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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • gotryit

    Rave: Beautiful weather for a bike ride into work this morning.
    Rave: I’m lucky to still be going to work.
    Rave: Drivers were unusually polite this morning – even taxi drivers. I feel like we were all too predictable and orderly.
    Rant?: I must have used up all my luck for the day
    Rave: I was able to ignore politics for the most part yesterday,
    Rant: while people’s lives continue to crumble, and progress on the great things we do as a government start to fall apart. This shutdown is costing us big-time and the impacts will only continue to accelerate.

    • Taxi cabs HAVE TO be polite now in order to make money, they don’t have the usual money they make in the government shutdown era…

      One even pulled over for me this morning (a black man) and I wasn’t even waving for it. It’s a shame it takes a government shutdown for a black man to catch a cab… Hah.

  • Rave – Sunsets!

  • RAVE: Yellen! She’s an awesome boss. Everyone was DREADING a Summers nomination (aside from his lackeys).

  • rant: whats worse than not working and not getting paid? working and not getting paid. Talk about depressing. How do you motivate yourself? “sure, I’ll do this for (potentially) free! My husband and I are now both doing that. It’s soul sucking.

    rant: upstairs ogre neighbor. Stomp stomp stomp all day and night. Loud TV – if I can hear the TV, it’s too damn loud for your bedroom. Husband went upstairs to ask him if he could please try to stomp less, and got called a pussy and told he should have bought a condo on the top floor. Which is ironic since this guy is a 26 or 27 year old law school grad who spent over half a million bucks on a condo (read: mommy and daddy clearly did). We’ve asked him before – his stomping shakes our apartment, art on our walls becomes tilted. I can’t wait until shit falls off the walls in my baby’s room. We’ve tried to be polite, but after calling my husband a pussy and not understanding that he doesn’t live in a frat house now, I’m at a loss. We contacted management, it’s really all I can think of. I half expect this ogre to fall thru the ceiling he walks so heavy. We 110% understand that in a shared space, there is an expectation of noise and all that, and it’s never been an issue for us until this guy moved in. I’d be happy to move, but timing is bad – it’s not a rental so it’s not that easy. But I would move to get away from this asshole.

    • Read your condo docs. Is there a requirement that XX% of the floor be covered by carpets/rugs? If so, you can probably nail him on that. If that isn’t in the condo docs, perhaps you can talk to you condo board and get it added to the bylaws.

      • Scrillin

        Remember, though, that approach is a two-way street.

        Also, I would like to remind this lady that there’s a good chance that her baby is going to be caterwauling all night pretty soon, so maybe she ought to file this one under “city life” and move on.

        I mean, was this guy really stomping on purpose, or are the floors just too thin? He might be now. I say this especially because of the TV noise. That indicates shitty construction, to me.

        • That’s hardly a fair comparison. Babies cry involuntarily. Twenty-something oafs stomp intentionally, or at least thoughtlessly. It’s not the same thing.

          • Scrillin

            Ugh you sound like a peach to live near.

          • What KenyonDweller said sounds pretty reasonable. And I don’t see how it would have any bearing on what it would be like to live near him.

          • Walker, I have no idea what point you are trying to make.

          • Scrillin

            It is not good to call folks you don’t know an oaf. If you want to project negative externalities, then you must have some give-and-take with your neighbors. A crying baby or loud footsteps in a badly-built building are examples of this.

            Or you can just do whatever you want all the time without any self-awareness or thought given to how your actions affect everyone else.

            I prefer the give-and-take method, because you can build up chits to use down the line.

          • [email protected]; I must say living in an apartment with thin walls, hearing babies screaming and crying late at night can be very annoying. However, this is what babies do and we were all babies at one time. People can buy ear plugs to help drown out the loud noise.

        • Excellent use of obscure vocab. Are you secretly Justice Scalia?

          And yes, if you are trying to get the carpet rule enforced on your neighbor, be prepared by having your floors covered, as well.

          • I’d like to commend your use of caterwauling as well, but without the awkward condescension of the poster above. Seriously: good word!

          • No condescension on my part; I was giving Walker a compliment. Although I don’t agree with any of Justice Scalia’s logic, his opinions are fantastically entertaining to read. The depth of his vocabulary is mind boggling.

