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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • REVEL: To all who commented yesterday about my Rant/Rave regarding the Safeway incident: I called the manager last night and she immediately knew who the girl who helped me was! I told her the story and she said she would pass along my compliments to the young woman and make a note of it. She also asked me to report the incident to corporate, which I also did.

    Regarding safety in the safeway parking lot, the manager said that usually a police cruiser is posted outside as a precaution (there wasn’t one that night) and there’s a security guard in the store. She said that if at any time a customer feels uncomfortable walking alone to their car, to tell an employee or the guard and safeway would provide an escort to your vehicle.
    Stay safe everyone!
    RAVE: It’s friday!

  • Rant: Tractors and cherry pickers driving down Georgia Avenue during rush hour at 5mph every morning holding up a line of traffic… What the heck, is this Wyoming?! Take 9th street you construction tools! 😛

    Rave: Happy Friday. This was a particularly rough and tiresome week.

    Rave: Pay week! Yeah! I earned it with blood.

    Rave: Looking forward to Halloween parties. Best time of the year in my opinion.

    • Did you miss the whole “sharing” thing in kindergarten?

      • Scrillin

        Give’m some credit – it’s pretty reasonable that the construction guys don’t mess up rush hour even worse than they usually do.

        Everyone knows they’re two classes in this city, but they got them wrong – it’s business and the common man. Total double-standards on everything enforcement-related.

    • On that same note, I have to say, it really aggravates me that in this area, people absolutely refuse to drive the speed limit. I’m not advocating for going OVER the speed limit, but just hitting that mark seems to be impossible for many drivers, no matter what the road conditions are like.

      It is SOOOO aggravating. WHHHHHYYYY????

      • I don’t drive to work (or drive much), but I can see how often this frustrates people. My husband drops me off at the bus stop in the morning on his way to work, and as we were trying to cross over 13th street (in 16th St Heights area), we witnessed one car going 15 miles an hour for no particular reason. Created a line of cars for blocks. No need to speed, and I am certainly not advocating it for it, but also no reason go that much under the speed limit during rush hour traffic.

      • I blame people who are peering into their GPS and not actually looking around them. I’ve seen people run straight into double parked cars because they’re so focused on their technology that they’ve lost all senses of what’s going on outside of their cars. Danger Zone.

      • Scrillin

        It’s all 15mph under or 15 mph over. Total craziness.

      • To answer your frustration, There are some streets where it doesn’t make sense to drive the speed limit because you end up stopping at a future light. So going 5-10 mph under the speed limit means that you don’t have to step on the brake (or down shift).
        So sometimes you may think a person but they’ll pull up beside you after you’re stopped at the next intersection.

        • In my experience, if you go the speed limit you can go at a pretty even click. Besides which, that person can think he’s saving on gas by driving 10 below the speed limit so he doesn’t have to stop at lights (ridiculous), but that doesn’t really excuse him from making everyone wait behind him. Just go the speed limit. I’m not even asking them to go over. Just hit that number.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Good friend’s mother is dying from brain cancer. She’s at the point where she is declining noticeably and dementia is setting in. He’s also got to deal with selling her house and legal shit. Fuck cancer.
    Revel: Hope he gets some respite on Sunday at the MDRenFest with friends pulling together to show their support and give him a “day off.”

    • Totally agree. My father-in-law was just diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. This disease sucks… Good for you for supporting him..

    • Wow how awful 🙁
      Should be perfect weather for RenFest on Sunday. I’m going too. Hope your friend has a wonderful day!

    • So sorry to hear that. I assume her doctors have already talked about hospice, but on the off chance not, your friend may want to connect with those services. In my experience, they are so caring and helpful; I’m not religious, but if angels on earth do exist, they’re most certainly hospice workers. (This applies even if the person is in a nursing home, because quite frankly the level of care and personal attention in most long-term care facilities absolutely sucks. A visiting hospice service can make a world of difference for the patient and the family.)

      • I could not agree more – they provide so much support for both the patient and the family. And it is worth talking to them early, because they can also be very helpful in getting through difficult (but necessary) conversations about end of life care decisions. Really, you don’t want to think about those decisions for the first time in the moment and without knowing what your loved one would want.

