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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • I live in Shaw and at 3am last night I was woken up by a very noisy aircraft circling the District. Any idea what was going on? It lasted about 30 minutes and I didn’t see any announcements about NORAD exercises.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Seriously great football games all weekend.
    Rave: Snallygaster was awesome again this year, even with seemingly 10x more people than last year. I’m really curious what the actual attendance numbers were. Union Market parking lot definitely felt more cramped than Yards Park last year. I hope they move back to that venue, but I doubt they will. Either way, it’s hard to genuinely complain with 220 beers to sample from.
    Rave: Love the new swing I built for the front yard. We get to sit it in most nights just after getting home to watch the sunsets and people coming home from work. It’s such a nice way to stay in touch with the neighborhood.

  • Rave: Under contract on a house!!!

    Rant: I have to move again…hopefully for the last time for a while!

  • Rave/rant: Saw 12 Years a Slave. Feel bad for not reading the book first, but time is short. It was a wonderful movie, amazing acting. Super angering story that is making me want to read the book when I get the time. I highly recommend it. I just recommend seeing it somewhere else besides Gallery Place.

    • I also saw it at Gallery Place and was blown away. After being slightly disappointed in Gravity (I enjoyed Gravity, I just didn’t love it), I went in to 12 Years a Slave with slightly lowered expectations, which wasn’t necessary.

      • I went to college with the actress who plays Patsey. I saw her perform in a few college plays and it was obvious that her talent was something special. It’s so cool to see her now on the big screen!

    • It’s a great book. I used to teach it, and my students seemed to enjoy it.

  • Rave: Autumn weather.
    Rave: My dog is such a funny little guy; very serious and stubborn but also sweet and cuddly. I love him so much! It’s been a little over three months since he came into my life, and my life is the better for him. Yay dogs!

    • epric002

      congrats! has his personality changed a lot since you got him? for me the most interesting part about adopting a dog has been watching her true personality come about as she’s realized she’s really “home”. πŸ™‚

      • He’s definitely come out of his shell since when he first arrived. Now he’s chasing squirrles, stopping to pee on things, and barking at whoever comes to the door like a champ. He’s still hesitant to play with other dogs (he’s always interested in sniffing hello, though, and is very polite), but maybe that’ll never be his thing. Capitol Hill is such a great neighborhood for dogs, and I’m really glad my little guy gets to interact with his fellow pups every day.

        • epric002

          sounds like you got a winner! ours is still dog reactive while on leash, and though she’s improved a lot, we usually have at least 1 freak-out a week, which is stressful and aggravating. so glad you two found each other πŸ™‚

          • I had that issue – leash reaction/aggression – and solved it by always alerting her of the approaching dog while it was still some distance away then treating as it neared. (Tiny little dry treats in the pocket.) Also calling her to heel and passing without engaging.

            The real issue is that too many dog owners aren’t clued in to their own or other dogs behavior (or are on the phone) and don’t realize what you are trying to do.

          • Same. I use treats as well to correct reactive behavior and it has worked well. If I see someone coming down the street whose dog appears to be out of control or the owner is on the phone or otherwise not paying attention, I promptly cross to the other side.

          • special_k

            Could you swing training? I realize the MD SPCA is far and this class is full, but they’re holding it again in March:
            WARL has classes geared just toward this issue, as well:
            Good luck!!

          • epric002

            totally agree that a lot of dog walkers are oblivious/just aren’t aware of what owners of reactive dogs need to/are trying to do (i know i wasn’t until we got ours). we always walk with treats, and we always praise/reward whenever she sees another dog and doesn’t react negatively. but, sometimes you just can’t avoid an encounter like when a dog comes around a corner and startles her. sooo, that happens about once a week or so. it’s still a colossal improvement. when we first got her she’d react to dogs across the street/blocks away. now it’s almost always limited to a close encounter.

          • epric002

            thanks for the training suggestions!

          • The poor pup! The world can be a scary place for our animal friends. Glad to hear she’s getting better, though, for her sake and yours. And she’s no doubt so happy to be part of a nice, warm family and to be getting lots of pats and scritches and treats!

  • Rant: taxi making an illegal u-turn in the middle of NY ave this AM almost nailed me, and made me miss the next three stop lights. I have my ride to work timed perfectly so if nothing goes wrong, i can usually hit every light while it’s green. and missing them slows me down significantly because i actually stop at all the red lights.
    Rave: awesome, awesome weekend outdoors!