          • Scrillin

            I consider it a compliment to be compared to a Supreme Court Justice, as awful as his opinions often seem to be. Thank you both! Credit goes to FCPS.

          • Ah, my apologies then “Caterwauling”. Whenever I see mention of Justice Scalia, I associate that with a long list of negative traits.

        • well, if we had previous issues with noise, I’d chalk it up to construction, etc. We’ve also spoken to him about it before (since it shakes our apartment, you can FEEL him walking when on our sofa, for example) so he 1) knows and 2) doesn’t care. He walks on his heels, stomp stomp style. The floors aren’t especially thin. The construction is fine – we’ve never heard anyone, or had a complaint about sound in our building before. And my spouse has a very high tolerance.
          Also, if the baby cries…guess what? I would do everything in my abilities to get it to STOP crying. That’s the difference – knowing that you could be bothering neighbors and trying to rectify it.

    • Don’t get mad and move, just even.

      • The only way I can think of is to stand outside his condo with my crying baby at all hours, but he has neighbors, too – whom I genuinely like – so I think that’s out of it. If we bang on the ceiling, we risk damaging out own condo. What other recommendations do you have?

        • gotryit

          Carefully cut a small hole in the drywall (save the piece) right under his bedroom. Bang directly on the underside of his floors. Replace the piece of drywall and patch. Or put in a small (6″x9″) access panel for frequent use.

        • Yup! Crying Baby = Payback. You might not need to stand outside his condo. If he doesn’t have carpeted floors, maybe the sound will travel upwards!!!!

          • We don’t believe he has any area rugs (his bedroom is carpeted, but he still stomps). We’ve told this to the management and they’re going to look into our rules/DC rules. Our old building had the “80% area rug” rule. He also needs to take a class in how to walk properly. He walks like an angry teenager.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Maybe you should sign him up for some home decorating catalogs or just leave some for him with the rugs circled. Seems he needs help decorating.

        • The fact he decided to act like a doosh and call your husband a pussy (this tells me he’s a bro, through and through) is why you guys should not just chalk this up to “city life” and move on. A courteous neighbor would have listened to your observations and maybe said “let’s try this, I’ll stand in your condo while you walk around mine and let me see how it sounds.” I have actually done this as the recipient of noise complaints because I had no idea. You all own in the same building, it’s only in everyone’s best interest to work together. Clearly, this guy is not interested in doing that.

          Wailing baby is a good start. Absolutely pour over your condo rules and by-laws and start playing armchair lawyer with the condo association. Record the sound as evidence. Take note of anything your neighbor maybe doing that is against any of the by-laws of the building.

          And if you really want to get mean, put a set of computer speakers and subwoofer facing up right next to your ceiling if you have a high enough bookcase. You could go so far as to place it strategically where his bedroom is. Then, whenever you leave the house, just play a soundtrack of a crying baby and enjoy your evening out.

          What? No, I’ve never had to go to war with obnoxious and noisy neighbors before….

          • we are doing the condo doc thing now, but there’s just one little paragraph in there about noise and quiet hours. But I have notified management every time we’ve spoken to him about this – this is the third time. When he had his bro friends over for a loud football party on a Saturday night (central time game, so it went late), my husband talked to him after the fact and his response was, “it won’t be like that too often, just once in a while”.
            He doesn’t understand that he lives in a community with proper adults who have jobs and responsibilities. I always say, we totally understand that in any shared space we should expect a certain level of noise. But if you’re shaking my apartment, freaking my dog out with every step, and then call my husband a pussy? You are a piece of crap. We’ve tried being grown up and civil. I’ve also asked condo board members to come to our apartment when Ogre is stomping but no one has yet.

          • I give major props to your husband for not force choking the hell out of the dude then. I have a lot of USMC friends who wouldn’t have had the restraint. Don’t wait for a condo board member to come to your place… start video recording every instance you can and document EVERYTHING. I know you’ve said you’re moving on in a year but eff that, respect others in your community and especially your building. DC is no longer a city of transients so you can’t afford to be rude to everyone else anymore.
            I will however purchase you and your husband some high quality professional ear plugs if you can get video of your husband in uniform asking the dude “BRO, DO YOU EVEN LIFT?”

          • Scrillin

            You guys are both nuts.

          • LOL he can’t lift weights, his knees are shot from walking like a friggin’ ape.

