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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: No paycheck for a few weeks on account of the shutdown
    Rave: Another day home with the dog
    Rant: Another day home with the dog

    • Politics really is at an all time low in this country. While I don’t have a high opinion of either party, I think the Rebuplicans were absolutely wrong to hold the country hostage to assail a democratically enacted piece of legislation. Having said that, someone has to give in this high stakes game of chicken. If I were Harry Reid I would send a straight up piece of legislation to the floor raising the debt ceiling for a year and send it to the house.

      • You don’t mess with financial markets! This clowns who think the world financial markets are similar to their checkbooks are playing a very dangeroous game.

  • gotryit

    Rant: Guy peeing on the sidewalk in front of my house last night.
    Rave: Calling him out on it.
    Rave: At least he wasn’t pooping.
    Rave: He did it in front of my security cameras.
    Rave^2: He was probably also in front of my neighbor’s HD security cameras. This might make for some funny footage.

  • Rant: I’m super stressed about the threat of a default and what it’ll do to mortgage rates. I’m also just overwhelmed by this process no matter how much I try to sort through it.
    Rave: The imitation Starbucks pumpkin scones I made are delicious.
    Rant: I got all flustered from a panicked early morning email my boss sent, then I asked him a really dumb question that makes it look like I don’t understand what I’m doing. Ugh, one step forward, one step right back where I was.

    • I’m sorry the uncertainty is stressful!
      If you have an application in, I BELIEVE your rate is locked – so you might be ok!

      • No, the rate is not locked just because the contract is in. This whole process is taking some serious learning for me, but because this whole building is being offered new, all at once, they need 51% of units under contract before any can close. It’s apparently a standard thing in initial offerings. Because I’m waiting for other buyers to materialize, I need 5 more, I can’t know how close I am to closing. That makes locking in now unwise.

        • ugh so sorry to hear this.
          I hope you don’t get screwed, but the good news is…if it takes a while, you might be ok! and even if the rate goes up a little, you’re still better off buying AND can always refinance (a much easier process).

          • “can always refinance (a much easier process)”

            Maybe in 10-15 years after we go through another cyclical recession. But if she’s buying now, rates have nowhere to go but up. I’m not sure how she’s going to refinance into a cheaper product anytime soon.

          • well, for example, you can change mortgage terms (move to a 20 year) or if the building has more owner-occupants, you can sometimes get a better rate. I don’t think rates are going up that much, the fed has indicated it wants to keep them low.

  • Rave: Sono-confirmed pregnant! 7 weeks, 6 days along. YAY!
    Rant: Morning (and all other times of the day) sickness and low energy mean I just want to curl into a ball. I also feel like I’m still too early to tell coworkers and those I interact with casually on a day to day basis.
    Revel: This too, shall pass and this weekend we’ll start sharing the news with close family and friends.

    • Congrats! I never had morning sickness, but was pretty low energy – so just sleep when you can and be sure to eat well, and DEFINITELY keep ginger ale and saltines on hand. When I didn’t feel 100% they were my saving grace. Enjoy sharing the news!

    • Thanks! Definitely stocking up on saltines and ginger ale plus chicken soup. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • soup, too – but it’s amazing what saltines/ginger ale can do! And none of that diet ginger ale – get the strong stuff, or at least Schwepps. I don’t know what it is about the combo that settles everything, but it works! Post back when you need help with heartburn relief lol

        • Whole Foods 365 brand ginger ale is so tasty- not syrupy or full of HFCS. it’s been helping my upset stomach today, so I can highly recommend!

    • Congrats! Also for the morning sickness, I didn’t have it much, but I found that I would get nauseous if I didn’t eat every four hours on the dot. Small meals more often helped tremendously. Now that I am in my second trimester I eat every four hours because I’m just hungry, not because I’m sick!

      • oh, pre-emptive eating is important. I almost ate my hand waiting for food at a restaurant. Keep a Kind bar or two in your bag – they’re yummy and pretty healthy. Wait until the end of your 3rd when you have no room for food. Ugh.