  • Rave: I went to a *wonderful* whiskey tasting at Jack Rose this weekend. My friends and I sat at the bar in the cellar and we stayed for 4 hours. The staff was so friendly and so nice and we met some really fun people. It’s serious when you start and end the night with duck fat fries.
    Rant: packing is no fun. It’s even less fun when climbing over bags of clothes and not having any room for the packed boxes because of the ongoing bedbug treatments (only 2 more treatments until I stop complaining).
    Rave: a good friend of the family is a mortgage lender and she has been so nice about answering my questions and helping me out. It’s great to get info from someone who isn’t trying to get my business and who I trust. If she were licensed here I would use her and recommend her. But if anyone is moving to CT I’ll get gladly pass on her info.
    Rant: I feel really gross this morning. I’m not sure if I ate something bad or what, but wow, you pregnant women who get through the day with morning sickness are champs. I’m not even vomiting and I want to go home.

  • Rave: Got a ton of biking in over the weekend. Solid two hours around DC on Friday night and hung out with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while.
    Rave: Got about 4 hours in on Saturday. Hit up Eastern Market and 14th and U St Market. Got me some pumpkin whoopie pies from Pecan Meadow. Enjoyed them while I watched the sunset from steps on the Potomac.

    • grumble grumble they were OUT of the whoppie pies when I got there! Sob. Enjoy them. Sob.

      • You’re telling me, I was there at like 11 am and they were going like hot cakes. Thanks for the recc btw!

        • yeah thanks for taking delicious food from TWO very pregnant women! (I brought a friend who I raved to about them).
          Oh well, I’m glad you enjoyed them. My fat butt probably is better for not having them. I just stopped at Ted’s and got a donut instead. Not the same but…lol

          (also, her pumpkin bread is delicious, too. I also have ordered a pumpkin roll from her every year to take to Thanksgiving and they are AMAZING and not expensive)

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Did a photo tour of the markets (Union – Eastern)
    Rant: Union Market IMO doesn’t have a market feeling, it’s more like a food court.
    Rave: Eastern Market is always awesome.
    Rave: Nothing left to fear
    Rave: Fall weather, fall clothes.

    • justinbc

      Union Market reminds me more of a Ferry Building type market (in SF) rather than an open air European style market. To me it’s not necessarily a bad thing, just different. It’s also decades behind Eastern Market in terms of history, so hopefully in another 5-10 years it’s really filled out wall to wall.

      • pablo .raw

        You are right about it not being a bad thing; I shouldn’t have classified it as a “rant”.

      • Union Market is a great place to take a date to gather ingredients for a night of cooking, otherwise the food supply buildings around it don’t really make for a good tour… They should turn it into a larger building with more vendors including live seafood and international food displays, and possibly an auditorium for demonstrations/cooking classes hosted by celebrity guest chefs… That would make for a really great day out.

        I guess the O street market will be a bit more expansive once it’s done.

    • Let me know if you ever want to do another photowalk at Eastern Market; I live right around the corner! πŸ™‚

  • Rave – Did a 6 mile walk on various trails in NW DC over the weekend. This city has some awesome parks and trail networks!

    Rave – Second bald eagle sighting along the C&O canal

    Rant – Crazy vivid dreams last night that really freaked me out. I never seem to get a good night’s sleep on Sunday nights.

  • epric002

    rave: great weekend with wonderful friends at a wine festival.
    rant: one couple is moving across the country soon πŸ™
    rave: the other couple is moving to DC soon! πŸ™‚
    rave: my wonderful SIL who watched the dogs while we were gone. she even took them on a RCP hike yesterday πŸ™‚ they are so spoiled.

  • RAVE/RANT: Definitely confirmed that teeth grinding has been causing my unbearable headaches. Wore my mouth guard last night and woke up headache free. I hate that guard, but it is worth the bother if I can function during the day without headaches.
    RAVE: Amazing fall day
    RAVE: Awesome, friend-filled weekend: went horseback riding, attended a bach party, cleared the garden, and had brunch with a dear friend. Also caught up on some house work and the Walking Dead.

  • Rant: I think that depression is keeping me from doing things that I normally don’t let linger (parking tickets, doctors appointments, random crap at work).
    Rave: I set up some automatic deductions so that at least financially I am slowly starting to really thrive. Why can’t I do that with the rest of my life?
    Rave: Lucky to have had such a wonderful weekend.
    Question for the masses: When dating someone if it’s clear that one party is into the other party more (but the “less interested” party is still very interested in a relationship) can that work? I really like this guy…but I don’t think it’s as much as he likes me. I feel like I am being unfair somehow…but I’m being completely honest about the way I feel. I also wonder if depression is just making it so that I can’t get as excited as maybe I should. The guy is awesome and definitely checks all the boxes for me.

    • The question is not whether you are “still very interested in a relationship” generally. It’s whether you are interested in a relationship with this guy. If it’s the latter, perhaps you should give it some more time and see if you can get some help (if you aren’t doing so already) for your depression. If it’s just the former, he’s probably not the guy for you even though he checks all the boxes. But you should still probably look into getting help for your depression because it might get in the way of making things work when the right person comes along.