        • Definitely, and I would add as a general point of info that I think there are a lot of misconceptions out there that make people wary or anxious about hospice. Many people assume (like I used to) that you have to be at death’s door, or declared likely to die within 3 or 6 months, for instance; or that hospice is about just “letting” people die. On the contrary, while part of hospice involves acknowledging that a person *is* approaching the end of their life at some point probably sooner rather than later, the focus is on maximizing the patient’s comfort and quality of life (rather than length/quantity of life). Two of my relatives recently lived for almost two years after they went on hospice care, and the social worker on the hospice team was an incredible help to the rest of our family.

  • Rave: Can’t see where this was mentioned, but congrats PoP on winning the 2013 Best Of Blog Competition!!
    Rant: Trying to find a pumpkin/fall festival deal to take the kids to this weekend. Why on earth would I pay $17/person to play on a farm? Give me a break.
    Rave: Weather looks promising!

  • Rave: It’s Friday and it’s gorgeous out.
    Rave: Had a really good session with my therapist this week. Even after I move back into the District, I’ll keep seeing her.
    Rave: Successfully replaced busted shifter cable on my bike last nite and made it out for a long bike ride around the reopened memorials and monuments. Got rained on a bit but nothing major. +1 man card points for fixing bike?
    Rant: Haven’t heard back from girl while she’s been gone all week.
    Rave: Have another date with someone else this weekend.

  • Rant: Ouch! I’ve got a blister on my heel — which seems odd because I’ve been wearing these shoes quite comfortably for months. Maybe this is just one more hint that summer’s really over.
    Rant/Rave: Packing boxes – forcing me to deal directly with priorities and loss.
    Rave: Feeling positive about making commitments. Yay! Growth! I’ve always made them, but now I’m actually enjoying the process.

  • Rant: Dogs and cyclists
    Kidding. Nothing to rant about when it’s autumn!

  • Rave: During October I love walking past this one house on my way to work. Every day the skeleton on the porch is wearing different clothes and accessories and in a different pose. Thanks for laughs, skeleton costumer!

  • Rave: Unbelievably beautiful row on a glasslike Anacostia this morning, with a brilliant full moon reflecting off the water and the monuments watching us over the treetops, maybe smiling a little, like we were.
    Rave: Off to the St. Mary’s County Oyster festival tomorrow, for cook-off, the national shucking contest and, of course, bushels of briny bivalves for me and my baby. We’ll see if what they say it true.

  • RAVE: Looks like the nice weather will hold for the weekend – going camping to see the start of the colors and so grateful to not be violating the “closed” status of our National Forests! (Actually, I”m going to try a new, much closer locale, which is a VA State WMA and was open throughout).

    • Where is this nearby camping joint of which you speak?

      • If I told you that would spoil it!!! The clue is Camp Hoover 😀

        I was originally going to head to a site either down in the GWJNF – Pedlar District for a dispersed site in Amherst Co., and then for something closer to the Lee District, near but not at Elizabeth Furnace, which I figured to be patrolled, and besides I prefer “back country” anyway.

  • Has anyone been to the Maryland Renn Faire on its last weekend? I’m wondering if it’s super crowded, or if the vendors will already be packing up and the entertaining costume characters will have gotten bored and stayed home…

    • I went on the last weekend last year. It is indeed very crowded, but I did not notice anyone packing up to leave early. They know that the last weekend is a big push for income for them.

    • The vendors used to have run out of everything by the last weekend, but I went last weekend (so the second-to-last weekend), and they were all still very well stocked, so my guess is that they won’t pack up early, they’ll try to clear out as much inventory so they don’t have to pack it up.

      However, the last time I went to the Ren Fest on the last weekend, when I tried to leave the parking lot, I got stuck in traffic for more than FOUR HOURS!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Emerging age spots and brown spots from my glasses. I forget how old I am, but I’m too young for age spots, damn it!
    Rant: I’ve been wearing sunscreen since age 15 and my super pale & pasty skin still has age spots!
    Rave: Got some creams and goop to fad these spots. This is war!
    Better Rave: Person at work gave me some free samples of other stuff to try to cover and fade the spots.

    • dude – get over it: you’re getting older by the second. So long that they don’t turn cancerous, you’re more than fine and I’m pretty sure you’re the only one who takes notice.