    • i had afternoon and evening sickness but this stuff helped me

    • Thank you all so much! Since we haven’t shared the news, I have only been able to whine to my husband who is a trooper, but can only sympathize so much. Between these suggestions and the overall adorableness of the earthmamaangelbaby site, my day and hormones are done. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I bought some Earthmama stuff – postpartum stuff. Avoid researching any of that until the end. Also, sign up for Lucie’s List emails – they are VERY helpful and not pandering like stupid sites (hello, the Bump)

      • We use the Bottom Balm for our baby – it’s great stuff – it smells nice, it clears up diaper rash (on the rare occasion she gets it) really well, and it’s not as icky as the white pasty stuff

  • Rant: Neighbor 2 houses down filling my partially full trashcan to the point where it was overflowing with their recylable stuff I forgot Monday was a holiday and trash collection was one day delayed).

    The problem? 1. The trash people won’t take a trash can full of recyclable stuff (nor will they take anything out of a bag). 2. This means the trash I did have in the can doesn’t get collected. 3. I get a fine from the roving trash inspectors because I have recycable stuff in my can (a no no).

    Rave: They didn’t bother taking their address labels off the boxes, so I knew exactly who it was and threw all their boxes over their fence into their back yard. This happens a few times a year with this woman. She has one trash can and no recylable can, and despite the fact that she paid nearly 850K for the house and drives a late model BMW, said she can’t afford buying a new ~ $ 40 recylable can so all her prodigious refuse becomes someone elses problem.

    • Why don’t you go and talk to her and straighten it out? Tossing her boxes over the fence does not fix the problem. She probably doesn’t even know how to go about getting another can. And she also does not realize that she’s screwing you over (getting tickets, not getting your trash picked up, etc.)
      You need to educate her. And get her to pony up for your tickets.

      • I did, the first time it happend which is when I got the sob story about not being able to afford one

        • Wow, that’s friggin’ nuts. So many people in this area are irresponsibly “house poor.” Pathetic.
          I don’t know how much the tickets are, but it might be cheaper for you to just buy a can for her. Perhaps a few of your neighbors will toss in a few bucks for it. I’m sure you’re not the only person she’s screwing over. Unbelievable.

        • seriously? She said she couldn’t afford a new can? I highly doubt that, she’s probably just trying to get away with it. She’s probably one of those people who try to get away with as much as they can before they’re called out on it. Can you lock the cans and only unlock them on trash day? It shouldn’t be too hard to install a padlock…

          • She’s probably reluctant to buy one that might get stolen again.
            I get other people,s trash in my cans all the time. Fortunately they separate trash and recyclables accordingly.

        • This is absurd. No, you should not be buying a new recycling can for a women with an $850,000 house and a late-model BMW. That is crazy. Have some backbone, and stand up to her.

    • gotryit

      Have you considered reporting her for illegal dumping? With a name on the box, that should be pretty straightforward. Perhaps even a warning from those folks will be a wakeup call for her. And if not…

    • I’m curious where you live that you’re getting fines from “roving trash inspectors.” My neighbors and I have been trying for weeks to get this one kid fined for illegally dumping open bags of trash, couches (yes plural) and a mattress in the alley. The mattress has actually been lying in the middle of the sidewalk for over a week and nothing has been done. I WISH we had roving trash inspectors…

      • Stuff like what you’re describing should be reported to 311 (repeatedly, if necessary). I don’t know where the roving inspectors are. I’ve never encountered one but I have heard that they’re out there occasionally. Anyway, if people are being inspected and fined I’m guesing it’s most likely because someone reported it to 311.

        • A number of us have reported it to 311 repeatedly and have gotten no response. I was thinking of contacting my ANC, but not sure if they can really do anything.

          • Fair enough. I and others I’ve heard from have had good responses from 311, but I’m sure they don’t nail it in all cases. You can try your ANC, but don’t be shy about calling your councilmember’s office either. Also, even if 311 is on the case it doesn’t mean that the problem goes away immediately. When I reported something, they were “on it” quickly but the pile of trash didn’t go away for another month.

