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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: Coffee and a cookie at Dunkin Donuts: $3.50… Starbucks: $4.25… Mom & Pop “gourmet” coffee shop: $7.50. Something is wrong with this picture, and to be honest, the coffee at Dunkin & Starbucks always win on consistency points.

    RANT: Missed DC open houses last Sunday, completely forgot about them, there were a few houses on the market I really wanted to see. Hopefully they’ll still be around and open this Sunday.

    RANT: Dog tumbled down the stairs last night, he’s gettin old… Always weird to have your kids age faster than you and to know that they likely won’t outlive you.

    RANT: Daily meetings where people are very wordy over simple issues. I am usually a very patient person, but some people don’t know how to get to a point without blathering for 20 minutes non-stop.

    • I went to Flying Fish for the first time the other morning and found it to be completely lackluster. I spent $8.00 on a pastry and coffee- the barista walked away after I ordered, and the other one reluctantly walked over 2 minutes later. And the iced coffee at Starbucks is frankly far superior to my taste buds.

      • Agreed. I went to Vigilante coffee and though the coffee they had was reasonably good, it wasn’t worth 5$ for a small cup. They also had a tip jar on top of their outlandish prices. It’s weird to live in an era where a cashier feels like tips are justified, for doing such a menial task. It’s so indicative of gentrification going on in DC where people who have the ability to start a business feel the need to have community support, yet somehow feel that the quality of service and products they provide are magically above the standards and value of everyone else. A bag of the same kona blend coffee or blue mountain coffee costs 8-9$ which can make 40 small cups of coffee or more, yet they see fit to sell it at 5$ a cup, and to raise prices under the guise of exclusivity. These kinds of shops fail every day. Total BS markup tactics…

        • WOW! 5 dollars for a small cup of drip (not espresso) coffee!? Complete insanity and not sustainable. Like you mentioned, these businesses will fail. They’re most likely getting gouged in rent, but wow, that’s almost at alcohol markup levels.

  • Rant: Unsure what I’m going to do about health insurance now. I’m self employed so have had a pretty decent individual plan for myself for a while now, however because it does not “conform to new ACA mandates” I need to find a new plan and based on my research I have not found anything that compares to what I have now. Seems like I’ll end up paying much more, and have less options, more deductible , etc. Oh well.

    Rave: Fall, halloween, the cool crisp air. I love everything about this season!

    • I’ve heard this a few times as a problem with the ACA. Can anyone explain to me what it means that a plan is not compatible with ACA in terms of coverage?

      • The ACA sets a minimum floor for coverage, meaning that there are a number of services which absolutely must be covered, like mental health. It could be that previous plans would only cover one visit per year, or only certain types of care but not blanket coverage. In addition, plans now have to offer free preventive care visits.

        Because there are new mandates and the health insurance companies can only “rate” (read: increase the price of) a premium by so much based on age/gender/health status, the cost for the previously lowest-cost insured goes up. That means that if you’re a single, childless, young male you will likely see costs increase. Others will see costs decrease.

        Don’t forget to compare plans using not only the monthly premiums, but also deductibles, co-pays, and out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions since those often change.

    • I’m in the same boat re: health insurance. It’s frustrating.

    • Can you supply some details of your current plan, like carrier, plan name, premium, deductible, etc? Nothing personally identifiable, of course. Thanks.

      • I have, a Carefirst HMO that I got through DC. It has a $0 deductible, $10 copay for PCP, generic drugs $10, out of pocket max of $2500.

        The letter that was sent to me re my current insurance basically said : “The differences from you current plan are not substantial but ACA compliant plans must cover Essential Health Benefits as defined in the ACA which include among other things benefits such as maternity and newborn care, RX drug and mental health and substance abuse disorder services”. Which seems strange to me, because as far as I knew, my current plan did have all these benefits, plus a lot of the plans I looked at seemed to have less coverage (or at least, more out of pocket expenses for similar coverage. I still don’t get it.

        • Yup this seems to be the case with many people who are self employed. It’s kind of hard to digest…

        • Maybe it’s the maternity part. I know when I was shopping for individual plans, none of the ones I looked at covered maternity. Maybe that’s because I was trying to pay as little as possible though.

    • Have you actually shopped for replacement insurance on the Affordable Care site? I was pleasantly surprised to find a Platinum policy for less than what my employer and I pay now.

    • -I recently switched from COBRA to a program at Kaiser-Permanente — which was relatively affordable and got good ratings. This was my first experience with getting insurance on my own. This discussion is very helpful to me — since now that I’m under less time-pressure, I want to see what other insurance options are out there, in addition to CareFirst.

