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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Pepco calling me at 7:10am this morning to tell me that they have already been to my house to look at the work and it wasn’t completed. #1: Why were you on my property without calling me. #2: The work has been done for months #3: Nothing is bricked over because the whole back of my house is wood… Were you even at the right house?!? The incompetence of this organization is beyond me. Another week goes by and I don’t have a date for them to do the work that needs to be done.
    Rave: My nephews 2nd birthday is this weekend I get to celebrate with him!! He is definitely at the age when he is full of energy and super excited about everything…

    • Pepco has been making my life miserable for three months now. Their level of incompetence is baffling to me.

    • I spent 9 months last year as they charged me for the wrong unit. Never believed me. Only took action after I contacted the DC legal folks who are advocates for residents. last week they put up emergency parking signs with the wrong date and I got 2 tickets…..they are the worst company I have ever dealt with.

      • I have to nominate Washington Gas as the worst. Pepco installed new meters in my building a couple years ago and in the process realized my meter was crossed with a neighbor’s and we had been charged incorrectly. They notified me and within three weeks gave me a refund of what I was overcharged. I suspected my gas meter was also crossed and called Washington Gas. A tech comes out and tells me that, yes, your meter is crossed and he corrects it. It took over a year to get the billing fixed with Wash Gas. And although I had overpaid for three years due to the crossed meter, they called me every month threatening to cut off my gas until I paid the balance on my account, which was actually the incorrect balance from when I was charged for my neighbor’s gas. I had two DC government agencies involved to deal with them and it still took over a year. And in the end, after all their threats, they owed me money. F them.

  • Rant: Agonized for like 2 hours where to go for a second date
    Rave: At least there’s a second date
    Rave: Got approved for new apartment in Navy Yard for November
    Rave: Feeling like I have a new lease on life, literally
    Rant: Ex-wife sending me drunken emails at 3 am. Think I need to black hole all her emails straight to spam and use iOS 7’s new block all feature. I need positive things in my life and this does not help.

    • definitely block. it’s one thing to have some drama with an ex girlfriend, but ex wife? that’s way too heavy and loaded. enjoy your second date and leave the past behind!

    • Have you checked out Tash on Barrack’s Row? Husband and I went there for date night two weeks ago and it was great!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Dinner at Ghibellina last night was very good. Although not quite as good as the Italian meals I’ve had at Obelisk and Fiola, it wasn’t too far behind. The braised veal was definitely the star of the evening.
    Rave: Sara Bareilles show last night at the newly reopened Lincoln Theatre was nothing short of fantastic. This was the third time I’ve seen her and by far the best, and the venue itself played a big role in that enjoyment.
    Rave: New swing for the front yard arrived yesterday while we were out having fun, can’t wait to put it together and enjoy the evenings outside people watching!

  • epric002

    rave: high cholesterol down another 3 points, for a total drop of 29 points. fish oil FTW!
    double rave: even though my total is high, my ratios are all “ideal”. suck it!
    rant: boss who does no work other than sending azzholey micromanag-y what-are-you-doing-today emails.

  • Rave: I’ve ordered a dress from Eileen Fisher. About 15 years ago, I wanted to be the kind of woman who could stride fearlessly through life wearing Eileen Fisher clothes. Now I sort of am.

    Rave: I was overcharged by Whole Foods. I went back with the receipt and the problem was immediately resolved — no questions asked. It’s great when things go so smoothly! (Hear that Boehner?!!!!)

    Rave: Later today I’m going to hear Pete Muldoon play at UDC. Should be good! And a concert in the middle of the day really feels like a treat!

    Rant: Can’t find one of my favorite hoodies. I’m sure I stored it somewhere “safely” tucked away — thinking that it would ALWAYS be warm outside and I’d never need it again because summer would last forever. Oh well.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I hate when I put things in a “safe” place, so difficult to find them later.

      • I am having this problem right now with my checkbook. Seriously stumped as to where I put it.

        • ugh the checkbooks! They always disappear! And then you go through the “crap, I have to order more checks now, and they cost money!” hope you find it!

          • Thanks, jindc. I feel like such an idiot… if I didn’t have so much clutter, I probably wouldn’t be in this fix.