      • epric002

        the roving trash inspectors are in NoMa, apparently. have a friend there who got a ticket for leaving a bag of trash outside his back gate for a few minutes when he realized he left his key inside. in petworth/coheights, on the other hand, you can’t get a ticket no matter what you do, unfortunately.

  • Rave: today is the first day since having our son 3 weeks ago that I was able to get in my car and drive. It’s an amazing feeling to be free…well for 3 hours at least, until I have to go home and feed him. But I’ll take my 3 hours wherever I can get them. Showered, dressed, driving, and feeling like a human again ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rave: so happy to have a super involved, awesome husband who I totally trust will take great care of him while I’m out. Seriously, single moms I don’t know how you do it. Much much respect!!!!

    • congrats! Enjoy your free time!

    • Yay! Enjoy these moments and know you’ll be back to “normal” soon – though a new normal. My little guy is 3.5 months now and I somehow manage to be presentable and well-rested at work. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
      +1 on single moms. Incredible. The only reason I can shower and do my hair is because my husband does bedtime! – among lots of other things.

      • Thanks! My 3 hour break has made me realize how important getting out of the house is. So easy to get stuck in the feed, diaper, nap cycle. I think I need to join a mom circle or something!

        And big props to you for holding it together at work! That’s my biggest anxiety.

  • Rant: Spaghetti and meat sauce is so objective these days. I like California Pizza Kitchen, not the salty Spaghetti and Meat sauce from most authentic Italian restaurants. The closest California Pizza Kitchen is in VA, so often times it’s too far to go after work for dinner. If I cook it, there’s always way too much left over and the ingredients I like to use make it more expensive than buying it at CPK. Does anyone here have a good recommendation for reasonably priced but flavorful spaghetti and meat sauce in DC (not meatballs tho)?

    Rave: Finally finished Breaking Bad… I can finally talk to people about it without worrying about spoilers.

    Rant: Work is so dependent on decisions from feds and other support teams that it’s coming to a stand-still. I’m also a bit worried about my company’s reserves to tide through this meltdown. So many people outside on their cell phones looking for jobs every day. I hate it when people say “be thankful you still have a job”, it can disappear any day now that we’re at the mercy of the rich and congress (same difference). I need an exit strategy altogether, need to recapture my dreams of retiring early and living somewhere cheap and simple with a beach.

    Rant: Lack of communication… I think my expectations may be too high when it comes to people and communication, but it’s something I don’t want to compromise on.

    • You can also freeze tomato sauce for months at a time and it won’t go bad. Try it.

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 make the good stuff and freeze it in small batches so you can use it as needed.

        • I hate second day ingredients… I am a freshness prude. I absolutely refuse to freeze leftovers because I’m always let down when the ingredients aren’t “first day” fresh… ๐Ÿ™

          • Many foods get better with age as the flavors instensify – chili, many soups. i’d put tomato sauce into that category!

          • If you are a freshness prude, you probably shouldn’t be eating at CPK.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Then I can’t help you, I make my own sauce & freeze it. I never get spaghetti & red gravy when I go out to eat because there are so many other things I want to try ๐Ÿ™‚

          • You’re seriously missing out! Second (or third!) day soups, chili, sauces, and stews are so much better than the day they are made. Sometimes reheating frozen food does weird things to the texture, but I find sauce does ok in the freeze/thaw cycle.

          • Post of the Day Award for you.
            Jack5 should probably also pick up some burn cream while he’s at the store.

          • And Kraft Mac & Cheese, much better after a night in the fridge.

          • @ Former CPK Employee – How old are you? 5? Burn cream? Jeezus…

          • I don’t get the “burn cream” joke. What was Former CPK Employee trying to say?

        • I think red sauce is one of those things that better with canned ingredients. Some Pomi tomatoes are way better IMO, but enjoy the CPK crap. blech.