      • I am curious if those who are getting these notices and price increases are male. I’m a female who has had an individual plan for 12 years, and I’ve done the research to prove that in the past (before ACA) men of my same age/health were charged significantly less every month. I’m talking a monthly cost of $100 (male) vs. $250 (female) (with prices going up over the years as age increases). I have not had my plan change or my price increase (I’m with Kaiser Permanente) since ACA, but ACA now says that women can’t be discriminated against. I would like to think that means that MY costs would go down, but I doubt that will happen. I wonder if they are just bringing men’s prices up to meet women’s prices.

        • From what I understand, women are usually charged more especially in their 30s because they are of “baby making age”. I personally have no intention of making babies now, or possibly ever, yet I do believe insurance is higher for women than men and it sucks.

  • RANT: DC Youth I understand your parents suck and not much is expected of you. But seriously I saw a kid with two cellphones yet he still didn’t wear his headphones he just blasted his music. So I understand you don’t care but just imagine if everyone did that it would suck. You can steal headphones really i don’t understand why you don’t steal some Beats Headphones. I actually don’t see a lot female yuppies wearing them so that’s probably why haven’t bothered to start stealing those as well.

    • What makes me shake my elderly head is when two kids are walking together, each wearing their headphones, and shouting at each other to be heard over the music (which is playing so loud that pretty soon their friends will have to holler to be heard when they AREN’T wearing headphones).

    • Your angry contempt is oozing out for everyone to see… Yet you post anonymously because you’d rather carry it secretly as you walk down the street mad at a specific targeted group of people that you’ve pre-judged. There are so many generalizations in your post that it offends even people you probably don’t intend it to. It offended me and I’m not a DC youth, or even a parent.. Before cell phones in public there were boom boxes… I’m not too happy about people on Harley Davidson Bikes that rattle windows when they ride by either, but that’s America… Don’t make it about DC youth or bad parents or female yuppies, a$$holes come in all shapes and sizes… Heck, I pretty much thought of you as one for making that ignorantly suggestive post.

      • You also put you name down as well. 41% of DC High School students don’t graduate. Do you know how easy it is to graduate high school. There is 40% chance when you see a teenager on the street that he will be an asshole. Also including that most all teenagers of any race or demographic is probably an asshole. I think its safer to bet to assume they are assholes than not to assume in this city.

        • You seem mad. Was it the loud music? Is that it? I can’t really tell, because your rant has gone off in so many offensive directions. Loud noises are irritating, that’s true. But just leave it at that and get on with your day.

          • yes quoting stats of graduation rates and the pointing out the age group of the people stealing phones and other electronic devices is really offensive. I mean because if your child is committing these crimes you are probably parent of the year.

      • “It offended me…”

        The battle cry of America, circa 2013.

  • Rave: Walked to work this morning…so glad I’m still able to do it comfortably this late in the year.
    Rant: Feeling a bit under the weather – hoping it passes without becoming a full-fledged illness!

    • I am perplexed by your rave. At what temperature is it too cold for you to walk outside? What temperature are you expecting it to be this time of year in DC? Were you walking to work all summer despite heat and humidity that would make a walk to work uncomfortable for most people? Are you by any chance a reptilian?

      • You don’t have to be perplexed. My walk is nearly an hour so much below 50 degrees and I get cold. I think it’s unseasonably warm (but didn’t look at the almanac to confirm). I don’t tolerate cold as well as I do heat so I walked to work all summer. Are you by chance a jerk?

        • HA! Fantastic response.

          Enjoy the nice walks!!

        • Maybe I am a jerk, but I was genuinely confused by your statements. Temperatures here are in the 50s 9 months a year. I have always found the body warmth generated by walking to make only a light jacket necessary if the temperature is in the 40s or higher as long as their isn’t a strong wind, but I know I deal with cold better than most people. I just thought it odd that someone who so clearly enjoys walking to work would let a slight dip in temperature stop them. Asking if you were reptilian was an attempt at a joke, clearly I failed.

          • My walk to work is only half an hour, but I agree! I don’t even wear a jacket this time of year since I get pretty warm once I start moving. I also love walking in the dead of winter, the heat of summer, and even pouring rain. All weather has its good points ( well except wind!).

          • Clearly.

  • Rant/Rave: trying to come up with work-appropriate halloween costumes. you want to be clever and smart (anything related to current events or a play on words is good), and definitely not sexy. I’m glad folks at work like to dress up, but I wish I had some better ideas!
    Rant: getting so dark so early now, and will only get worse. I miss having some evening light still after work for walking the dogs.