          • I don’t have much clutter, but I always forget where I put the checks. Well, I used to – now I have a drawer with all that stuff (stamps, pens, etc) and they are right there. Now, don’t ask where the new checks are! That’s a different story…but a current check book is there!

        • I consistently have this problem with my checkbook because I write so few checks! It used to be one a month for rent, but now I pay that online, too. So, it’s about 1 every other month, if that. It makes it difficult to find my checkbook when I need it!

        • Emmaleigh504

          I just found the box of new checks I was looking for 3 weeks ago. They were in a safe place. Now all my check are in one (safe) place and I, hopefully, won’t forget where that is.

          • You should probably tell us where it is, so that if/ when you forget, someone here can remind you.
            For future reference, my default password is tinyToes779. Got that? If anonymous asks about a lost password, it’s tinyToes779.

          • Emmaleigh504

            hahaha they are in a box, in a drawer. My password is cuntingcow666, just in case I forget πŸ™‚

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Brand new tights, fresh out of the package a have a hole in them in a conspicuous place. Don’t remember where I bought them (not sock dreams), so don’t know where to return them.

    Rave: Wore tights from sock dreams instead and they are super comfy. A size that actually fits my long-ish legs!

  • Rave: Cops on Georgia ave to put an end to the kids terrorizing neighborhoods after school lets out. But do they really need to park on the sidewalks? Kind of makes Petworth look like a police state.

    Rant: Bugs everywhere, I killed a spider last night in my yard that was so big, I think it was enrolled with it’s family in Obamacare. Now I see a lot of it’s children everywhere. I hope they don’t bite me when I’m doing yard work.

    Rant: Missing trash cans on city blocks… They were removed years ago and never put back, so trash is always on my street blowing into my yard. The supercans in alleys of DC also need replacement with larger (round) trash cans. Long overdue.

    Rave: Cooler weather, finally, it feels like fall again! Yeah!

    • What would be the advantage of round trash cans?

      • Full bags of trash can be placed into them much easier when they’re round. The small square ones make it very difficult for bags to be put in when the bag is already full. Also round cans (without wheels) are much less likely to tip over during windy days.

        • You’re talking about the small “supercans” I assume? I have a big one and this definitely isn’t a problem for me. You could try smaller trash bags. At this point I doubt they’ll switch to round cans anytime soon.

          • I think the issue is more about emptying the cans. The square ones can be lifted easily by the automatic lifter on the trash truck. A round can would not work with this. You could always just take the trash out more often so the bag doesn’t get so full.

    • Re: spider: If it was “so big”, it was probably a garden spider, which is super duper dangerous… if you’re a mosquito or a gnat. Are you a mosquito or a gnat? Are you friends with mosquitoes and gnats? Assuming the answer is no, I really don’t get why you would kill a beneficial insect. Unless you’re a pussy.

      • Ha! Sorry,totally inappropriate but I needed a good laugh! Thanks.

      • For the record I don’t ave a garden. The spider looked more like a tarantula than one that plants corn and tomatoes, so I don’t think it was a gardener. It used to string massive web lines all around my yard hoping to kill and eat me. I am a Buddhist and I try not to kill animals as much as possible, but I watched “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” and if that accidentally happened to me, i know this spider would absolutely end up being my downfall so it was either me or him, so WD-40 settled the matter, Thank you. Kill or be killed.

        • Humor fail, in an attempt to justify being a little scaredy man. Ouch. Double whammy.

          • Send me your address, once the young ones mature, I’ll come over and drop them all off in your yard so you can cuddle with them…

            I have no problem admitting that I don’t like giant spiders. Especially after reading about the Brown Recluse spider and how a little bite turns into a massive crater of missing flesh. Hate all you want.

          • Brown recluse is quite small. Less than a half inch. Black widows are even smaller.

      • I don’t kill bugs outside, but if it’s inside, it dies. I am a bear, and it is my den.

    • pablo .raw

      I love spiders!; if I could, I would have lots of them in front of my door so that they could eat all the mosquitoes! (and then I could do some Macro Photography πŸ˜€ )

  • Rave – elizabeth gilbert at 6th&i last night. such a great venue. and she was unexpectedly hilarious!
    Rant – the slow creep of insecurity at work.