            Ear plugs would work if he wasn’t shaking our apartment. But you’re right – we should record the noise. I’ll see if it can be recorded. Definitely something we should be doing.

    • What really sucks is that a half a million dollar condo is so poorly built/insulated that you can hear all this. Maybe you can look into adding some soundproofing to your ceiling or the space between the units.

      • no, we’ve never really heard anything before this guy moved in. Considering we live right near a very busy intersection and everything, it’s a very quiet place (ours was not half a million bucks, this is what he paid – considerably over asking…thanks mom and dad!)

        He walks like an ogre. I can only imagine (hope?) there is considerable damage to his knees the way he walks. He stomps around. That’s the issue.

        • I once had an upstairs neighbor like that. In addition to the stompy-ness of his footsteps, it just baffled me how someone could move around so much in a two-room apartment. It was nonstop, like the guy never, ever sat down.

          • we try to make light of it, “Ogre mad! Ogre needs beer! Ogre has prostate issues and goes potty often!”
            Ogre is just a douche. I’d much prefer Shrek.

          • Maybe this guy is my brother in law’s long lost twin! My brother in law is wonderful, I like him very much, but he walks very hard. My BIL also paces ALL OF THE TIME, especially on the phone. And my sister who is tall, but bird like in build, is the heaviest, loudest stair climber I have ever heard. They make a loud stomping pair, so I totally understand where jindc is coming from and how loud and obnoxious it can be. (But I love them, they are great!)
            Luckily for the population of DC they live in a single family home, though I’ll be living in their basement for a bit pretty soon. I’ll put up with it for free housing though.

        • Let me guess, new construction around U St?

        • Hmmm, making personal attacks based opon appearance? You are losing serious credibility in my book. In fact, you are coming across a bit unhinged not to mention immature. That’s just my take.

          • Scrillin

            Quite a lot of “I” statements, this lady makes.

          • To be fair, I don’t think the OP or subsequent commenters have even referenced Stompy McStomperson’s appearance. The “oaf,” “ogre,” “douche,” and “bro” monikers seem inspired by specific behaviors from that person–namely, stomping around the apartment, holding a loud football party, calling your neighbor a pussy and refusing to even try to do anything to ameliorate a noise situation, etc. That is unequivocally unacceptable behavior toward a neighbor.

          • jim_ed

            She lost me with “On Saturday he had his friends over for a loud football party that ran late because it was a CENTRAL timezone game”
            Oh my god, he decided not to treat his own home like a library after 10pm on a Saturday? What a Monster!

          • Yeah, I’m thinking the OP is as much of a problem as the neighbor. And perhaps her husband was called a name because of previous altercations/incidents/etc. There’s more to this story, I suspect.

    • Ugh, jindc — that sounds like a thoroughly crummy situation, and the guy sounds like a jerk.
      I mostly agree with what kken said. The only other thing I can think of is to try talking to the guy again — maybe this time you instead of your husband, so as to start afresh? His behavior sounds like stereotypical renter behavior (not caring about the neighbors), but since he’s an owner, you’re stuck with him. And even if mommy and daddy did buy him the place, odds are he’s going to be there at least a few years.

      • I was going to go, but I was already in my PJs. I told my husband to put on his marine uniform and start banging on his door at like 4am and say, “I’m off to duty, like a pussy. See why we need some respect for noise levels?” But he won’t do it lol
        we plan on leaving in about a year, but I’m not sure I want to put up with it that long. If this is how he treats my husband, I don’t sense he’d treat a woman any better (my husband helped him move in and put stuff together, etc). He’s a bro, bro!

        • I meant for next time. The guy might be just as much of a jerk to you as he was to your husband, but it can’t hurt, right? Especially when you’re stuck with him for the time being.

        • jindc what does “He’s a bro, bro” mean? Sounds like you made the wrong decision to purchase a condo. Condo living is like living in an apartment building. You don’t sound like a pleasant person yourself. Be careful with the name calling. Get yourself a single family home, maybe you’ll be happier. I suspect that you’ll find a problem with that situation as well.

