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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • gotryit

    der takin ar jerbs!!

  • Rant: Reading comments in my online home town newspaper (Indiana) and most are delighted that the government is closed and that Cruz is sticking it to Obama.

    • Haven’t been to China, but have traveled recently to non-credit card countries like Myanmar and Yemen.

      Take US cash, hundreds (2006 date) and 50s with no tears, marks, cuts or heavy folds. Travelers’ checks have largely disappeared because of counterfeiting.

      One way of dealing with the large amount of cash you may have on you is to prepay your hotel for the time you will be there

    • These people are sad bitter people. Contempt for fellow americans is a pathetic state of being, and speaks volumes about the writers.

      It is frustrating, there are quite a few people who think our city is a toilet filled with 100% of the federal government employees nationwide.

      Here is hoping some of the pain of the shutdown reverberates across the nation, and not just in DC. I certainly feel for the people getting furloughed, but if it only hurts DC, then this can happen again.

      Wonder if Frank Wolf and Rob Wittman survive this. Sterling, Chantilly, Manassas, and then Stafford, Fredericksburg are going to get hit as hard as anywhere else.

    • Here’s a correction for them: Cruz is sticking it to the American people.

  • Rave: I got engaged!!!
    Rant: I was at work until 2am last night and am already back in the office. Damn tea party.
    Rave: Obamacare!!!

  • Smilla

    Rant: Shutdown, of course.
    Revel: Obamacare, of course.

    Question for the well-travelled PoPville community: I’m going to be in China for two weeks. For part of the time, I’m going to be in places that aren’t frequented by Western tourists very much. What would you recommend I do about money? Is an ATM card or a credit card sufficient? Should I bring cash (U.S. dollars)? Do people still use traveler’s checks? I’m old enough to be completely brainwashed by the ads they used to run about the dangers of using anything else.

    • Just convert your dollars to yuan and go enjoy the people and places of China! Credit cards work fine at most hotels too.

    • Haven’t been to China, but have traveled recently to non-credit card countries like Myanmar and Yemen.

      Take US cash, hundreds (2006 date) and 50s with no tears, marks, cuts or heavy folds. Travelers’ checks have largely disappeared because of counterfeiting.

      One way of dealing with the large amount of cash you may have on you is to prepay your hotel for the time you will be there

    • Take out plenty of RMB from the ATM while you’re in Beijing or Shanghai (whichever you fly into). Cash is king in China. The cheapest way to do it is via the ATM – try to limit yourself to one or two withdrawals on your trip to minimize your foreign ATM fees. The downside to this is that you’re carrying around a lot of cash (get a money belt!)
      Many places won’t want your U.S. dollars and the vendors taking it will give you a crappy exchange rate. The only place you should exchange cash USD is at a bank branch in the city (airport money exchangers will gouge you with fees).

    • You won’t need as much cash as you think. Outside of hotel, China is a very cheap country. Especially if you are in the inner parts, you will find dinners and such to be quite cheap.

    • like everyone said (well some of them) just grab cash from the atm in the airport in china.

      Do be careful when dealing with cab drivers, some clerks because they will try to switch your money for counterfit stuff. Also, if you are taking a cab, get the address written down in chinese as none of the cabbies read english-chinese directions

    • Traveler’s checks are a tad old timey. You can generally get a good exchange rate if you use your ATM card. Just be sure to let your bank know where you are going so they don’t shut you down.

  • Every time I see pictures of a remodel in DC, is seems the norm is to remove all walls and architectural detail, paint the walls white, and have endless expanses of shiny oak floors.

    i have a 1173 sq ft condo, 2+2 and a den. Although the flow is open, I have a separate entrance foyer, DR, LR, and kitchen, and I like it that way. I also have lots of windows, and really nice molding, doors, and hardware. Will I be at a disadvantage when I decide to sell, or are there still people around that like traditional floorplanss??

    • epric002

      my husband and i bought last year, one of the endangered traditional floor plans. we love it ๐Ÿ™‚ i couldn’t imagine having my entire first floor be one huge visible open space.