    • A friend once came to a party as an open book with her heart on her sleeve.

      • I’ve always been a fan of the “Devil in a Blue Dress”. Find a blue (work-appropriate) dress and a devil horn headband and you’re set.

    • I have a vintage dress that I’ll wear with cat eye sunglasses and red lipstick and put my hair up big ala Mad Men. Easy, festive and still work appropriate. You can always do a witch hat (which you can find anywhere for cheap) or cat ears with a black outfit. Or there’s always cute little Halloween t-shirts around this time of year.

    • pablo .raw

      Anything that is not Miley Cyrus πŸ™‚

    • This one is a little out there: get some foam core, cut a hole in the middle so you can wear it on your head visor-style, glue pictures of credit cards, promissory notes, loan company logos, etc. all over it. You’re the debt ceiling.

    • houseintherear

      I’m doing the baby panda cam- panda costume I got on Amazon, plus “adult baby” costume set (diaper, bonnet, rattle) and a fake paper camera hanging from my head with a wire. It’ll be about $45, all said and done- not too bad.

    • I would be sneered at if I wore a costume to work!

    • I once wore a pretty tame Halloween costume to work: vampire teeth, little bite marks on my neck, and mildly dramatic hair and make-up. I later learned that a Big Boss came to scope out the store, and expressed “concern” to the manager about my “fitness” as an employee. The manager then added that “they don’t have Halloween where he (Big Boss) comes from….” lol

  • Rant: I had a crappy day yesterday and did poorly in a meeting.
    Rave: Today I used my thinking cap and had a great idea and my boss loves it.
    Rave: bouncing back can be easy, I just have to keep up the positivity.

  • Rave: Boy moving out of the house to some outback hell-hole for two weeks to fight the Lord’s fight against reactionary misogynist and would-be oral sex criminalizer “Cooch” Cuccinelli, helping to ensure that Virginia is actually for lovers — of all stripes..
    Rant: He’ll probably get his hipster ass walking down main street in those suede shoes and that skinny tie.
    Rant: Terry McAuliffe is no prize, either.
    Rave: McAuliffe connection and Virginia campaign experience both good career moves (possibly for me, too).
    Rave: Maybe I can get the girl to move in for while and wake up in my own house for a change.
    Rant: Probably have to clean the kitchen, first.

    • Pretty sure all the experts have all but called the election for McAullife….

      • I have this nagging wory that everyone is lying to the pollsters, or the turnout will be different than antiicpated, or – something happens –
        and Cuccinelli wins.
        That’s more frightening than any Halloween I can remember.

      • Sounds like national republicans have packed it in, and are shifting funding to Obenshain. Hopefully national Democrats do the same, and don’t feel the need to run up the score versus Cooch, and in turn lose a winnable race and let Cooch #2 win the AG spot for the next four years.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: PoP’s Sweet City Ride always reminds me of the clunkers my family had growing up, especially the 1973 AMC Hornet with wood paneling and seats that got so sticky in summer they’d make a satisfying thwap sound when you tried to get out of them. Ugliest car to come out of America, but damn, it lasted a good 19 years.

    • I’ll have to look for a picture of a Pacer, which I remember as the ugliest car ever, and compare to the Hornet….

  • Rant: Realizing after making it to the final round of interviews for the past three jobs I’ve applied for and then running into a brick wall that I need to repackage myself somehow to get over the hump. Would love to get some external help with this but everyone seems to want $600 and up for their services. All recommendations are welcome.
    Rant: Lost out on a house we really, really wanted. My husband is bummed and our apartment seems to be getting smaller by the day.
    Rave: At least the weather is nice

    • It’s cheaper/easier to make dinner for a friend in the same industry or an ex-colleague and get their honest feedback. Work on your “re-packaging” and pitch it to them. Take their constructive criticism to heart and incorporate their ideas.
      It’s good to get fresh perspective, but $600 is a lot to pay when you’re unemployed. That whole game is a racket.

    • askamanager.com was an extremely helpful resource (and she also addresses the ‘repackaging’ issue and cost. Her advice helped me learn to ask better questions in interviews and give better answers – I give her partial credit for my new job (now 1.5 years later) after several disappointing interviews.

    • Check with your alma mater – many universities continue to provide career services for alumni long after graduation.

      • saf

        I went to the career center at both of the universities I graduated from for some career change thoughts. Wow, what a mistake. Neither AU nor GW had worthwhile career centers.