          • never had a problem living in an apartment or condo with a neighbor since I was 19 and started living in apartments.
            condo living, like apartment living, means some noise is to be expected. Once my art starts falling off the walls, all bets are off – well, once we’ve spoken to said romper stomper.
            I love where we live and our neighbors are largely fantastic. He just moved in over the summer (graduation gift), and we’ve politely spoken to him about his stomping around before (it’s actually better when he’s wearing shoes – maybe we should just ask him to live in shoes?). If you don’t see the difference, I don’t know what to tell ya

      • Another point of issue is who actually owns the unit above you. If it’s bro’s parents, and you have to escalate this, they will be forced to come in as tenants cannot be representatives (with most mediation) unless they are given power of attorney. Might be a bit embarassing for broseph stalin if his parents have to be called in for something that he should have handled as an adult in the first place.

        • broseph stalin. This made my morning. LOL.
          but I checked, it’s in his name. No one with no long work history and undergrad/law school tuition has the money for that much of a condo. My husband and I have no student loans and couldn’t afford it, we only have our properties because my husband spent a lot of time deployed to war zones and we saved up ever penny, and even then it was a stretch. Who is the pussy, bro? but my husband is too nice to make that point. “while you were busy having your mommy and daddy buy you a condo for a law school graduation gift, I was in Afghanistan…”

          • This recent NYTimes article is sadly true. I’ve been dealing with this a lot lately (friends who are just start to inherit fortunes or have recently married into money) and it explains a lot of the problems that are affecting this country. This type of stuff is really bad in DC.
            Unfortunately, your neighbor is never going to change. Because he’s been raised in privilege, never had to sacrifice, and doesn’t understand what it means to share and depend on others. In other words, he has no empathy for others.


          • Scrillin

            This is ironic…

          • Like rain on your wedding day?

          • Why are you keep repeating that “his mommy and daddy paid for his condo”? Who cares and it seems as though you are jealous of that fact? it comes across that way to me atleast. Being that you harbor that “thought” or “ill feeling” of him being to young to afford his condo, maybe you are being way to sensative every time you hear a noise.

            btw- your comment about your hubby helping him move in etc, makes me believe he didn’t called your husband a “pussy” in an agressive manner.

          • “while you were busy having your mommy and daddy buy you a condo for a law school graduation gift, I was in Afghanistan…”
            I’m getting really tired of current military and recent vets using their service to either 1. get special treatment from others, or 2. throw it in people’s face to make themselves seem better than the other person.
            It used to be that you’d serve your country, come back to civilian life, and move on as a normal person who doesn’t have to relate every aspect of their existence back to the military. My dad did 20+ years in Army infantry and fought in two wars. He didn’t throw his military service around for the rest of his life. I got out of the Army in the mid-90s and most people have no idea I am a vet. People I work with who got out recently won’t shut up about the military. The idiot next to me at work uses military jargon in all of his emails to make it clear to everyone he was in the Navy. Well, you’re not in the Navy anymore so write emails like everyone else.
            People make choices – some volunteer to go in the military, some don’t. But to make comments like “while you were busy having your mommy and daddy buy you a condo for a law school graduation gift, I was in Afghanistan…” is just stupid. And sure as hell won’t make people want to cooperate with you.

          • when you don’t work for something you’ve been given, you can have a skewed sense of responsibility. Like…why should I care if my car gets beat up, they’ll just buy me a new one? type of thing. It’s about respect for shared space and responsibility for the fact that you now live in a close proximity with professionals who might not want to feel your every footstep.
            Honestly, if we walked like that and it bothered our neighbor below (we’ve asked), I’d want to know about it. But I guess it’s easier to call someone a pussy than to see you have a problem. If I let my dog bark endlessly throughout the day, I’d expect it would bother some people. Just a hunch.

            Anyway, thanks to those who provided some actual ideas with how to try to fix this – I don’t see him changing, but maybe his knees will give out. Or he’ll fall thru our ceiling.

          • I could see a similar problem even if he did buy he condo with his own money–I bought this place with my hard-earned money, it’s mine, and I’ll do what I please. I’m not sure that the issue is where the money came from so much as that he might just be a jerk. Or, if we’re giving him the benefit of the doubt, that he felt defensive and lashed out. Or he really can’t understand how his normal walking sounds are affecting you so negatively.
            I say this as someone who has stompy mcstompersons above me and feel your pain, really.