      • Emmaleigh504

        It makes me happy to have goops and serums and creams to smear on my face, does that bother you? Get over it.

        • Is there a difference between age spots and freckles?

          • Emmaleigh504

            I don’t know, I’ve never had freckles.

          • I have a couple of faint ones on my hands (so far) and they’re larger than freckles. But I’m with you. It’s not that I mind “getting older” as a concept–you couldn’t pay me to be in my 20s again–but I don’t love a couple of the appearance-related changes. I haven’t yet been bothered enough to do anything drastic (besides, I’m too broke and too squeamish for cosmetic surgery, or even botox), but if I can do something low-maintenance like slather a little moisturizer or serum on, then why not?

    • I share your pain.
      I remember talking to my doctor about unexplained spots on the backs of my hands – I had been a lifeguard and sunworshipper for a long time in my distant youth and I am always on the lookout for anything that might be skin cancer. So it was a mixed relief when I was told the marks weren’t cancer, just age spots.
      It’s hard to cheer and sigh at the same time.

  • I have been biking to and from work the past 6 weeks and and hitting the gym when I can (still working on making the time for it) and while I know I’ve gotten stronger, I’m feeling discouraged because I’ve gained weight, rather than lost any. I’ve been loosely counting my calories, so its not necessarily that. I know I need to do more, but ugh, I was doing nothing before, and after 6 weeks, I was hoping to get some encouragement from my body for all this effort.

    • No fitness buff is going to agree with me, but losing weight is 90% diet. Unless you are olympic training, you can’t almost-exclusively fitness your way to weight loss.

    • gotryit

      Are you taking into account that muscle weighs more than fat? If you’ve been burning fat and gaining muscle, that’s still a good thing. Keep up the good fight!

    • Muscle weighs more than fat! Keep it up.

      I started training for some pro soccer tryouts back in late 2004. I was at 225 lbs. I lost a lot of weight (15lbs) early b/c I stopped drinking like a fish and cut out donuts and oreos (I literally have a very soft spot for donuts and oreos!). My goal was to get down to 175, my weight as a senior in HS, but I didn’t drop a lb less than 190…and that took a couple of months Why? I was freaking ripped…way way more fit than I was even as a senior in HS (as a 30 yr old). It was the first and only time in my life when I had actual abs visible. It took about a month-month and a half for anything to look different, but the transformation was almost overnight. I got out of the shower one day and my shoulders looked broader, there was noticeable definition all over, and I had that awesome “V” shape from my midsection down.

      Bottom line…keep it up, especially if you’re feeling better. Weight shouldn’t be an issue at this point for you. I’m sure that’s part of your goal, to lose weight, but feeling good and being healthy are the real end goals. The weight loss will come w/ continued effort.

      • Thanks everyone, I knew I would hear supportive things that would help me feel better. I know I’m gaining muscle and that weighs more, and I don’t put a whole lot of stock in my weight generally, but its hard not to get frustrated when I look at the scale right now. I feel like I’m fighting lousy genes and post-pregnancy hormones, which aren’t helping, but thanks for the kind words!

        • If you’re breastfeeding, you may not drop weight until after you wean. That happened to me. I tried SO HARD to lose weight while I was breastfeeding, and that scale wouldn’t budge. As soon as I weaned, I dropped 5-10 lbs almost immediately. Don’t believe that “breastfeeding sheds weight” hype!

        • How are your clothes fitting? The scale may not be the best gauge of how you look. And really what matters is how you feel, and it sounds like you’re definitely a winner there!

        • gotryit

          It’s normal to get frustrated. But the strong push through it – don’t give up! Also, it’s hard to measure (ok, I’m not a doctor) how much good it’s doing for your heart and long term health – there’s much more to it than appearance.

      • squaredeal and gotryit…..sorry, but this grinds my gears every time 🙂 Muscle does not weigh more than fat — a pound is a pound. What muscle is, is denser. It takes up less room, but weighs the same. It’s like saying, “what weighs more: a pound of gold or a pound of feathers?” — They’re the same.

        Don’t mean to be nitpicky 🙂

        — And Anonymous at 10:37 — keep up the good work, and try switching up your routine, sometimes your body plateaus because it gets used to a routine – try something different!