  • Rave: Thanks to soup, Airborne and about a gallon of OJ, I feel nowhere near as badly as I thought I would this morning. And this despite not getting much sleep last night. I’ll take it!
    Rant: I’ve been “almost sick” for three days now. If it’s going to happen, let’s just get it over with. This low energy, no concentration, mid-level malaise is getting really old.

  • Okay, so here’s a story. I nearly never take cabs, but this morning I was in a hurry to get from Union Station to my office near L’Enfant Plaza by 9 AM.
    RANT: why isn’t there a direct bus connection between these two major transit hubs??
    Anyway. It was already 8:45, so I decided to take a cab. I jumped in and told the driver my destination.
    RAVE: My cab driver said “Good morning, how are you? It’s beautiful weather today.” Totally pulled me out of my harried morning rush and reminded me he was a human being, in the nicest way possible. RAVE: His cab had a credit card machine. Yay for compliance.
    RAVE: I got to work with 2 minutes to spare.
    RANT: It turns out my boss (the only person who cares if I arrive on time) was out sick today anyway, so I could’ve taken Metro or even walked to work and nobody would have noticed I was late!

  • this week in crazytown: Last night at 1st NE and K. 1st NE going northbound is blocked off north of K. This guy going east on K doesn’t get through the red and ended up partially blocking the box on the red (basically blocking the already blocked off northbound lane of 1st). Clearly ticked off as people are driving around him (on their green light), he gets out of his car, has a teenage kid get behind the wheel, and walks over in front of the traffic going south on 1st to physically block the traffic with his body so that he can get through the intersection. All while cursing everyone for not letting him though as if he had the right of way. Then, just after the intersection, the kid stopped the car in the lane of traffic, gets back in the passenger seat, and the guy got back in his car while flipping everyone off. Um, crazypants! It would be a rant, but some things are so weird that you just have to laugh at them.

  • epric002

    rant: used up yesterday’s allotment of patience by 10am thanks to azzhole, micromanger, does no work boss.
    rant: azzhole who saw me walking with my leashed dogs and decided to unleash his and let it come thundering over. WTF?! this small strip of grass bounded by busy streets is NOT an off leash dog park. you are why people rant about dog owners.
    rave: yoga tonight. clearly, i need it.

    • Wait a minute. Someone actually saw you walking with your dogs and purposefully let his off leash without asking if yours were friendly?
      This is a case I’d be hiking my 40lb dog-reactive dog over my shoulder and getting the heck out of there. My favorite is when it’s a person with a tiny 4lb dog they can easily pick up who comes yapping over to my dog, and then I’m the one who has to haul my dog away in my arms so their yapper doesn’t get eaten. They always think that’s SUPER hilarious.

      • epric002

        seriously.. i was at the north end with my 2 dogs, he approached from the south with his 1. i was just going to keep my distance b/c one of mine is not friendly, and then he effing unleashes his! fortunately i drug my 2 off before anything happened, but yeesh! i’ve never seen him or the dog around the neighborhood before. i hope this doesn’t become a thing b/c that is totally not cool. and pretty stupid to boot.

        • I really don’t get this whole unleashed thing. It’s a city, where there are lots of vehicles and other people who may or may not be scared of dogs and dogs who may or may not like other animals. Have some consideration for your fellow residents!
          On another note I was in a store the other day and this couple had two lovely big dogs. While they were looking at something in the store, this lady allowed her toddler to go right up to one of the dogs’ faces and grab it. I’m sure the dogs were friendly, but jeez, you just don’t do that without asking (and really you shouldn’t let your kid grab even a friendly dog’s face). I about had a heart attack right then and there!

          • epric002

            i don’t get it either. there are a few regulars who walked their very well behaved dogs unleashed, and while i’m not crazy about it at least they’re well behaved and the owner is always carrying a leash. i’m completely baffled as to why you’d intentionally unleash your dog while approaching 2 strange dogs. so freaking dumb.
            oh my, little kids approaching strange dogs makes me crazy. we’ve come up with a routine that we recite whenever a little kid starts *really* watching our dogs, b/c we’ve had so many try and dart out and pet ours while the parents just watch. NOT A GOOD IDEA FOLKS!

          • The mom was actually holding the kid’s hand helping her walk- RIGHT into the dog’s face. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Even friendly dogs might not appreciate such interaction or are scared of little kids!

          • epric002

            gaaaaah! yeah, i totally would have freaked out too. what is wrong with those parents?!