          • Jindc – Now I have this awful — and snortingly funny — image of your neighbor crashing through the ceiling and landing splat on the table in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner while the baby screams and the dog barks, and your guests who only had a “sip” of wine do double takes.
            I hope this DOESN”T happen!!!!

    • jindc, I’m sorry you have to experience this type of problem. I was wondering yesterday to myself, are there any sound proof apartments in the District. I’ve heard, New York City have some sound proof apartment buildings. I didn’t know sound proof apartments existed. The nerve of this young man being disrespectful to your husband. We live in such a crazy society because sometimes if you ask people know politely, they are disturbing your quality of life, they will pull out a gun and shoot you. Your neighbor sounds like a spoil brat similar to the members in Congress.

  • Rant: Lost a $20 bill between my house and the store 3 blocks away.
    Rave: My garden is still producing tomatoes and peppers, fall greens are starting to grow.

  • Rave: Speech last night went well, people seemed really engaged (ie they stopped talking for a few minutes to listen)
    Revel: It’s my birthday, and it’s been a great day so far. I’m so incredibly blessed, I can’t wait to see what the next year has in store. (I’m also excited about birthday cake.)
    Rant: Nada!

    • Rave: Went to hear Pete Muldoon yesterday. The music was great! And the audience included a nursery school class — and it was fun to watch the kids react to the music.

      Rave: Apple Cinammon oatmeal with a sprinkle of chocolate chips. Yum! I could almost get to like this breakfast thing….

      Rave: Finding forgotten cash in my jacket pocket: one of the few things I like about the cooler weather.

      • Sorry — this was not meant to be a “Reply” — just a list of Raves. The “Happy Birthday” WAS meant to be a reply.

        Rant: Either I’m technologically challenged or this site does not like me sometimes. I’ll try not to take this personally.

      • Awesome…Pete is a good friend and one hell of a guitar player. I’m so happy that you checked him out! He’s a great dude.

        I also am looking forward to switching back to oatmeal for breakfast now that fall is here. I add chopped walnuts and pecans and craisins to mine, and it fills me up for the whole morning. Occasionally I add shredded coconut too as a treat….

    • Happy Birthday!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Happy Birthday! I hope it’s a great year for you.

  • epric002

    rave: went to yoga last night
    rant: why are the studios so effing HOT? this is not hot yoga. i am *not* a sweat-er, so when i can’t do poses b/c my body parts are sliding off of each other…
    rant: class was totally overcrowded and i accidentally poked the butt of the lady in front of me. sorry.
    question: is it weird to call the studio and ask about the room temps? unless a class is advertised as “hot yoga”, i really don’t expect/want this.

    • oh, hot yoga rooms. My prenatal class comes right after an actual hot yoga class. So you enter and you’re like “WTF!” then you realize the floor is probably covered in sweat. It’s lovely to think about!

      • epric002

        ugh. i have zero desire to ever attend a hot yoga class, and the fact that my regular yoga classes have somehow morphed into hot yoga makes me grumpy. and yes, ICK!

        • I’ve seen people be escorted out of hot yoga because they feel faint. Why would I want to do that? lol

          • epric002

            yeah i don’t get it either. i really enjoy yoga, and being overheated and dripping sweat makes me not enjoy it. blarg.

          • I used to do hot yoga because I liked the challenge. But I realized it’s the only exercise where I feel WORSE after doing it than I did before. Probably a sign it’s not good for me.

    • epric002

      real rant: just found out the mom of one of my college BFFs passed away. found out through our mutal BFF, who said she doesn’t want to talk/be contacted yet. feeling helpless.

      • ugh, sorry for the loss 🙁

        • epric002

          thanks j. is there anything to do when the family has requested no contact?

          • I would maybe wait a little bit then make a donation in honor of the person who has passed? I’m not a flowers/food for death person (Jews don’t really do flowers at funerals, and food comes in the evenings at shiva…so I don’t know what your traditions are). But to me, a donation if there was something you know that person or the family values is always a smart choice.

      • That’s sad. It’s understandable that your friend might not want to talk or do much face to face at the moment, but might s/he possibly appreciate a card, letter, flowers or fruit? Something that’s not social but shows that you care and want to reach out?

      • Send an actual physical card through the mail. Emails and calls are more intrusive.

      • epric002

        thanks popvillers. i will definitely send her a card. i totally understand not wanting to talk to people immediately (i would probably be the same way) but they are in the midst of getting ready to move across the country and i think they could really use some help with everything that is going on. i’ll give it a day or two and give her a call.