          • That’s why i meant to say taste is subjective in the original post…

            everyone knows what works for them… I’m looking for a taste that matches my preference though…

    • Bistro Italiano (near Union Station, across from Schneider’s) has a good spaghetti with meat sauce. It definitely leans towards Americanized Italian (rather than authentic Italian), which seems like what you’re looking for!

      • Thanks! This is the kind of reply I was looking for! Hah…

        • You’re welcome! After reading your recipe below, it might not be exactly what you’re looking for, as it’s more of a traditional Italian American meat sauce (no mushrooms, etc.), but I like it!

    • I’m intrigued – what do you put in it that makes it so expensive?!?! It’s just tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and some herbs….

      • yeah I don’t get it – canned san marzanos and some tomato paste are cheap and make GREAT sauce

      • Once he pays for the gas and valet parking at the grocery store, that sauce is damn expensive!

      • My recipe though-

        Diced tomatoes
        Fresh Garlic
        Cilantro (if the supermarket actually has it)
        Red Onions
        Green Beans
        Sweet Corn
        Fresh mushrooms
        Prego Spaghetti Sauce
        Olive Oil
        Parmesan Cheese
        Ground Turkey
        San Giorgio Fettucine
        Garlic Bread

        Including the trip to the supermarket it’s much more stress than placing an order at CPK. I’m a single guy, so I generally cook only when I have company.

        • I’m not even Italian and this recipe is offensive to me if you’re calling it “red sauce”.
          Prego? ugh forget the suggestions then!

          • I said “Sphaghetti and MEAT sauce”. Not “red sauce”… Different strokes, no need to be a food prude… ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Jack 5 – Seriously – if you really like this, make a double batch of the sauce and freeze it in individual servings. It will freeze really well. Then just cook as much pasta as you want and re-heat the sauce. If you reheat it in the microwave, cover it with a moist paper towel. You can also freeze a couple batches with pasta, but I find that pasta itself doesn’t reheat as well after frozen. But that would work for lunches at work.

          • It’s not so much the sauce I’m worried about for freshness, it’s the meat I put in it. I don’t like re-heated meat.

          • oops, sorry – didn’t read the post above that you don’t like leftovers. Oh well, different strokes. I know I like leftovers more now that I have a vacuum sealer – seems to keep them more fresh and wards off the freezer burn. But it would also be a bit of an investment if you don’t already like leftovers.

          • How about freezing the tomato sauce with all but the meat? Then cook the meat the day of and add to defrosted tomato sauce?

        • Prego – uggggh. Check out the ingredients – tomato puree, diced tomato, sugar, oil, salt (etc). But I know, different strokes.

          • I add fresh veggies and cilantro, which corrects most of the ingredients used in Prego sauce. If I’m looking for a traditional sauce it would be a different recipe using Tomato paste but I usually like a specific taste that reminds me of my college days a little bit… Hah.

            Restaurants usually use a base to save cooking time as well. I don’t have hours to simmer a perfect sauce so I keep things simple. Prego is the base that works for me and saves time.

          • Why can’t you use canned tomato purรฉe as a base? Doesn’t have all the sugar and other crap that makes Prego taste so weird.

    • “Spaghetti and meat sauce is so objective these days.”
      What does this mean?

      • Referring to what people like taste wise, subjective (used there) meant that everyone has a different expectation for taste when they want Spaghetti and meat sauce…

      • Meant to use the word (subjective) but it was a badly phrased sentence… But always remember -” no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar”… ๐Ÿ˜›

    • saf

      Have you tried Famous Luigi’s? They seem very old style Italian-American.


      (disclaimer – I used to eat here when I was an undergrad. That was a very long time ago. It’s not on my usual travel routes, so I haven’t been back in quite a while.)

  • What really happens if US defaults? US stops paying bills, credit rating goes down, cost to borrow goes up adding to debt? If the US is not paying bills that removes significant liquidity in world financial markets? Stock market seems to be acting as if there is confidence some deal will be reached.
    Any level headed financial types want to share a little insight or point met to a non-partisan source.