        • gotryit

          I was taking the “per unit volume” as a given. The context is that people equate slimming up with losing weight. But one can slim up without losing weight.

          I’ll concede that you’re correct, but if you look at the context, I don’t think anyone was implying that fat or muscle weigh more per unit weight (duh) and pretty obviously per unit volume (ding ding). So you do win the nitpicky award of the day. Maybe PoP can start that as a daily feature. The english majors will get crushed.
          So what weighs more, a dress size of fat or a dress size of muscle?

    • Body measurement and muscle tone are more accurate barometors of progress than weight loss alone, IMO. Do your clothes fit looser than they did before you started working out? Are you noticing more muscle definition?

      Also, I don’t agree that it is 90% of weight loss, but diet is very important. It is hard to get impressive results while “loosely” counting calories, because most people are bad at accurately estimating how much they’re eating and/or are not aware of the recommended serving sizes for each food. You need a clear idea of how many calories you’re taking in, so you can plan how to effectively work them off.

    • Girl, you can’t rely on that scale alone. It’s so finicky. Weight fluctuates for a variety of reasons. Time of the month (ahem), water, just ate a meal, gotta drop some kids off at the pool (double ahem). Do ya feel good? You will reap every ounce of effort you sowed. Trust me–if you STOP biking to work and walking, you’ll definitely see that they were making a difference.

  • Rave: SOX!
    Rant: Have to travel for work this weekend.
    Rave: Sunshine.

  • Rave: NIN concert tonight! They always put on such a good show.
    Rave: Seeing the Cool Disco Dan documentary with my sister tomorrow. It’s been a while, so it will be nice to catch up with her.
    Rave: The GOP and Tea Party taking the beating in the press that they so richly deserve. The schadenfreude is delicious.
    No rants today.

  • Rave: beautiful weekend with all of the smithsonians open again!
    Rant: Need some new patio furniture because the heat destroyed my set this summer. Can’t find a material that will hold up to the weather that actually looks okay. I hate the iron look, and teak is really expensive. Are there any refurb patio furniture warehouses in the area?

  • Revel: We had a baby at the end of last month. He is awesome…even when he’s a fuss-bucket. My wife was AMAZING throughout labor (all 23 hours of it)…you women are really incredible. I was absolutely gassed and I wasn’t having contractions every two minutes. I don’t even know how my wife did it. We wouldn’t have made it through w/o our doula. If any of you are pregnant, I’d highly recommend using one. He support allowed me to grab some food here and there and get some cat naps in. She was incredibly helpful finding ways to keep my wife going, keep her comfortable, and reminding us of our birth plan when we may have wavered. Also, the nurses and staff at Wash. Adventist were great (it may have helped that we bribed them with a snack basket).
    Rant: Little man is seriously messing w/ my sleep and with my food (I’ll want to eat, but have to change or hold or walk with him)
    Revel: I could care less that I’m constantly exhausted b/c damn babies are cute!

    • Can’t you hold and eat food? It’s tricky, but it can be the only option sometimes.

      Congratulations by the way. It’s a life changing experience.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Man, those Duggar women can hold babies and eat like champs! I saw Jana eating something out of a bowl while walking around holding baby Marcus a couple of weeks ago. I was amazed. But then she’s had many, many years of practice.

    • Congrats to you! I had my little guy on sept 27th and we are just now getting into a solid routine. Our pediatrician told us to stop waking him up at night and to let him go 4ish hours inbetween feelings (so we can get some sleep). He is gaining weight like a champ, so all seems ok, and we feel so much better with some extra sleep!

      I had never spent any real time around kids so had no idea how much work it would be. Thank God for my husband who is great at daddy duty. I’m sure your wife appreciates you just as much. I’ve said it a million times…I don’t know how single moms do it!

  • Correcting mistake: Okay, I was totally wrong last week and I apologize, tonight is the night there is a dedication with tours at Cardozo. It’s from 4:30-6:30. I’m planning to drop in for a tour around 5:45ish.
    Rave: I get to sate my curiosity after living next to this construction site for 18 months and feel like a member of the community even though I don’t have any kids.
    Rant: It’s time to start packing, at least the things I really don’t need. I’ve cleaned out a lot of stuff, but I adore my punch bowl set, so it’s coming.
    Rant: 2 more bedbug treatments until I can feel safe. I feel really stuck right now, I can’t start packing clothes because they’re in bags. I also didn’t leave out enough warm clothes in my one bag of things to wear during treatment. I only have 9 days after the last treatment until I move out and put my stuff in a Pod.