      • That is so sad. I’ll say as someone who has recently gone through a grieving process for my mom (she did not pass away but she has a cognitive disability that means she is no longer herself and can no longer take care of herself – my brother and I recently moved into a full-time care facility and it was a moment of deeply felt loss for us) I sent an email to my closest friends updating them (they all already knew about her disease) and asking for no communication on the issue. FWIW, I really meant nothing – no flowers, no notes – all that meant to me is I could be ambushed with these overwhelming feelings of grief at a time when I wasn’t ready/didn’t have the luxury of dealing with them. I really appreciated that they heeded my wishes. What was helpful to me was friends reaching out on other issues – just overall uptick in contact – a text to say, “I saw a person with our college name on a t-shirt and it made me think of you a smile”. But I recognize others might see that as ignoring the issue.

    • I don’t think it’s weird to ask about the room temps at all. Do you think others in class would be willing to chime in as well? The worst the studio can do is say they can’t do anything about it (like, if the class before gets the room all hot and they can’t cool it down in time for your class, or if they turned the temps up because lots of other people were complaining it was too cold.) I personally like (non-Bikram) hot yoga, but I do appreciate teachers that ask the class if the temperature is ok, and offer to turn the thermostat down or open a window if people are getting uncomfortably warm.

    • Definitely not weird to ask the teacher about the room temp. If the class is not advertised as a hot class then the temperature shouldn’t be that hot. The studio I go to keeps the room at warm/ambient temps and they generally do not use the AC. But I skipped some classes during the summer on the hottest days because I couldn’t handle the heat in the room. A few people spoke with the owner and they started using the AC system on the 100-degree days to bring the room to a more tolerable temperature.

    • epric002

      i emailed the studio and asked about the room temps. apparently it’s policy to have the int/adv classes at warmer temps, so i won’t be attending those anymore. but i was encouraged to ask the instructor for other classes so i’ll be sure to do that. interestingly, in my 7ish years of practice this is the first place i’ve ever had an issue with heat in the studios…

    • saf

      Huh. I went to yoga last night. It was cold. I wanted it warmed.

      Maybe we need to trade yoga places. Come on up to Golden Heart! Not too crowded, not overheated.

  • Rave: I not only have all my needs me, I got a few wants taken care of too. Who can ask for more than that?

    Rant: Having to hear my GVT counterparts complain about “having to come back to work wile all the others still get to sit at home” full well knowing they are being given a free vacation while my fellow contractor co-workers are sitting home WITH NO PAY EVER coming to them, loosing benefits since they are not working, and wondering if they will be called back once the budget cut is approved and the first jobs to go are the contractors that actually do the work.

    Some people say Republicans just lost 800,000 votes in the next election. I say they just bought 800,000 votes by giving Civilian workers a free paid two week vacation. Ask ME if I would take a month long paid vacation without using my personal earned PTO time, and all I have to do for it is get a paycheck at the end of the month for that month instead of twice during that month. Who wouldn’t take that?

    • O M G, I just noticed all my typo’s. The POP Patrol is gonna really ream me now!

    • I am proud of myself. I am NOT going to bite…..

    • I don’t think all the work they would have been doing disappears though. Those first couple weeks back could be hell.

      • and many of us are working with no idea when we’ll get paid. It’s AWESOME.

        • Jin – I seem to remember that you’re DOD. If you went back to work because of POMA, you should be paid on time, with all leave options (sick, regular, *maternity*) all reinstated, and get paid on time this Friday. Might be something to look into.

          • we were paid partial for work completed before the shut down (pay stubs are available today, they are for the week prior to the shut down, that’s it), and there is no actual definitive answer for the next pay period.
            They just clarified leave (not columbus day, but that’s splitting hairs, so not that big of a deal) yesterday afternoon. No one has said civilians recalled will be paid on time or accurately. Military will be paid properly (supposedly) on the 15th. We also earned no leave last pay period (no one furloughed should have, I think). So long story short, the details of recalling people aren’t worked out.

            also, lots of essential folks are working for no pay in many other agencies. I mean, they’ll get paid some day, but no idea when. I feel bad for them. their bills don’t stop and I don’t foresee this shut down ending this week or even next.