    • Yes, lots of us still prefer traditional floor plans! In my experience they sell faster and/or for higher prices because there aren’t as many of them on the market.

    • gotryit

      There are compromises between the two extremes. For example, in our last house, we opened the dining room to the kitchen with a 6 foot wide doorway that mirrored the 6 foot wide doorway between our living room and dining room. With original style trim on there, it looks very traditional and opens the house from front to back, but still retains a hallway and some delineation between rooms.

      • My unit used to have double french doors into the LR and the DR (one pair of door is in the storage unit if somebody wanted to re-install them) — so there are 6 foot wide entrances to each. The flow is great, but the rooms retain their delineation.

        Thanks to people for your comments. They are reassuring.


        • epric002

          i don’t suppose you want to sell those french doors??? ๐Ÿ™‚

          • We got rid of all of our doors as we are doing a huge reno. We did hold onto them and they are all in the basement though, including the french doors..

          • epric002

            if someone wants to sell me some french doors…just holla!

          • saf

            We bought ours at from the Brass Knob (back when they had a warehouse called Backdoors), because the people before us had thrown the doors out.

            Salvage is the way to go, but if you want new, talk to the folks at Smoot Lumber in VA. They have many doors.

            Kyle, keep your doors. A later owner will want to put them back.

        • gotryit

          We also left the original door(s) in the attic and told the people who bought it in case they ever want to put the doors back up.

          As another bonus, having both the original narrow hallway and the broader openings between rooms makes a great path for the kids to run in circles after eachother through the house.

      • ^^This… I did the samething and also added a 6ft opening between dining room and rear addition. So technically you can see from livingroom all the way through to the back of the house, but because I kept the walls, they all feel like individual rooms. It gives it more traditional look but still allows an open feeling. if I was to ever get ahold of a shell- I’m going for a totally opened/modern first floor, using furniture and wall treatments/paint/lighting to create separate spaces.

        We live in a world of entertaining these days(well of my friends do) and the above configurations are best for that.

        • Wow, there are people who actually use their entertaining spaces for entertaining?
          Seriously though, the Victorian layout with small rooms works just as well if not better for parties. If the gathering is big enough that not everyone can comfortably fit in one room it’s probably better that they split into groups having separate conversations in different rooms anyway. We love venues like 18th Street lounge where it’s a lot of small enclosed spaces, but for some reason everyone thinks you need a big cavernous space for hosting a party at home.

          • Which is extra funny, given that at the beginning of a party, everyone congregates in the kitchen (no matter how small!).

          • Right, I totally agree. Also, how often are you having parties big enough to need such a big open space?

    • Not at all. If you have original woodwork (or at least woodwork that is original to the time period), I’d say that’d increase your home’s value. I for one would jump at the chance of getting a home with original details and original floor plan. I’m tired of all these flips with no character!

    • Wasn’t there a “Dear PoPville” on this topic sometime earlier in 2013?

  • epric002

    rant: effing house republicans!
    rant: am going to have to block people on facebook who have drowned themselves in The Tea. ugh. and i thought elections were bad!
    rant: forgot to call my grandfather for his birthday yesterday until it was too late.
    rave: …

    • I cleaned house on facebook after the Sandy Hook massacre. Anyone who would use the deaths of dozens of children as an excuse to bang their second amendment drum is no friend of mine, digitally or otherwise.

      • epric002

        +1. did you tell them why you were deleting them?

        • I cleaned house during the 2012 election.

          Use the term socialism in reference to our president, and you were gone.

          Deleting these people during the presidential race saved me the heartache of seeing these same clowns railing about gun control and such too, so double bonus.

          • Huh, I guess I deleted those people long ago because their posts about their lives were so boring!

          • you should think about your 10:42am post regarding bitter people and contempt for their fellow Americans.

          • “you should think about your 10:42am post regarding bitter people and contempt for their fellow Americans.”
            I don’t see where you’re seeing “contempt” in kyle-w’s earlier post. “Clown” is pretty mild to be counting as contemptuous.

          • There is a HUGE difference between thinking someone is a clown, or an idiot, and wishing ill on them.

            Just because I don’t believe in someone’s political views, does not mean I think they or their family should lose their jobs or go bankrupt etc.