      • Totally agree. Liking someone on paper is a lot different than having real chemistry with them. Your depression definitely could be getting in the way of that chemistry, but maybe not.

    • People can move along the interest spectrum at different paces (regardless of the depression, which may be having an impact – I agree with Marcus, if possible, try to get some help for it). If you are still interested in him, rather than just being interested in a relationship, then give it a while to see if it goes anywhere. People’s feelings deepen at different speeds. If it is just about being interested in somebody, and he happens to fit some pre-determined box on paper, then that is unfair.

    • Be careful not ascribe everything about yourself and life to “depression”.

  • Rave: New Riders of the Purple Sage at Gypsy Sally’s on Saturday – great music and great venue.
    Rant- or something: Walking into the vet this morning with my dog, I passed a woman walking out with an empty cat crate sobbing so hard…now I’m getting teary again thinking about this.

    • This happened to me when I went to pick up prescription dog food. A couple was sitting in the waiting room with their elderly chihuahua and just crying openly. I felt so terrible for them. It’s definitely the hardest part of having pets.

      • my dog is 6, and just THINKING about the end makes me cry. Because I know it will come. I’ve told her she has to live long enough for me to clone her. But it’s the worst part of pet ownership – we outlive them (generally).

        • Emmaleigh504

          Have you heard the This American Life episode about the cloned bull? It’s episode 291, act 2 and very interesting. Also, my cat is 14 and has to live forever πŸ™‚

          • There’s also a Stephen King book where pets (and a child) are cloned. As you can guess, things didn’t work out so well.

    • So sad. When I had to put my dog down I carried him into the vet’s office and almost immediately started crying, so they swept me into a room. Then I felt bad for the one person in the waiting room as I walked out crying with an empty leash. She looked at me and just said something to the effect of “You gave him a good life, and you made the kindest decision for him.” I had never seen her before, but it was just so nice. Normally that kind of intrusion would weird me out, but it was just the right words at the right time.

  • Rave: The Nine Inch Nails show was phenomenal. Even mellowed-out and middle aged, Trent Reznor still rocks harder than pretty much anyone else.
    Rant: coming down with something, but it’s too soon to tell how bad it’s going to be. I see a sick day (or more) in my future, but this week is too busy for me to really get a break.

    • It was really great, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been to an arena shows and a lot has changed. For instance, when did recording shows with cell phones become a thing? The results will be poor quality at best, and you miss the experience. Also — $40 for a tour tshirt???

      But the light show was phenomenal, and I don’t know how Trent keeps up his energy.

      • Yeah, I would rather actually watch the show, myself. If you want to see live video, there are a million on You Tube. But the amount of lights in the crowd would indicate that I’m an outlier in that sentiment. And agreed, the light show was fantastic, the crowd energy was so high and Trent was really killing it. NIN has always put on a great show, but having it in an arena (as opposed to the amphitheaters I’ve seen them in on the last few tours) really took the experience to the next level.

  • Rant: Weird next door neighbors… One leaves his window open (in plain view of my front porch) while he’s sitting on his couch in undies watching TV… Thank goodness it’s a rental tenant, hopefully his lease will be up soon. Yeesh.

    Rant: Finally turned the heat on in my house but hate it because Washington Gas charges criminal rates.

    Rave: Skins won finally, RGIII was back to being amazing as a QB again… They should have let him play in the pre-season, he needed that warm-up time.

    Rant: I can’t tell if bands/musicians suck lately, or if I’m just getting too old, or it’s just that it’s too hard to find new music online. I miss tower records, music web sites have way too much to sort through to get to quality music these days.

    • You might find Soundgarden — in Fells Point, Baltimore worth a trip. They have new and used CDs and DVDs, very knowledgable sales staff, and you can sell CDs and DVDs for either cash our credit. It’a a good place to scour through the bins, and ask for recommendations if you’re looking for something new.

      • I’ll second Soundgarden. I go there every time I’m in Baltimore.

      • Do you know if there are local places that buy used CD’s? I have about a million… Thanks!

      • I usually go to CD Depot in College Park… It’s okay, but wildly unorganized and overcrowded. CDs are sooo 90s! They need a music shop more like Borders where you can get coffee and listen to digital music on kiosks and buy Mp3s that get copied onto memory sticks… There are some things about Tower Records that could use an update also… πŸ™‚

        • Except that MP3s can’t match the sound quality of a CD. It’s not an issue if you’re just listening through earbuds, but if you want to play the songs on any decent stereo, you need the full CD files.

  • I’d like to contest a parking ticket– it’s for “failure to display current tags”, but in the blurry photo, you can see a smudge of white which is the printed-out temporary registration thingie on the dashboard. Of course, the photo is SO bad that it’s really my word against the officer’s that the piece of paper on the dash is the appropriate document.
    I’m just wondering if anyone has used the web to contest, if it’s a pretty straightforward process, how that worked out for you, etc.