  • Rave: gorgeous weather, few plans this weekend, reopened museums, black bean chili, and an epic new Donna Tartt novel coming out.
    Rant?: just scheduled a flu shot for new week. My last one was in 2005 and I got so sick afterward. It seemed to be related so I’ve been afraid to get a flu shot ever since. But I know this is irresponsible so I’m giving it another try. Praying I don’t end up bedridden for two weeks again! Maybe I should have scheduled it for after my birthday…

    • Rave: I bought the new Donna Tartt novel at Kramer Books a few days ago. It is a delicious — and deliciously huge — read.

      Rave: I’m watching the full moon come up over the Delaware bridge in Philly. So beautiful!

      • I wonder if I should break my rule about not buying books. I got on the library’s wait list early so I should have it soon, but it’s going to be a rush getting through 800 pages in two weeks.
        Plus… If it’s anything like the secret history I’ll want my own copy to retread over and over again…

  • Rave: Checked out the Frontenac last night and am a huge fan so far! (Major thanks to the two of you who recommended it! Claire was so nice.) Hopefully the fiance also agrees …

    Rant: If we move, I’d have to give up a dishwasher, but I feel like that will keep me on my toes/less lazy. I can dance circles to justify it because the amount we pay at our current building is ridiculous enough for the neighborhood that we need to just leave already! Ah, rentals.

    • I don’t think a dishwasher really saves much time or energy. It just allows you to put off the work until later (well, unless you have a dishwasher full of clean dishes to put away and dirty ones that need to go in). I do a ton of cooking but didn’t mind not having one when I was renting.

      • Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I realize I’m just extreeeeeeemely lazy when it comes to letting dishes sit and “soak.” I would likely be happier if I did my dishes in a prompt manner like adults probably should, haha.

        Also, we’ll be paying electric in this apartment if we move, so that will obviously save electricity and by proxy, money. Can’t complain!

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Had dinner at Fasika (with an F) on Georgia Ave the other night. How come no one told me about this place before? Got approximately 18 lbs of food for less than $20, and it was delicious.
    Rave: John Wall and Brad Beal look like they could be the best back court tandem in the NBA, starting this year.
    Rant: The Wizards front court w/o Big Mek looks just awful.

  • Revel: The Friday Question of the Day made me happily nostaligic for my hometown, Edinburgh, Scotland. Steeples, bridges and chimneys. Cobble stone roads that remain slick even when it’s not raining. Lush grass in Princes Street Gardens. Tiny closes and wynds in the Old Town. Stately Georgian terraces and crescents in the New Town. Glory, Glory to the Hibees. Hurrying head-down through the driving rain to a cozy pub you never want to leave. Walking along the Water of Leith on a sunny day. Coming out of a club at 3am in the summer and the dawn’s already breaking. Going to the pub at 3pm in the winter since it’s already dark. The Edinburgh Fringe…three weeks of madness! Hogmanay! I love DC but Embra was a wonderful place to grow up.

  • Rave: One Medical Group. I had my first appointment there, and I’m so glad I decided to shell out the cash to join. I finally feel comfortable with a doctor, and at a practice.

    Rant: Still haven’t lost any of the post-wedding weight besides watching my diet and hitting the gym hard. I guess I’ll need to start counting calories, which is a BUMMER!

    • Not knowing how closely you’ve been watching your diet, here are a few easy calorie reducers that helped me shed about 10lbs: (1) small breakfast every day, usually yogurt and green tea, (2) Switch to drinking coffee black. Only “skinny” lattes, no sugar or sweetner (3) no lunchtime add-ons in small bags or bottles (e.g., no chips, no soda). only a salad/sandwich and water. (4) No soda except seltzer water. (5) No snacks except nuts, preferably low-salt (6) limit alcohol to 1x per outing, no more than 3x per week. (6) limit cheese as much as possible (I love cheese). Hope some of these are helpful if you’ve not already tried them. Losing weight and keeping it off really sucks, but you’ll be happy with the results!