    • I just started reading her new novel and it’s pretty good. I was lukewarm about Eat Pray Love, and didn’t bother reading her second memoir, but she’s an great storyteller who can produce an interesting book when she’s not writing about herself.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I woke up with an idea for a new photo project.
    Rant: apparently there’s going to be a big mess on Friday with truckers blocking the highways.

  • rave: looking forward to seeing Dan Savage on Saturday Night. Hopefully baby waits.
    rave: so glad it’s cooling off.
    rant: seeing jobs I want to apply for, but knowing the timing is very bad. Dangit!

  • Rave: Vendetta, located on H St. NE between 12th and 13th Streets, will open this weekend for brunch at 11 am on both Saturday and Sunday. The menu features entrees ranging from $9-$13 with an option for bottomless Prosecco or mimosas for $12. There are a couple of good TVs behind the bar to watch your games at, and of course, the bocce ball court will be available.

    • Is this “street-teaming” or a genuine rave from someone unaffiliated with Vendetta? The level of detail makes me suspicious.

      • Def the restaurant’s social media person.
        Why do they bother to pretend to be real people when there’s an alternate tactic that works 10 times better, and doesn’t make us think they’re sneaky and dishonest?

    • I only go to restaurants with bad TVs behind the bar. preferably with rabbit ears that have to be adjusted all the time.

    • Woo-hoo! It’s so hard to find restaurants serving Sunday brunch in this city.

    • hahaha, you are bad at this game.

    • Total marketing fail, Vendetta. Try again.

    • Thanks! Now I know where I’m not going for brunch on weekends.

    • Just buy your advertising like the other business owners. Sheesh. PoP is not a non-profit small business promotion site.

    • Yeah, can you please tell the owners that charging $3 for three pieces of cold, stale bread (served in a paper bag?!) and $18 for pasta with no sauce isn’t going to make people want to eat in their restaurant? Hey, the place looks nice, but that’s not going to get asses in the seat…at least not for a second time. We were entirely unimpressed.
      Red Rocks, on the other hand, is not only incredibly impressive visually, it also has good food and drinks to back it up. That place opened up, what, a month ago? and we’ve been 5-6 times already. Take some notes Vendetta.

  • LinkedIn question – when someone endorses me for a skill/skills, is there an expectation that I reciprocate with endorsements?
    Some of the endorsements come from people who don’t know my skills well, or endorsements for skills I really don’t have. Perhaps that’s my rant.
    Rant: LinkedIn endorsements don’t mean much
    Rave: Not connected to linked in — Interesting, challenging work for the next few months.

    • Reminds me of a conversation my girlfriend and I had recently…
      She (looking at my LinkedIn profile): You don’t have proposal writing experience!
      Me: Well your brother (who lives on the other side of the country, doing something that couldn’t be any less related to my job) seems to think I do.
      I hate the endorsement thing. The people I work with are not on social media, so the connections I have on LinkedIn are people I’ve never worked with. How am I supposed to know if someone is proficient at something if they’ve never had the opportunity to demonstrate that proficiency to me?

      • epric002

        i hate the endorsements too! why is this a new thing? i am constantly getting messages that so and so has endorsed me for under water basket weaving or whatever. i don’t care, i don’t want the endorsements, and i am not going to start endorsing other people, UGH!

        • It reminds me of when Facebook was young and everyone’s goal was to collect as many “friends” as possible. Endorsements are the professional networking person’s version of Facebook friends.

        • Yes! I keep getting endorsements for scientific techniques I haven’t even tried!

          But, I did just get my first ever “I found you on LinkedIn, I think you’d be a good fit for this job” phone call. I’m not even looking, but wow, I might call back.

          • Don’t do it! It’s a recruiter. At best, they just want to add you to their stable. At worst, it’s a scam and they’ll want money to add you to their stable.

          • Depends. Is it a really generic message or is it for a job that is actually a good fit based on your profile information? I responded to a good inquiry I got through LinkedIn and was happy I did. Though I ultimately didn’t get the job I learned a lot of interesting things about the company and the interviewer gave me some useful feedback on my resume.