    RANT โ€“ Monroe Street Market is going to be great but the roads in the area are terrible.
    RAVE โ€“ The parks in DC โ€“ Banneker upgrade (side note to DCPS renovate BANNEKER it is one of the best performing schools in the city, act like it) My daughter loves the tall slides on Hamilton, Shepherd Park playground, Noyes park, Park renovation (and new school) at Turkey Thicket
    Rant โ€“ McMillanโ€ฆnothing

  • rant: the debt ceiling needs to be abolished. if Congress appropriates money to pay for something, the Treasury Dept should be allowed to finance that level of spending, period. the rest of the world thinks we’re crazy.
    rant: I thought that my prediction of a Oct 16th at midnight resolution was being pessimistic, I think now that it may have been too optimistic.
    rant: I had abstained from any shutdown/debt ceiling related rants until now, but this has gotten to the point of being beyond ridiculous!!
    rave: the shutdown has given me extra time to properly study for my midterm exams. one down, one to go! I hope everyone else is doing ok and is able to pay their bills!

    • “rant: the debt ceiling needs to be abolished. if Congress appropriates money to pay for something, the Treasury Dept should be allowed to finance that level of spending, period. the rest of the world thinks weโ€™re crazy.”
      Agreed. A debt ceiling shouldn’t exist AT ALL. Congress needs to stop borrowing and spending like drunken sailors during the appropriations process – that’s when these decisions need to happen, not after the fact.
      Unfortunately, Congress – especially those from the GOP – love to spend during the appropriation proces to show the folks in their districts/states that they can still bring home the bacon. And then – hypocritically – they use the debt ceiling to somehow prove their “fiscal responsibility” bona fides. It’s utter madness.

      • Thanks for explaining that, Central Banker and DC Chica. I couldn’t figure out why the debt ceiling is even a A Thing since it’s just a way of paying for what Congress already agreed on. I’m glad to learn that my basic economic understanding isn’t totally off.

      • There are so many things wrong with what you have said that it is hard to know where to begin.

        1- Congress isn’t borrowing and spending like drunken sailors. The reason we have a budget deficit is because tax rates are historically low. Since the Republican Party refuses to allow the government to raise enough money to operate through tax revenue we are forced to borrow money to make up the difference. This is not the worst thing in the world right now, interest rates on US Treasury Bonds have been very low recently.

        2- When Congressman Joe Schmo gets a bill passed with an earmark for building a bridge in his district that is telling the Department of Transportation and the FHA to spend some of their money on that bridge. If there are no earmarks those agencies will get to spend the money as they see fit. The amount of money spent on those pork projects is actually insignificant in relation to the size of the federal budget, and with unemployment riding high and our national infrastructure crumbling we could really use more funding for local projects.

        3. Ever since the sequester went in to place federal spending has been too low. “Too low?” you ask. YES, federal spending is too low right now. Since the start of this recession the main problem faced by the US economy has been insufficient demand. State and local governments without the borrowing abilities of the Federal government have been forced to cut spending significantly. Businesses have no reason to invest in increasing capacity because many of them found themselves with too much supply early in the recession. Individuals/Families have seen layoffs, pay cuts, and a whole lot of uncertainty that has caused many to cut back on spending. If everyone decides to spend less money at the same time the economy shrinks. My spending is your income and vice versa. When local governments, individuals and businesses all decide to cut spending it is the responsibility of the federal government to step up and fill the gap.

        • I agree with you on the tax issue and demand slack. But it’s true that – in the absence of tax increases – Congress is borrowing and spending like drunk sailors. They’ve been doing it since 9/11. Trying to impose some fiscal responsibility through a bond default is insanity, when Congress had all year to tackle these issues. That’s my point.
          We also need a long term plan to deal with rising Medicare and SS costs. Those reforms are indisputable.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Regular pants are too long even with heels on. I am not short, I’m on the tall side of average with legs that are on the long side of average WTH pants makers?

    Rave: Celery and ranch dressing, sometimes the simple things in life are delicious.