      • No offense, but that sounds pretty terrible.
        I lost 10 lbs eating whatever I wanted, but logging my weekday food and exercise through My Fitness Pal. My diet was already pretty good but it helped with portion control and cutting out mindless snacking. Whenever I feel myself slipping up I start logging again for a few days and it gets me back on track.

        • Oooh. I just downloaded My Fitness Pal– psyched that it works with my FitBit.

        • I guess everybody’s different, but I’ve actually grown used to it and now pretty much like my diet. I don’t really miss the chips or soda, and there are enough different kinds of nuts that I really enjoy them. The coffee switch is still a bit difficult, and I’m always fighting the urge for more cheese, haha. Agree with being vigilant about mindless snacking – the worst! Will check out the app you recommend, thanks.

          • I guess I just hate rules. 🙂 I’ve been drinking coffee black my whole life and prefer it that way, but I can’t imagine limiting myself to one drink every time I go out. I think you should branch out with your snacking, though! Nuts are good but they’re very calorie-dense, and there are lots of other good snack choices out there (fruit, yogurt, popcorn, avocado on a rice cake, etc).

      • Thanks for the practical tips!

  • epric002

    rave: gorgeous fall friday!
    rave: leaving in about 30mins to go out of town for a winefestival with old friends.
    rave: my lovely SIL is dogsitting for us. i’m pretty sure they’re all going to have a great weekend together 🙂
    happy friday popville!

  • RANT: To the wannabe steampunk dude in Dupont Circle this morning, you are a total *#@$%!!! for letting your dog s*** in the park. People, including children, sit in that park and enjoy the outdoors. I don’t care that you picked it up, your dog’s s*** is still in the grass. Go to a dog park or let the dog go in an unused tree box. Such a JERK!!!!!!!

    • Well, it’s a little bit better than the homeless guy I watched drop a deuce there once. Broad daylight, leaned up against a tree, and dropped it low. He picked it up with some newspaper and put it in his pocket and strolled off. I was eating a 5guys burger at the time which I didn’t finish. And that was the last time I ever sat on the grass at Dupont. It’s also when I enacted the no shoes in my house rule!

    • I thought it was totally fine to let your dog relieve themselves in the park, provided you pick up anything solid. It happens all the time in my park and no one ever bats an eye.

      • It is!!!!!

      • You can’t be serious. you think it’s okay to let your dog crap in a public park where people lay on the grass? If you’re not trolling, you should seriously reconsider this attitude. Just awful.

      • “No person owning, keeping, or having custody of a dog, except a seeing eye dog, shall allow or permit the dog to defecate or urinate on public parking or any sidewalk”
        Pretty sure if you can’t poop on the sidewalk, you can’t poop in the public park either. I’m surprised you don’t mind ceding use of public parks to people who want to let their dogs poop in them.

    • Why not train the dog to use a litter box? I’m sure it’s possible. Then the dog would never have to go out in public being offensive to you.

    • Because people can control when their dog goes the bathroom? Outside is dirty, it just is.

      • Reminds me of a question that popped into my head this morning: where do squirrels poop? They’re all over the place, but I don’t see their droppings anywhere. Going to Google it now, but thought it would be fun to share that riddle with you guys to ponder.

  • There are some streets where it doesn’t make sense to drive the speed limit because you end up stopping at a future light. So going 5-10 mph means that you don’t have to step on the brake (or down shift.).
    So sometimes i’m amazed that people put the pedal to the metal only to slam on their brakes in 500 ft.

  • Rant: hacking coughs coming from the cubes on either side of mine. Hoping I don’t catch whatever they have but odds are not looking good!

  • Rave: Today’s photo is awesome!

  • Rave: Beautiful weather outside – I LOVE fall.
    Rave: Teaching 2 pole classes and a party tomorrow, which means I’m done early! Then Aerial Hoop (Lyra) on Sunday, and teaching 3 pole classes! Love my life.
    Rant: This means I have GOT to do laundry.
    Rave: Ordered the Muscle Leggings from Black Milk and I’m stalking my mailbox until they get here 🙂

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