          • They are hoping to get a cute photo of their adorable baby with a dog to upload on Facebook. Seriously. They didn’t stop to think that a dog might not be appreciative of their burping bundle of fleshy joy.

          • I have a similar problem with my dog. He’s small, so kids (and oftentimes parents) think he’s completely harmless. They’ll walk right up to him/pet him/put their hands/faces by his face/etc. (I obviously try to stop them, but I’m not always successful.) Luckily, people are correct in their assumption that he’s super friendly and he’s never hit/snapped at/growled at any of the kids who have gotten in his face, but it still make me nervous.

    • Do we have the same boss?

  • Can anyone suggest some ideas for a bachelorette party in a couple weeks during the afternoon and evening. We’re going for a good lunch in Chinatown…after that everything I have suggested (sex toy party and then out to a live band) has been shot down. I’m coming up with nothing so I’m hoping you guys might have some suggestions.

    The bride insisted on no strippers (male or female).

    Vineyard? (If you know one that would be good please let me know)
    Clarendon Ballroom? (The girls want to dance)

    • epric002

      how old are the attendees? does the bride want traditional bach party (drinking/dancing) or a more low-key activity (spa day, wine tasting, cooking class, etc.)?

      • Late 20’s, early 30’s. I think she wants drinking/dancing. The spa thing gets difficult with 15 people (doesn’t it?)

        • Unless the spa is SpaWorld… naked, but fits a ton of people all at once.

        • epric002

          sorry, i’m no help with drinking/dancing. whamp, whamp. i think there are spa places that will send people to a house and do mani/pedi things (maybe even massages?) for groups. good luck!

        • Can you just ask her what she wants? Seems like the bride is making this unduly difficult. You’ve come up with some suggestions and she’s shot them down. If she has something specific in mind, she should tell you. Just tell her you want to make this fun for her and her (your?) friends and ask her what she wants and that you’ll then schedule it.

          • Nah, brides love to play this guessing game of “read my mind – otherwise you don’t care about me! Waaaaaaaaaah!!!” I think it has to do with making so many decisions with the wedding, that they feel the need to relinquish some control. But then they can’t.
            My co-worker bestie was maid of honor for a wedding earlier this year and dealt with an insanely picky bride. All her suggestions for the bridal shower brunch and bachelorette party were repeatedly shot down; it was becoming extremely upsetting and frustrating as she would spend LOTS of time doing research and laying out the options for the bride. Finally, the bride did all the work herself because she wasn’t communicating with anyone.
            They rarely hang out with each other nowadays.

          • My lovely friends arranged for a limo to drive our group out to vineyards in VA, and we had an awesome time. I didn’t want strippers either and this was just a bunch of ladies getting smashed and having fun. I highly recommend it.

            PS, same good friends arranged for dinner afterwards, but half of the group dropped out at that point, understandably (day drinking is exhausting!) so if you do any kind of day drinking, keep that in mind.

          • OP here. She’s not shooting anything down…she wants to be surprised. The other girls in the bridal party are all “meh…I don’t know if she’d really like this or that…to EVERYTHING”

          • In that case I would deputize one or more of the people shooting ideas down and have them plan it. I also find that establishing deadlines helps get people to act or shut up (“If nobody has proposed an alternative by October 26, I will go ahead and buy tickets”).

          • Ah, the problem is that you need a “decider.” If the group can’t come to a decision, then the choice falls to the maid-of-honor and everyone abides by that with no whines or complaints.
            Still, this whole “surprise me!” attitude of the bride is annoying. It puts needless pressure and expectations on her bridemaids to try to read her mind and plan out a fun day for her. Don’t pull crap like that on your bridemaids! There’s already enough neuroses to go around.

    • How about The Hamilton?

    • Once when I was out on H Street, I saw a bachelorette party on a scavenger hunt. Could be fun depending on your crew, and the items you put on the list (tame or… not so tame). If it were me, though, I’d go for private room karaoke at Muzette.

    • Friend of mine just did a cocktail class at a bachelorette party. The group learned how to make a variety of fancy cocktails, and then made up their own recipe and passed tastes around. It wasn’t in DC, and I don’t know if such a thing exists here, but I thought it sounded fun!

      • What about before or after the dinner a bar crawl that involves her favourite drink (eg margarita) followed by karaoke -that’s kind’ve live music…

    • Culinearie for a cool cooking class, with wine, then POV for dancing and not photo ops? Lunch at the Museum for Women of the Arts (or boozy brunch) and then a scavenger hunt based on finding the clues in the works at the Museum and finishing with flight tastings at Proof? Painting pottery at All Fired Up (or another place like it) and then shooting pool or bowling?