    • I think clothes manufacturers are in cahoots with tailors. I’m not that short, either, but always have that problem. However! Lands End you can buy custom lenghts for no extra charge which is awesome.

    • epric002

      they’re in cahoots with the tailors/seamstresses ๐Ÿ˜‰ i have the same prob- it’s just a given that i have to get pants hemmed. i believe that nordstrom and the limited do complimentary hemming on their pants.

    • No, no, no. Not in cahoots (although that is a fantastic word!). Just having mercy on us long legged girls. Seriously, until recently I always had problems finding pants that are long enough for my legs. I still often have to buy longs, if I can find them. Being able to find average length pants that fit is a Godsend!!! Tailoring shorter is possible, tailoring longer usually isn’t.

      I do wish more women’s suits were sold the way men’s suits are – as separate pieces and without hemlines. I am a different size on top and bottom, so I can’t buy suit sets (smaller on top. If I was smaller on bottom, I could just get the pants/skirt tailored, but jackets are a lot harder to tailor). And the pant length is always so tricky. Would just be better to sell the pieces separately and let women pick their own hemline.

      • epric002

        agree that unhemmed would be nice (and also makes for good cahoots!) but if not then they should just offer S, R, and L. at 5’6″ i am not short by american standards and sometimes with regular pants i’m having many inches chopped off- that’s not regular, that’s long!

        • Agree on the S, R, and L. I don’t really feel all that tall, and definately have friends that are taller than I am, but if the clothing industry is expecting you (5’6″) and I (5’8″ ish) to wear the same length pants, then we’re probably going to have a problem :).

          I think one reason that pant lengths are getting longer is that women, on average, are slowly getting taller.

        • It’s probably cheaper for retailers to offer one length and make you get them hemmed. Ordering three size runs of one type of pant to account for the three lengths sounds like it would leave a lot of stock unsold. And I bet losing the customers who won’t buy too long pants is cheaper than a lot of unsold strange size pants.
          I tend to wear only skirts and dresses to work. It makes shoe choice completely unrelated to pant length and that makes my life so much easier.

      • This won’t help the length issue, but Banana Republic and J Crew both sell women’s suit pieces separately. Granted, I only have two suits and I wear them *extremely* rarely, and I bought one from each of those stores…meaning, I’m not a suit expert by any means, so I have no sense of how those two stores’ suits compare on price and quality to other stores. I have a similar problem, being a different size on bottom (thanks, hips and booty!) than on top, so I bought jackets that were a size or two smaller than the pants or skirt.

      • That doesn’t explain why petite sized pants are too long for an average petite woman. I’m 5’2″, so not exceptionally short, and I wear heels, but I still need to hem petite sized pants.

    • I really don’t understand why they don’t make women’s pants like men’s pants. A waist size and an inseam length make it much easier to find pants that fit.

      • Ugh, I say that all the time! I hate that I’m a different size in every store. I’m anything from a 00 to a 6 in pants, depending on the store. Ridiculous.

      • epric002

        sort of agree. our damned hips/butts make pants fitting hard. but would love to have sizes actually correspond to MEASUREMENTS, and be consistent across brands. vanity sizing is the worst.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Yes! Use actual measurements to size the clothes so we can fine things easily! Clothes shopping can be sooo maddening! The most annoying thing for me today is that the pants I have that are too long are the same brand/style I’ve been wearing for ages b/c the brand & style work for me. But I guess they decided longer was better. So annoying.

          • Hah! There’s still vanity sizing in “measurement” based clothing, just look at mens sizes.
            My real problem with using measurements is that the majority of people don’t know where there waist is, let alone all the other measurements they’ll need. And jeans that use “waist” sizes aren’t actually using your waist measurement, if they were I’d be 2 sizes smaller.

          • epric002

            jeslett- men’s waist sizes aren’t really their waist measurements? (i’m asking for real- i thought they were). welp, since i know where my waist is (and bust and hips) and how to measure them, i’m pretty sure that most other people could figure it out. vanity sizing is not the solution, it’s the problem.