          • I pretty much never use LinkedIn, but it’s come in pretty handy today- #1 I know the caller works at the company and and is not a recruiter and #2 it turns out someone I know, an acquaintance really, used to have this exact job.

      • Emmaleigh504

        I hate the endorsements b/c it seems some upper management at my work do nothing but endorse people all day. Why aren’t they working?? On the other hand, yay upper management at my work is endorsing me for anything and everything!

    • binpetworth

      I don’t feel like you have to reciprocate the endorsements. I think a lot of people do them four at a time–when you’re presented with four people and random skills and you can click endorse for all of them–rather than individually. Though of course if you know someone is out of work, an endorsement is nice, pending they deserve it. But I make it a point to only Link In to people for whom I can actually comment on their skills and work ethics.

    • Does LinkedIn have some function that automatically suggests to people in your contact list that they endorse you for certain skills? I’ve gotten a couple of e-mails like that, exhorting me to endorse certain individuals, and then every so often I’ll get a rash of endorsements from people, even though never pay attention to endorsements and haven’t personally solicited any.

  • Rant: My shirt has stuff all over it and I have no clue how it got there.
    Rave: Fun date last night
    Rave: Still able to walk to work in this weather – hoping it lasts as long as possible!

    • Is the shirt schmutz related to the fun date? Is this something you’re going to be embarrassed to talk about with your dry cleaner?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Hmmm is that why Monica Lewinsky didn’t get The Dress cleaned? Too embarrassed to talk to her dry cleaner?

      • This is hilarious because a) my date did end that well (but this shirt came out of the closet well after the action subsided), b) because I have been told I resemble Monica Lewinski in the past and, c) the shirt is as close to bright blue as I would wear – bright purple πŸ™‚

      • Ha ha. Makes me thinkg of the hilarious and underrated movie The Sweetest Thing.

  • Rant: I have been in three cabs in the past week, all of which had credit card readers, yet all three drivers said, “Cash only – these do not work.” Yet all of the readers were on and working! Does anyone know if there’s a place to report cab drivers for this?

    • I think everyone in the city should purposefully stop carrying cash (or say we don’t have any to cab drivers). The reason they can get away with this is because they know they’ll find someone else with cash fare. If no one had it, they’d change their tune!

    • Last week as I went to use a cars my very nice driver asked if I was able to use cash instead. He said he had mostly card customers that morning and there were delays getting paid for fares collected by card. So it seems there are valid reasons why cards are not preferred. But like most things honesty always works better if they prefer cash.

  • Rant: I lack motivation, especially at my boring job (for which I’m grateful and blah blah blah)
    Rave: Focused on healthy living after a wakeup call from my annual physical. I DID enjoy an entire year of super awesome delicious food and drinks though. I like to think that means I’m a true patriot.
    Rant/Rave: Not looking fondly on the weight gain from the awesome year of being frivolous but trying to stay positive that I’m on the right track to getting back to my pre-gluttony weight. πŸ™‚

  • Rant: no bike docks made me late. had to backtrack .7 miles, and past 5 other stations. How is it environmental for people to bike to work if there’s a truck that has to drive the bicycle back home?

    • gotryit

      I don’t think uber is designed for (or really any good for) commuting if you’re going in the same direction as everyone else. For that purpose, why not buy your own bike? It makes availability of bikes and docks much less of a problem.

  • Rant – My skin is breaking out everywhere. I am too old for this nonsense. I feel like an insecure teenager right now.
    Rant – DC Library sent me a bill for a “lost” book I returned 2 months ago. Should I just pay and forget about or try to argue with them? I actually returned to the book to the desk and saw someone scan it in, I didn’t just dump it in the drop box.
    Rave – Return of fall weather and fall jackets!

    • never underestimate the value of a facial by someone who really knows skin! It’s expensive, but worth it – seasons change, hormones change, etc. hope it gets better soon!

      (a cheaper way is to see if Sephora or Blue Mercury will give you some samples of different products to try, too)

      • Sigh. I guess I should look into this option. I’ve always taken a “less is more” approach to skin care (aka laziness) but I guess I’m too old for that nonsense too.

