the Strathmore!!
    Rave: My very old, very wonderful flip phone is STILL hanging in there!
    Rave: I think they’re called Cable Crunches….anyway, an exercise that I enjoy! Every little bit helps!

  • Rant: Some dude this morning held a door for me. I thanked him and kept walking. He started yelling after me “it’s called A THANK YOU.” I turned around and said “I said thank you…” He said “well I didn’t HEAR you.” o…k? Is that my problem? Do you feel better because you told me off for something that didn’t happen? It was tempting to yell back “it’s called SORRY IM A JERK” but I kept my rude and unneccessary comment to myself like an adult.

    • Wow. Anyone who needs that level of recognition for holding a door open has real issues.

      • I have a minor pet peeve about people not saying “thank-you” when you hold a door for them (it’s just common courtesy, and I don’t need anyone to fawn over it, but some small form of acknowledgment, even if it’s just a nod and a murmured thanks would be nice).But it doesn’t bother me enough that I’d yell after someone about it. Occasionally when I’m feeling extra-cheeky, I just smile and give a cheery “You’re welcome!”–subtly points out to someone that they didn’t say thanks, but also covers the situation if they did and I just didn’t hear them.

        • I agree that people SHOULD says thanks, but to get your panties in a twist and create a scene if they don’t? Issues.
          Your approach is a good one, especially because it covers the possibility that they did acknowledge you!

        • Totally agree! And I always say thank you. It was so weird. Then I went to walk into my office building and this lady let two doors close right in my face, even though she saw me right behind her (which I find way ruder than not saying thanks!) But I still kept it to myself. What good does that kind of scene cause?
          I mean, if I’m the type of person that is rude enought to not say thank you, do you think yelling will really change that? Sheesh.

      • A big +1 to “Wow. Anyone who needs that level of recognition for holding a door open has real issues.”
        Someone who is being courteous only because he/she wants recognition for being courteous isn’t doing it right. (And someone who’s going to be so sensitive about getting recognition ought to listen more carefully!)

    • That reminds me of something that happened last week… I’m walking along a broad, not-crowded sidewalk, smoking my one cigarette of the day. (Yeah, I know.) A woman comes up beside me and says “excuse me, you’re flicking ash right on me.” I of course apologized (mostly out of shame for smoking at all), but really lady?? You couldn’t have taken a step to the left, or to the right, or sped up a tad, or slowed down a tad? She was in the ONLY place where she could have possibly been in the path of my ash. And then she quickened her pace JUST to tell me about it. And then, when I apologized, she said brightly “That’s ok!” It felt like the whole encounter was designed just to bully a “sorry” from a subhuman who still smokes once a day.

  • Rave: Great workout this morning
    Rant: Budget formulation season – it won’t end till March hill briefings.

  • em

    Revel: Tried one of the new sandwiches at Taylor today – Cheltenham Ave. It was very tasty, and had a better filling to bread ratio than some of the others I’ve had. The tomatoes especially were quite good.

    Rant: Still not cool to drop the number of veggie sandwiches from 5 to 3.

    Revel: Got a free kale side salad. It, too, was yummy.

    Rant: Throat feeling scratchy…I think that means a cold is coming on.

    Revel: Been trying a new fitness place with my wife. It is fun to work out together, and there aren’t a ton of people there when we’ve gone, so the trainers have been able to provide help in correcting form and modifying exercises to individual fitness levels.

    Rant: Sore / stiff today – it has been a while since I worked some of these muscles!

    Revel: But a good kind of sore.

  • houseintherear

    Rave. I’ve been having a really hard time with work and life in general, feeling burnt out and exhausted. I’m single and live alone, so I don’t talk to a lot of people about feelings like that… the minute I finally vocalized my feelings this past weekend to family, it all washed away. Monday was like a new start. I feel great.

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