          • justinbc

            OMB has issued guidance regarding Columbus Day, check with your HR department / management.

          • justinbc

            Sorry, that should read OPM, not OMB.

          • Per POMA, now that you’ve been recalled, your next paycheck should cover the time since you’ve come back and continue from then on. The furlough backpay may have to wait until a funding bill has passed. Guidance in my command is that Monday is a paid holiday for all recalled/essential workers and that all leave goes back to normal processes. Paychecks will go out on time and include all essential/recalled time.
            I was ticked about DOD having comparatively more furlough days this summer, but I’m sure as hell happy to be DOD now. I do feel terribly for those from other agencies that don’t know when they’ll get their next paycheck.

    • Me. I wouldn’t take it. Not under the terms they’re “offering”. My agency has statutory deadlines almost every day that we will still have to meet when we get back. Any deadline that happens during the shutdown rolls over to the day after the shutdown. And since we can’t work during the shutdown we’re screwed. During a snowstorm it is fine because we all work from home and get the work done to get it out the door when we get back, but I have no idea how we’ll do that b/c we’re legally prohibited from working. Depending on how long we’re shut down, we could have to work rediculous hours for weeks to catch up so that we can meet our deadlines. And that, in turn, delays some of the things that don’t have statutory deadlines, but that people are waiting for answers on. And at my agency, we don’t get overtime/comp time. So, yeah, I really don’t consider a shutdown to be a free paid vacation. It just screws us all in the end. And while I can personally handle not getting a paycheck for a while, many of my employees can’t – particularly the younger ones and the lower level support staff.

      I don’t see why it has to be us vs. them in everything. Contractors vs feds. Essentials vs. non-essentials. Gvt employees vs. the deli guy next door who is losing business. People arguing over whether buisiness should be offering shutdown specials. Seriously, it sucks for most of us in different ways. Can’t we all just get along?

    • justinbc

      “the contractors that actually do the work”


  • Rave: Amazing quiet in the city right now… I’m not a fan of the gov shutdown, but the reduced clamor of everyone going to work makes the city much more peaceful than usual, lines at pretty much every store shorter, and traffic much less stressful (depending on where you are of course). Pretty amazing yet somber.

    Rant: Smug people who veil their contempt for others and hide behind vague statements… That’s all I’ll say about that for now.

    Rant: people that over complicate simple development tasks by blabbing about the methodology used to drive development processes… I understand you need to earn a paycheck, but talking about the process more than the tasks and who’s actually gonna do the work is highly counter productive… *sigh*

    Rant: I was trying hard to avoid the whole breaking Bad thing but I watched the first 2 episodes on Netflix and feel like I may have to complete the marathon over the next few weeks now that the series is complete.

  • Rant: For this first time in my 20+ year career, I have a boss who micromanages me. Even worse, she has an annoying verbal tic of ending most sentences with “right?” as though she thinks you are agreeing to the micromanaging.

    Rave: Looking forward to those clueless truckers arresting Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi by driving around on the Beltway Friday.

  • Rave: first bedbug treatment is today. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, the plastic bag filled tunnel.
    Rant: A boring trip to the laundromat is in store tonight to wash all of my bedding.
    Rave: I get a much needed night off tomorrow and will have drinks and dinner with my man and we’ll go to the Bentzen Comedy Opening night (Tig Notaro and Wyatt Cenac!!) at the 9:30 Club.
    Rave: I get to eat whatever unhealthy take out I want tonight while I wait for my laundry.

    • thank you so much for reminding me about the Betzen Comedy show! I bought tickets ages ago and forgot until I read your post. THAK YOU!
      Good luck with your bedbugs!

      • Thanks! I’m going to need luck and a lot of wine to get through this. But hey, if I spill anything it doesn’t matter, everything is in plastic bags!

        You’re welcome for the reminder! It sounds like it’s going to be awesome.

    • Looove Tig Notaro! Let us know how the show is.

  • Rant: Saw a pigeon this morning at 14th and V Streets NW that someone had shot through the neck with a blow dart. What is wrong with people?

    I called DC Animal Care and Control but the bird was gone by the time they got there.

    If anyone else sees this guy can you help by calling 202-576-6664 so he can get some care?