    • You should definitely contest. I’ve gotten two parking tickets that were ludicrously given in error and I contested both successfully. You can contest online and upload documents to support your case. Does the temporary registration have the date it was printed on it? If so, scan it and attach. I would even suggest you take a picture of your dash, showing that it is in there and that that must be what the white smudge is. I usually get really angry and write a lengthy, somewhat condescending letter and that seems to work.

      • The hilarious thing is that the photo showing the temporary registration WAS TAKEN BY THE OFFICER. You can’t see anything of the document itself– you can just see that there is a white piece of paper on the dash. (Unfortunately, I think I tossed the printout. That would’ve been good.) So I’m thinking of sending the photo with the paper circled, and sending the registration which will show the date (three days before the ticket) that it was re-upped, proving that I was supposed to have a temporary printout instead of a decal. Whether or not the reviewer will take my word that the paper seen in the meter-maid’s own photo is the registration, well, I guess we’ll find out in six months.

    • I’ve contested over the web and usually win.

    • Oh, and what’s the deal with paying the ticket? Should I hold off on paying for the six months it will take them to “adjudicate”? Or will that trigger all the increases? Or does paying constitute “admission”? Argh.

      • You don’t pay if you’re adjudicating, if you lose they won’t have doubled it during the adjudication.

        • Awesome. You’re the best.

          Final question: Does it really take six months?? Or is that their CYA outside guess?

          • I don’t remember how long it took. I know it was a while, but I don’t think it was the whole six months.

          • For me, I had one that took almost exactly 6 months. I have another one where almost a year has passed and I still have not heard anything.

          • I had one that took two years! And it wasn’t dismissed. πŸ™ but generally I’ve had them dismissed within a month or two. I think it must take them longer to adjudicate the bigger fee tickets (the one that took 2 years was like $300).

  • Revel: Dismemberment Plan over the weekend. Every time I see them, starting with a house party in some friends’ living room in the mid-1990s, they get better and better.

  • Rant: I usually sleep soundly — almost too soundly — but last night I had a bad dream that woke me up, and I couldn’t get back to sleep for almost an hour.
    Rant: I haven’t had a bad dream in years. This one was clearly related to some painful life-transition stuff that I’ve been dealing with lately.
    Rave: May have found a reasonably priced storage solution for my guitars.
    Rave: Lately, a lot of music that just grabs me has been played on a Gretsch — and I’ve loved the tone, even if it wasn’t quite my type of music. Wondering if Atomic might have a Gretsch used. Could be fun to find out!

  • Rave: Moved into an awesome apartment next to Howard Theater
    Rave: Howard is such a beautiful theater
    Rant: Howard just seems poorly ran and it saddens me. I’ve been here a month and first week the valet guys got into a brawl. Then I got blocked out of my driveway because they allow people to park in the alley and i had to drive up on the sidewalk to get out of my alley. Then someone lit the port a potties on fire (pretty sure Howard or the valet guys had something to do with it because 20 mins before there were 6 cars parked next to where the fire was and then they weren’t there) Then on Saturday the fire alarms went off at Howard and the valet guys continued to do valet and block the emergency vehicles from getting down T Street. I was really frustrated for the fire engine and the ambulance. Then the police came and someone wrecked into a fire truck, while there were drunk people laying in the alley and the whole alley again closed off

  • Rant: The guy that threw water at my car because apparently he thought he should be allowed to walk even though I had the green light. This was Sunday afternoon. People around here really need to chill out. It’s the weekend, relax!

    Rave: Fall!

    Does anyone have recommendation for place to get boots resoled in DC? Thanks.

    • Try Corrective Shoe Repair in Dupont Circle – they’ve done a great job with various shoe repairs.

    • If you’re near Capitol Hill, the shoe shine guy in the basement of the Cannon building is great for repairs. (you don’t have to be Hill staff to use him, you just can’t get in after hours). He barely speaks English, but he does really great work for cheap and he’s really nice.

    • saf

      I love Philip – Upshur Street, across from Domku.

      I also like George. I have only been to the place on U Street (over by 16th now), but he also has a place in 3500 14th Street NW.

    • Phillip’s shoe repair on Upshur Street near Georgia Avenue.

  • Around 11:15pm last Friday night (October 18), I heard 4-5 gunshots on the 200 block of Q Street NW in Truxton Circle. Called 911 and within minutes, cops surrounded the area and put up police tape. Anyone know what happened?

  • rant: metro is often full of horrible, rude people that are good at trying to ruin my day because they have sh!tty lives. apparently being rude and meddlesome makes them feel good about themselves. lame.

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