        • epric002

          i feel your pain, but have never had any luck with facials or even with peels done by an esthetician in my derm’s office. actually, getting a peel was one of the worst things i ever did- made my complexion exponentially worse for months afterward. honestly what’s helped me significantly is the clarisonic and a derm recommended face wash. i really like the skinceuticals line. good luck!

          • Same here – my skin had a really bad reaction to a facial and does the best with limited attention (wash with castile soap & use Oil of Olay + Neutrogena sunscreen)

        • When I turned to the less is more approach is when things got better for me. Of course, this all depends on your skin type, but for me, the more drying chemicals and more face washing I did, the more oily and broken out I got. I’ve never tried a facial or peel though, so I don’t know what those would do.
          Now I wash my face in the morning, use clearing plant based serum and tinted moisturizer, normal makeup, then at night I wipe with a makeup removing cloth and rinse my face, then use a gentle moisturizer. My rule is any time I remove oil from my face I have to moisturize, otherwise my skin will overcompensate with its own oils.

        • Check in with a good dermatologist – they can suggest a treatment regimen. I suggest my doc, Dr. Richard Castiello. He rocks, and will be quite honest about what you should do (be it a prescription of some sort, or facials/peels from his esthetician). Dr. Castiello was ranked a top dermatologist by Washingtonian several times. Just a suggestion, good luck!

    • Re: library book – that’s happened to be before (getting a bill for a book I returned). I went to the library & said I’d returned it. They removed the charge from my account.

      • Thanks! I will try this approach this afternoon.

        • Sometimes the scanners don’t work – this happened to me 2x at Mt. Pleasant in the past 2 years. Both times, I actually went to the library after getting a letter saying the book had not been returned, found the book on the shelf, and brought it to the desk where they scanned it again and “checked” it in.

          Because of this, I would only return books in person, have them scanned and then check afterwards that they’d been removed from my record. But 1 librarian at that branch would give attitude if you waited (very politely, I would add) to check-in books, so now I return books to Cleveland Park only.

      • I had something similar happen — it didn’t get to the point of their issuing me a bill, but I contacted them about it and got it removed from my record.
        After this happened a couple of times with the MLK library, I stopped returning books/DVDs there and now return them only to my neighborhood library, which has a much better track record.

      • If it’s an audiobook it could just be that there’s a CD missing.

    • Change in weather, change in products

    • I had been having such bad breakouts for several months, but my sister turned me on to Cerave. And holy moly, it’s completely changed my facial skin for the better. It’s gentle and hydrating, I really recommend it! I also use their facial lotion.

    • Ha! What are the chances that another poster would have my EXACT issues??? First of, I quickly contacted the library and asked them to double check and they had made an oversight, found the book, all clear. Skin…. almost all clear. I too thought, “Really??? Can wrinkles develop pimples?”, but no! I went to a dermatologist, covered by insurance thank God, and was diagnosed with dermatitis. Acne medication will only make it worse!!! Now on an antibiotic (which I generally try to avoid) and a topical called Metrogel. Not an overnight fix, but a definite improvement.
      Now back to ranting….. Would the neighbors I can see from my window in their kitchen drinking wine and yukking it up PLEASE let their poor miserable BARKING dog in out of the rain??????

    • re: the library book. talk to the folks at the library and be super nice about it. as i librarian i will confess to going easy on (and believing) folks who are kind. if they are gruff with you, just remember they deal with jerkwads a lot. oh buddy, a lot.

  • Rant: Injury and work have kept me away from training for the Army ten. It’ll be slow going but hopefully I can finish.
    Rave: Getting away this weekend for some foliage in New England.
    Rant: Had one of the those rare nights where every tiny little noise freaked me out. Mr. S was at band rehearsal and I kept pulling open the shower curtain, making sure the doors were locked, walking around my apartment with a knife, etc. Sometimes I’m irrational.

    • gotryit

      I clearly don’t know you, but what you described sounds more than just a little irrational. Have you checked those episodes with a professional?

      • I don’t think it’s irrational. I’ve never taken to arming myself but I’m definitely more on edge when I’m alone at night (especially when taking showers because I can’t hear what’s going on elsewhere in the house). My girlfriend was gone last night and I kept waking up in a panic thinking there was a fire (not sure if the burning smell was coming from outside or it it was totally imagined).