        • Nah; what would be the point? Now my only issue is my mom, who I can’t unfriend, but who makes Mr. Canada Cruz look like a beacon of rational discourse and intelligent policy analysis. She has this younger brother she adores (I DID ditch him) and she pretty much gets all her political positions from him, and from lucianne.com. *sigh*

    • Yep, I have a couple of relatives/Facebook friends like that, and I had to block them (or hide them, or whatever). Their posts drove me a little nuts, but that wasn’t even my biggest problem (their opinions are their prerogative and I can always skip reading them)…what bothered me the most was a couple of those individuals periodically attempting to hijack *my* status updates and channel them toward their political rants. (For example, I’d post something neutral like “Taxes are all done & e-filed!” and my relative would post a comment along the lines of “I know, right! More of our hard-earned dollars the government is taking!!” as if she and I were commiserating about a shared viewpoint, when in fact that was not my implication at all.) Honestly, while I enjoy and appreciate stimulating political debate with people whose views are different than mine, I rarely find that Facebook/social media are good forums for that; generally, people get too polarized, passions are too high, and decorum/respect is too low.

      • Absolutely. I skip over any political posts on facebook whether they are in line with my personal views or not. If someone starts posting political rants on a regular basis, I block them from my feed. We hear enough about it from the news. I go on facebook to look at pictures and read stupid blog posts, not get an eyeful of political vitriol.

  • Rave: Finished sanding the upstairs old heart pine floors. It’s starting to look nice after weeks of renovations.

  • Rant: My friend is on furlough and being directed to work, isn’t that um illegal?

  • Rant: Shutdown is affecting so many people I know.
    Revel?: My office managed to be completely exempt, so I’ll get paid…eventually. For now I get to work for IOUs until there’s a funding bill and any sick time I may need is considered leave without pay.

  • Rave: Saw “Gravity” in 3D IMAX last night… was breathtaking. And Sandra Bullock is still hot.
    Rant: Like everyone else, the shut down in down town. Solidarity to my govt worker friends.
    Rave: Really good therapist session this morning. Every little bit helps with the depression.
    Rave: It’s Oct 1. My most favorite month of the year.

  • Blithe

    Rant: Why do they hate Americans? I really can’t believe that the Tea Party is happy to sacrifice the well-being of this country to their pissing contest.

    Rant: It’s hard being an idealist these days…..

    • “Why do they hate Americans?”
      It’s because they are paid-off, like whores. Actually, that’s an affront to real working girls who actually work.
      Seriously – follow the money.

  • rave: my out of office says that I might not be back until February 2014. Wheeee

    rant: who knows when I’ll get paid. At least I know I won’t lose my leave (they have to honor your use or lose leave, of which I have a ton specifically for maternity leave because I planned properly and never took a vacation, even though I’m rich).

    rave: My doggie feels better. The massive gas attack she laid on us last night before feeling better was not so much a rave, but it was really, really funny!

  • Rave: Bloomingdale Scoop!

    The abandoned apartment building on North Capitol and Seaton (previously mentioned on POP and shown in the opening credits of House of Cards) is going gang busters now, they have started the construction, new windows in and framing going up. They are going to be 2bed 2 bath condos according to the construction workers.

    ANOTHER NEW restaurant coming to Bloomingdale (yes, we are the shizzle) on the same block as the Firehouse, but the other end (R and North Capitol). It will be a good sized place as well, Demo crew was in there this weekend working on it, keep an eye out for the liquor license, will be called something like Pub and the People or Pub for the People. This is not one of the previously mentioned new restaurants coming to our area.

  • Rant: People who think the bike gangs are harmless. A New York group resulted in this issue. Not certain whos fault it was, but end result was four people hit by a car, and a man pulled from that car and beat in front of his wife and 2 year old daughter.


    • Yeah, I saw that yesterday – totally nuts.
      I actually feel for the cops here – they are between a rock (chasing after the bike crews and potentially causing injuries to bystanders/legal liability) and a hard place (bike crews start threatening pedestrians and form a vigilante lynch mob). No good outcomes. Hopefully the cops can use video footage to identify individuals and start confiscating bikes.