          • Epric002–there has been size deflation over the past couple decades. My waist measures 34″ but I wear a 32″ pant, sometimes even a 31. I assume this is to make us feel better about ourselves.

          • KenoyonDweller is a great example, there has been vanity sizing in mens pants even though they’re “using waist measurements.” The waist measurements have become just another type of size, they don’t reflect your actual measurement.

            I’m glad you know where your waist is! We’re in the minority, I guarantee you.

          • But even knowing where your own waist is doesn’t help much, because the waists of different pants sit in very different places.

          • epric002

            GAH! vanity sizing is contagious?! the men have it now too ๐Ÿ™ we’re doomed. i am stubbornly going to insist that if sizes were tied to *actual* measurements then the collective we would have a much easier time buying pants.

          • We have vanity sizing in SHOES, for crying out loud!!

  • Rave: Your RSS feed finally works in Newsblur! YAY!!!!!

  • epric002

    rant: yoga last night was hot and and crowded.
    rave: it wasn’t AS hot and AS crowded as last week.
    rave: got crow AND scissor last night! feet up and e’reything ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rant: Congress
    Rant: Debt Ceiling – if it exists then shouldn’t there also be a revenue/tax floor? If we aren’t collecting a certain amount of revenue then we need to raise taxes.
    Rant: Marine Corps Marathon might be canceled – feel for all the runners who have been training and now might not be able to run – LP and Hispanicandproud I’ve got my fingers crossed!

    • ” If we arenโ€™t collecting a certain amount of revenue then we need to raise taxes”

      They are in the middle of a shutdown and approaching a debt crisis, and you want to give them more money?

    • Second your MCM rant! I’m signed up for the 10K the same day (my first one) and I know how dissapointed I am…I can imagine the frustration of those training for the marathon is immense! Fingers crossed for a solution.

  • Revel: Engaged. Best friends for almost a decade, neighbors for five years, and I still can’t believe he was there all along.
    Rave: My sister sent me an iPhone case as a joke and it’s a sloth wearing glasses and reading a book. I can’t wait to tell her I actually love it so much and so do my very buttoned up co-workers.
    Rant: KAAAAAAAAAAHNGRESS. Seriously.

  • rant: 10 week old kitten sick with mystery illness. I’ve had kitten for about a month, eating kitten chow with no problems for first few weeks. Starting Friday I noticed he was vomiting his food, it coming up basically undigested. I thought he was just eating too much too fast and his tiny tummy couldn’t handle it since his appetite and energy were fine. Now he’s not eating and has gotten super lethargic and I’m really worried.

    Can popville recommend a vet? I know this is probably a stretch, but maybe even one that won’t break the bank?

    • epric002

      a big fan of dr. saini at dupont vet. where did you get the kitten? i’d call them to discuss/get recs. hope she gets better soon!

    • Get the kitten to a vet, stat. Kittens are surprisingly vulnerable to infections/illness. I think the Petworth Animal Hospital is supposed to be cheap-ish, but the veterinarian is also supposed to be totally lacking in “bedside manner.”
      There’s a discount vet in Stafford, VA if you’re willing to make the ~65-minute drive each way. It’s the Thomas Beath Clinic.
      Possibly not related to the kitty’s illness, but he really shouldn’t have been separated from its mother quite so early. Although kittens are often mostly weaned around 6 weeks, I think it’s illegal in VA, MD, DC to separate a kitten or puppy from its mother before 8 weeks.

    • PoPville thread from Dec. 2012 on recommended veterinarians:
      Page with contact number for the Thomas Beath Clinic (discount vet mentioned in previous post): http://www.thethomasbeathclinic.com/#!/page_mail
      If you need to take your kitty to the vet after hours:
      – Friendship Hospital for Animals (Tenleytown, DC): http://www.friendshiphospital.com/
      – VCA Southpaws (Fairfax, VA): http://www.vcaspecialtyvets.com/southpaws

    • saf

      Atlas Vet and Union Vet – neither is cheap, neither is hideously expensive, both have great docs and great staff who love animals and are really good at their jobs.