      • Every once in awhile I have a night like this. I’ll just scan the apt. to make sure no one’s hiding and go back to bed. Only the OP knows if this is part of a larger anxiety issue, but she did say it was rare.

      • Meh, it doesn’t happen a lot – usually when I watch or read something that freaks me out.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have this framed and recite it to myself when I have those nights. It actually calms me.
      From ghoulies and ghosties
      And long-leggedy beasties
      And things that go bump in the night,
      Good Lord, deliver us!

    • houseintherear

      A psychic (I know, I know) once told me that those kind of “paranoid” episodes indicate the presence of a spirit of some kind – not necessarily a “ghost” or whatever, but just a presence. If you tell them out loud to leave you alone and move along, that’s supposed to work. At the very least it’ll give you a sense of control when you’re scared!

  • Ice cruncher/ice rattler in the cube next to mine. Have to drown him out with music. Why do offices need ice machines anyway? Is some people’s need to have ice-cold beverages great enough to warrant the presence of a big energy-intensive appliance the does nothing but freeze water?

    • The big appliance that keeps our lunches cool also makes ice. It just came that way! Crazy, right?

      I do love ice in my coke.

      • Ours only makes ice. We have a separate fridge/freezer for the people that like keeping their lunches or whatever cool.

  • Rant: I have to stop letting other people bother me so much. Today it was taking my garbage out to the trash enclosure and walking in to find one large garbage bag on the floor and one in an already full bin so that the lid wouldn’t close. Were all the bins full? Of course not. There were several empty bins literally two steps further back. It’s always something and I have to figure out a way to let it roll off my back and move on, but this is my home. πŸ™
    Rant: C’mon, people!

  • Rant: Still sick. The super painful sore throat and croaky voice are gone, but they’ve been replaced with throbbing sinus pressure and burning, watery eyes. And I’m allergic to decongestants, so there’s almost nothing I can take that would help.
    Rave: Trip to see family this weekend!
    Rant/rave: Still working (only one on the contract with funding left), but it’s a day-by-day situation. I get a phone call each afternoon with a “yes, you can show up tomorrow, but we don’t know about the next day.” I’m glad I’m not being forced to use up my leave right now, but the uncertainty is getting to me.

    • just be happy to be working at all…i worked all last week only to receive a status meeting yesterday that we were shut down as of 5PM on Monday. So now im just sitting around not really sure what to do with myself. Feeling sick and having no work = no beuno.

    • Sorry about the work situation, that is frustrating. Our office is still open because we have funding, but we don’t know when that runs out, so I know how you feel.

      As for the sinuses, have you tried a neti pot? It isn’t pleasant to use, but it really does help. I don’t use decongestants because they make me loopy, so the neti pot really, really helps with the sinus pressure.

  • Rant: Someone gave me some crappy tomatoes: the kind that are pale pink, hard, and have clearly spent most of their life in a refrigerator. I thought they’d be okay in a tabbouleh, which is usually better with crappy tomatoes, but now I just have a lot of crappy tabbouleh.

  • Rant: Silly blog posts like this one. I thought it would be tips for weatherizing your home and so forth during the “unexpected paid staycation, courtesy of the government shutdown”. But it’s just a bunch of fluff.

  • Thoughts on drinking during the workday? I’m working from home, but have a really annoying cough. I’m sure a glass of wine or two would settle it down. As my manager, you’d be on board, right? Considering that you already trust me enough to let me work from home whenever I want.

    • Emmaleigh504

      alcohol will suppress your cough, but I suggest something stronger like whiskey, though now that I think about it whiskey is for GSW, brandy is the go to medicine of old movies, so you need brandy. Though I have successfully used rum to suppress a cough.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Also: rum and mountain dew is yummy

    • There is a tea, usually found at Whole Foods or organic markets tho I think even CVS might carry it, made for sore throats and coughs. Brew it… now add the juice from half a lemon, a tablespoon of honey – local is the best, if you think your ailment has anything to do with allergies – and a jigger of bourbon. Have to say I usually do this before bedtime when I am afflicted but no judging here!!

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