    • I’m guessing you missed the part when he used his car as a weapon right or the part when his truck turned into Gravedigger? I’m not saying who was right or wrong but let’s be fair here.

      • I’d have run their asses over too if the only weapon I had against the people I thought were going to harm me and my family was the car I was sitting in. He accidentally hit the first biker (notwithstanding the fact that these stunt groups ride incredibly dangerously and it very well could have been their fault). He pulled over in order to deal with it in the appropriate way only to be attacked by the rest of the group. Who knows that other weapons they could have had on them? After taking it so far as to destroy the car, if I were the driver I would have absolutely believed that they wouldn’t have had any issue killing me and my family.

      • Certainly not missing the issue. Blame goes to both parties. However, the initial collision was likely caused by the fact that forty bikers surrounded the dudes car, and then one slowed down in front of him.

        The whole incident is a mess, and blame goes around. But 40 bikers is not a recipe for a good outcome, and can turn tragic, as it did in this case.

        • I don’t think that there’s blame on both parties.
          The bike crew is completely at fault – the driver would have never hit them if they didn’t surround his car and ride recklessly. And I say this as a motorcycle driver.
          Had the the bikers just rode by in formation in a single lane, they would have no problems. Instead, they had to act like a bunch of flashy peacocks and put everyone at risk. Which then, in turn, escalated the situation.

      • Sorry Kam, but the bike crew was at fault here. The initial incident that started the melee was the bike crew surrounding the Range Rover and then one biker “brake checked” the SUV. Unfortunately, the SUV didn’t have time to stop and hit the back of the biker who recklessly swerved in front of the car and then slammed on his brakes. The SUV ended up hitting him accidentally at a slow speed (probably less than 10 mph). It then appears that the bikers started threatening the driver, at which point he took off and hit more bikes.
        The whole situation is awful, but the bikers started it. They caused more damage to themselves by acting like a lynch mob – they tried to damage the car, open the doors, and slashed the tires. Of course, the driver was scared for his wife and 5 MONTH old daughter in the back seat. What was he supposed to do?

        • agree, lets be fair. The biker had no reason to brake check the SUV. Bikers were completely wrong.

          • I blame the bikers for not ending it without beating the guy. If they were wronged, they could have called the cops themselves.

            But, how it started, who knows. I’m sure brake checking precipitated a series of events, but it may have started earlier.

            The point is, a lot of drivers of cars and motorcycles like to use their steering wheels or handlebars to make a point, when they could avoid escalating a minor inconvenience. Let it go, and keep going.

        • Again, I am not pointing blame on anyone, I was just saying to tell the whole story.

      • South Park perfectly described my feelings of biker “crews”


    • Scrillin

      Motorcylces are not dirtbikes.

  • Revel: My daughter turned 5 months today.

    Rant: Being that she was the last healthy kid at her daycare she now has the cold that was going around. I felt so bad for her this morning when she was all congested and sneezing, so sad.

    Rant: The clowns and their immature “If I don’t get it my way I am going to take my ball home/flip over the board so nobody can play’ attitude.

    Irony Rant: The irony of it all is that many of the “constituents” that voted the tea party/extreme right into office to get rid of President Obama and the Affordable Care Act are likely the ones whose families, sister cousins and in-laws will benefit from it the most for generations to come. Some people are just so blinded by ignorance, fear and hate to realize when someone is actually trying to help them. It isn’t a perfect act but it is a step in the right direction.

    Rant: The fact that people are saying that this needed to happen and trying to rationalize the logic behind it (saving money…) but don’t understand or don’t want to understand what this shutdown is really costing us. There is no guarantee that the shutdown will cause some kind of auto-correct.

    Revel: The GOP and extreme right is out of moves and will really be screwed in a couple weeks when it comes to the debt ceiling. You think they are mad now, just wait. Game Over. You showed your hand to early buddy because you thought President Obama was going to cave in (he did that a few times already and got screwed for it). Sorry my friend, you misread his posture.

  • Rant: Apparently you can’t double space on here anymore.