  • Rave: Biked 24 miles yesterday with a buddy after work. Felt great.
    Rant: Felt too great because didn’t fall asleep until 3 am.. .damn endorphins.
    Rant: Somehow, a mosquito got up into my 15th floor apartment last night, which is part of reason I couldn’t fall asleep, WTF?
    Rave: Finally heard back from girl who was gone a week after our second date. She’d like to see me again!
    Rant: It has to be next week because this week is crazy for her after being gone from the office for a week.
    Rave: I’m still alive and still keeping depression at bay.

  • Can anyone recommend a yoga studio in the Columbia Heights area for a short series of workshops, either one-on-one or in a small group? I’ve been doing yoga for a few years but no longer have time to go to a studio. I’ve recently been doing DVDs at home in the very early morning, but I’ve started developing low back pain. I think I just need an intensive refresher course on good form.

    • epric002

      try kali yoga on 14th (formerly quiet mind). they do restorative classes (which i haven’t tried) that are supposed to be good for injuries. they also do workshops (which i also haven’t tried). you can often find a groupon/living social for new clients.

    • I really like Embrace Yoga on Columbia. Faith Hunter is a great teacher. It’s closer to Adams Morgan, but not so far from CH.

    • saf

      I really like Golden Heart – More Petworth than Columbia Heights though. Anyhow, I think any of the instructors there would be happy to talk about one-on-one, and most of the classes are fairly small.

    • Thanks everyone! I’ll check out these places.

  • RANT: can’t find a basic red bandana for my Halloween costume anywhere, and don’t have time to order one. Anyone seen one in the stores recently?

  • Rave: After many years as a committed tea drinker, I’ve finally discovered coffee. And there’s a lot out there. I’ve got years of coffee tasting ahead of me!
    Rave: I’ve finally recognized that almost-daily exercise is a requirement, not an option. Or maybe I’m finally recognizing that some of the things that used to be options when I was younger have shifted to become requirements.
    Rant/Rave: A couple of weeks ago I ordered several dresses online. I ended up returning all of them. While I’m sorry that I didn’t find the dress of my dreams, I”m glad that I recognize that if something isn’t a good fit for me, out it goes — no matter how attractive it might appear on the hangar. My search for my perfect L(not necessarily Black)D continues! πŸ˜€

    • gotryit

      Welcome to the hard stuff. Have fun with the different types. There are also different ways to brew (cone drip, french press, etc.) and different types of grinders to play with. Yes, I am an addict.

    • pablo .raw

      Welcome to the dark side! (or light, depending on what kind of roast you prefer πŸ™‚ )

    • Thanks much for the warm welcomes! I’ve always enjoyed sharing my obsessions! πŸ˜€ My first try has been Whole Foods brand cinnamon roast with a french press. At some point this week, I’m going to bravely make my way to Starbucks to find out what all the fuss is about. I”m probably years away from grinders — but I like gadgets, so I appreciate your suggestions!
      Query: Is “addict” more committed than “aficionado’? I just want to know what I’m aiming for….

      • AKA Anonymous 1:21

        Addendum Rant: This site has Very Strange parameters for “posting too fast”..And why did it eat my name? Sigh.

      • gotryit

        My pessimist take on the difference is that an “aficionado” is an addict in denial. Yes, I enjoy bitter roasted bean drinks, but really, it’s because I’m an addict. Like wine, cigars, and any number of other nasty habits. But it is fun. πŸ™‚
        One tip on a favorite coffee – was I think the house blend from Saxby’s downtown. Very flavorful, but not in a smoky bitter way.

  • Rant: wish there was somewhere I could go to eat lunch besides my desk. Soo many people around me have hacking coughs and it’s grossing me out.

  • At what point did it become a question as to whether or not I want my receipt when making a purchase? Are businesses that hard up that they need to preserve paper? Is anybody else out there as annoyed as I am by being confronted with this question when making a purchase? Can we please just get back to the basics? I give you the money….you give me my stuff….please?

    • I hate it too, but, in defense of the poor cashiers, I think it became a question when at least some customers started to prefer having their receipt sent directly to their smartphones. So the question isn’t “do you want your receipt”, but “How do you want your receipt.” Oh, and I don’t think that most people use actual “money” in their transactions anymore.

    • Another issue is the litter it creates. Lots of people getting a coffee or whatever just toss the receipt immediately, and too often they don’t make it into the trash.

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