      • I second Union Vet. I’ve been going there for 4 years with my two dogs and have had a good experience with all of the vets there.

      • I’ve got a negative opinion of Union Vet–they didn’t diagnose bloody/infested ear infections from a stray cat we took in, and didn’t look at this cat’s teeth–turns out they were filled with holes and needed 5 removed. Not thorough enough. I’d highly suggest Dr. Fischer at City Paws – she’s absolutely fantastic, and conscious of vet budgets.

    • If you have a car – Banfield animial hospital in the PetSmart store in Bethesda (Military road) was very good with my 3 very sick new rescue kittens. I have been using Dupont Vet Clinic for years for my dog, but they were asking twice what Banfield charged for kittens. The vet was very thorough.

    • I second friendship heights – they saved my dog after he ate raisins. Gave me a quote and walked me through my options before I had to make any decisions. Its costly but it was worth it to me.

      Also try NoVa Cat Clinic – feline only (http://www.novacatclinic.com/)

      At 10 weeks you may just want to try some milk. Use an eye dropper if you have to. I’ve done it before and just getting something in their belly is helpful if they can keep it down.

  • Is that picture at JR’s?

  • Rave: My Tuesday Pole classes – I LOVE the girls and guys I teach, and how they’re always ready to try the craziest moves!
    Rave: Paleo — I see such a huge difference in my body already, and I feel fantastic, and using coconut oil to roast veggies is the shit.
    Rave: Silks tonight at Urban Evolution, we’ll see which I like better, them or TSNY
    Rant (but not really): I need more than one aerial hoop (lyra) class per week – in LOVE with everything aerial arts related!

    (life is pretty good today!)

    • Wow, you got guys to come to your pole dancing classes? I’m impressed! ๐Ÿ™‚ (In my gym experience, most men seem to avoid group exercise classes like the plague…other than the handful of guys in spin.)

      • Bmoredc – yeah, I have two that come very regularly ๐Ÿ™‚ Which is fun – I focus a lot on strength work and crazy flipping tricks (we usually get a few bruises on new ones!)

  • I’d be willing to pay more in taxes if Congress would agree to stop wasting their paychecks on last minute stress deals like they’ve been doing these last 2 weeks….

  • Mostly rave: Recent mom visit. She helped me get a lot of things done around the house.
    Rant: I wish she wouldn’t empower herself to do stuff in my absence without OKing it with me first. I came back from an errand run to find out that she had thrown away my drill. (I discovered the other day that the plastic coating was somehow disintegrating in such a way as to have made the entire surface sticky.) The garbage men had already come and gone, so there was no retrieving it.
    Had she checked with me first, I would’ve OK’d throwing away the drill, but would’ve asked her to first remove the rechargeable battery. For one thing, I could have tried giving it away on Freecycle or Craigslist. For another thing, rechargeable batteries aren’t supposed to go in regular trash, so if I couldn’t give it away, I would have taken it to the Fort Totten Transfer Center on hazmat dropoff day so that it could be properly disposed of.

    I know she meant well, and she didn’t know any better about the rechargeable battery. But if she hadn’t empowered herself to do this in my absence and without checking with me, it wouldn’t have been an issue. Grr….

    • Plus I’ve now realized that the one she threw out was the one that had “bits” attached for a flathead screwdriver and a Phillips-head screwdriver. My remaining drill does not have these.

  • saf

    Rant: MICE!
    Rant: No more favorite coffee shop
    Rant: Husband’s iPod died
    Rant: Safeway trucks hit my fence and did quite a number on it. Promised repair has not happened yet

    Rave: Pierogi night at Domku tonight!

  • RANT: I am deathly afraid of and grossed out by bats and i just lost my sh*t when I saw a close up photo of one on the PoP site. I am about to crawl out of my skin

    RAVE ?? It’s a photo.

  • saf

    Rant: Ice cream trucks that park and play Christmas carols. I am ready to stab my ears.

  • No raves on the shutdown finally ending?

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