    • The workaround uses periods
      like that. Or something similiar
      like that.

      • Yeah


        I figured




        Thanks though. But when I end a sentence with a period and still no double space, does it have to start with a period?

  • Does anyone here rent from Barac? How are they as a management company?
    I have a feeling I’m going to get a big rent hike in January when my lease is up. My current management company suddenly became super stingy over the last few months and is writing everyone in our building very whiny emails about water usage and trash volume.

    • I used to rent from Barac at my house in SW. We signed a 2 year lease and didn’t renew after so I’m not sure about price increases. They were fairly responsive for maintenance issues we had. Usually I would email in our issue and then would get a call in about 2 days or so from a plumber, etc. to schedule a repair. I was a student then with a flexible schedule, so that helped with repairs. I could see it getting realllly annoying waiting around all dayfor repairmen from outside companies they hire to show up (sometimes hours late) if I was working full-time. My only issue was that we had our dishwasher replaced and Barac refused to come get it for like 3 months or so. So it sat in our dining room….

  • Rant: The worst part of all of this is not knowing if we’ll get paid at the end of it or not. It’s impossible to plan. I guess it’s ramen & PB&Js until it’s over.

  • Rant: I get sad when “friends”, the media, people outside of D.C., etc. keep generalizing “Washington” as the problem and responsible entity for the shutdown and all of America’s problems. I want to shake them and say, “you elected these clowns, they’re citizens and representatives of your home town and your home state!” I don’t know why this makes me so angry, probably because so many of my loved ones here in Washington are not sure when they’ll be paid next and we really didn’t have a damn thing to do with it. I have too much DC pride maybe.
    Rave: Listening to leaves crunchy crunch under my shoes on my walk to and from work this morning.
    Rave: Putting together a personal budget last year – even just the extra money we saved over the past few weeks is going to help. I’m glad I didn’t pretend it would all work out (like I did last time) and not save some extra cash. I might save all the time now! (I’m new at this “adult” thing, apparently).
    Rave: Support. I feel like so many of my neighbors and friends have offered to hang out, take us for drinks, and generally just listening to our (probably irrational) fears. It’s alleviating a lot of my stress over losing two incomes.

    • I agree with your first rant. We don’t even have a representative in Congress! Unfortunately DC is going to feel the brunt of the shut down while we could have done nothing (vote-wise) to stop it. Some people need to wake the eff up.

  • houseintherear

    rave: trying to avoid the news by obsessively cat shopping online. The problem with so many adoptable adult cats being available is that I can now pick apart every detail of their Petfinder descriptions until I can’t even see straight. I should probably just go to a shelter, grab one, and hope for the best.

    rant: It scares me how many friends/family members that don’t live in DC aren’t aware of our lack of Congressional representation and budget autonomy problem. Really?!

    • When I went to the shelter 8 years ago to get my dog, the WHS NY Ave. volunteers were great about steering me to a dog that fit my personality and needs. It is worth going down there, talking to them about what you’re looking for in a cat, and seeing if they have any specific suggestions. I’m sure the other shelters do that too.

    • Just go and look – maybe you’ll fall in love with one of the cats, maybe not.
      When I got my first dog, I went to the NY Ave shelter to look and found the right dog right away. When I was looking again for a dog, I went to the NY Ave shelter, GA Ave shelter, WARL twice and didn’t find the right dog. But found her via Petfinder and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue.

    • Just go and look – I got my first dog at the NY Ave shelter when I went to look for a dog. I went looking for an older female dog that doesn’t shed and chose a young male that shed everywhere. 10+ years later after he died I was looking for a new dog & went back to look at the NY Ave shelter, the GA Ave shelter, WARL twice and kept looking at Petfinder.

    • houseintherear

      Thanks all… just applied for one at the shelter. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Nice going!
        If it helps… when I got a cat, I selected a few candidates (all from the same rescue) and went to meet them in person. It was like online dating; some seemed like a good match “on paper,” but not so much in person. And it made me think about what exactly were my personal “dealbreakers” — for example, one cat was very sweet but wouldn’t allow anyone (even her foster) to pick her up, and I decided that was a no-go for me.
        Are you interested in a single cat, or a pair?