    • epric002

      gah that is awful! thank you for reminding me though to call WHS about a litter of kittens i saw this morning…

      • Fortunately the bird didn’t seem to be in too much distress – he was pecking around at crumbs – but it still can’t be too nice of a situation for him.

        You can get to Animal Care & Control through 311 and both the 311 operator and the animal control operator were very helpful.

      • How old are the kittens? I hear with little kittens, it’s usually best to leave them where they are so as to give the mama cat a chance to come back for them.

        • epric002

          i’m no cat expert, but they’re definitely not brand new. i’d guess a few months? there were at least 3, possibly 5. couldn’t get too close b/c i was walking my dogs. how long do kittens stay with their mama? mostly i just want the CATNIP program to be aware of them, and get them for adoption if possible, or at least get them and the mama fixed.

    • yikes – that’s awful!

    • A blow dart? Are there Yanomami roaming the streets? Seriously – are blow guns common now? How did you even recognize what it was? And who is a good enough to shoot a pigeon through the neck?

      • And good enough to shoot it but not kill it.

      • My husband identified it as a blow gun dart having grown up in the country and engaged in boy activities like hunting and playing with dart guns. I think blow darts are a not-terribly-uncommon toy for boys outside of the city. And you can google how to make your own at home.

        The dart looked like this http://images.yuku.com/image/pjpeg/f4726db177aa6b9e2c22a9c03684790929cfc6e8.pjpg but with a metal tip instead of a wooden one.

        As for shooting it through the neck – it seems to happen to geese with arrows every so often. Google “goose with an arrow through neck” and you’ll see a surprising number of examples.

  • Rave: Now there is a Million Vet March on the Memorials Sunday October 13, cause you know, Obama personally had them all closed out of spite.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Observation: Tortellini does not look like navels. That’s a big fat lie.

  • Rave – library waived my lost book fine
    Rave – another beautiful sunset last night!
    Rant – Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” song stuck in my head. It’s so darn catchy!

  • please you’ve repeated the samething over and over= leads me to believe that you’re trying to convince yourself that the upstairs neighbor is the problem and NOT you. You keep putting the guy down because his parents bought him a place. As you mentioned he’s a law school and will probably have his own riches one day. He might be a Bro, but you are definitely a “mean girl”.

  • Rant: I”m sick. I stayed home from work yesterday but the all day sleeping marathon completely wrecked my sleep schedule. So I’m bleary-eyed and congested at work today.
    Rant: Just dropped a ton of money for friends’ upcoming weddings. I’m happy to celebrate with my dear ones, but will be so thankful when this third wave of weddings is over. My bank account could use the break.
    Rave: Heading to New England for a wedding this weekend. I’m excited to see west coast friends.
    Rave: Going shopping tomorrow night with a good friend for a dress to wear at said upcoming wedding.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hope you feel better soon. I am a finicky sleeper and I hate when a sick sleep marathon wrecks my patterns. I totally commiserate.

      • Thanks! I’m going to take some melatonin tonight to hopefully reset my sleep cycle. That usually works.

  • KSB

    Rave: Unified DCPS/Charter lottery coming up. Will not be a perfect system by any stretch but leaps and bounds better than the cluster f*@# of years past.
    Rant: Have two top choices for great neighborhood charters and won’t get into either with the general lottery system. More heartburn, sleepless nights and brainstorming about school options in my future…

  • houseintherear

    Rave: Cheese
    Rant: I hate everyone.

  • Rave: yesterday I came home to find my dog had not pooped in the house! First time in a week.
    Rant: was woken up to a bad smell at 3am and found a big pile of poop next to my bed. So I banished the dog to his crate and found more poop in it this morning. What is going on? It’s normal healthy looking poop, his food hasn’t changed, and he certainly gets a lot out of his system when we go on walks. I don’t understand where it’s all coming from.
    Rant: constant migraines from the smell.

    • How old is your dog? Is the crate too big for him? How long is it between the time you feed him and crate him? More questions than answers, but they may lead you to the right strategies like changing up his schedule, buying a smaller crate, or feeding him in his crate (dogs usually don’t poop where they eat). Good luck!

      • He’s 6. His crate is just big enough to turn around in. He gets a walk in the morning, then food, then another walk and food 8.5 hours later, and another walk maybe 4 hours after that. The other dog isn’t having issues (4 year old girl of the same breed).

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