      • Yea! Good for you. Trust me, you will love your cat, even if he or she isn’t exactly what you thought you wanted on paper.

  • Rant: Stinkbugs. Not the far right GOP, but the brown marmorated stink bugs that apparently all got the message that it’s time to go inside NOW. There’s a dedicated shop-vac for stink bugs plus lots of traps but there are so many coming inside right now. Ugh.

    Rave-ish: Fortunately, I guess, this wasn’t here in DC but at the family farm in MD. Happy to be back in DC, except for the

    Rant: GOP

    • Please tell me more about the kind of traps you’re using and the dedicated shop-vac. Do you have an extra vacuum that you just use to pick up stinkbugs?

      • We have two shop vacs plus regular vacuum cleaners so one of the shop vacs is just for stink bugs. Could also use regular vacuum cleaner but it might start to smell like stink bugs.
        The trap is not a lure but something used to catch them. Traps are made from plastic soda bottles (16 oz size) – cut off the top just above the label, invert the top and put it back into the bottom of the bottle so the top forms a funnel. Tape around the edge with any tape other than scotch tape. Use this to catch stink bugs on the walls, etc. They fall in and can’t get out.

        • Thanks MPinDC. A lot seem to get caught in my torchiere lamp and I dump them out periodically. I have vacuumed dead ones with my regular vacuum without issues.


  • Rant: shut down stress– all I keep thinking about are the deadlines I have (that will not be pushed back) and how I’m going to be extra stressed when this mess all ends
    Rant: spent more at Giant (bacon is $7!!) than I do at Whole Foods (organic eggs, milk, fruit)
    Rave: ACA

    • I’ve found Giant to be very expensive. Whole Foods can be, but not if you buy the right things.

    • RAVE: Trader Joes – almost everything is always “recession priced”. So damn cheap.

      • I’ve never been able to get on the Trader Joe’s bandwagon…the few times I went, they seemed good for interesting, snack-y items and maybe a few frozen entres for backup when you’re too lazy to cook (as I often am), but less useful for items I actually needed to buy, as opposed to fun “extras.” And their produce section was dreadful. But maybe they’ve improved over the years…how are the ones in DC? I usually rotate between Safeway, Giant, Harris Teeter, and Whole Foods. Whole Foods always *feels* more expensive, but then I’ll get to Giant or HT (especially HT) and find that a number of items cost as much if not more than at Whole Foods. Safeway and Giant produce is generally cheaper, but on the flip side, it’s always a crapshoot on the quality/freshness/selection.

        • No, that’s still the case at TJ’s. Like you said, fun and snacky and lazy, but not good for a full weekly shop. You’ll still have to go to Giant.

        • Agree with everything except HT being expensive. I think they’re on par with Safeway and much cheaper than Giant. I guess it depends on what you’re buying (for me, mostly fresh produce with a few dry goods, dairy, and pet items).

        • Staple items at TJ’s are usually the same price or cheaper than the 365 Whole Foods brand. Stuff like milk, eggs, cheese, canned goods, rice, pasta, and yogurt are good buys at TJ’s. Agree that their produce is awful (I’m not impressed with their meats section either). And when I shop there I usually spend too much money on fun snacks! The TJ’s in Foggy Bottom is terrible. It’s always crowded and always out of whatever you need. Usually the check out line starts right when you walk in the door. You have to get someone to go with you, so one of you can shop while the other waits on line. It’s ridiculous. The TJs in MD or VA are much better.

          • Or just add stuff to your basket as you snake through the store!

          • Not the ones I’ve been to in VA. And on top of that madness you have a terrifying parking lot to deal with.

          • I shop at TJs twice a month and I’ve only seen the line reach that long once (I came back later in the day).
            I shop on weekend afternoons or mornings and 9 out of 10 times the line goes only to the wine section. Sometimes it will stretch back to the coffee section. That’s usually less than a 10 minute wait to checkout. I’m ok with that.

        • I’m a lazy single dude, so TJs is totally fine for 95% of my shopping needs.
          I think the produce and meats are both good. Not farm fresh quality, but more than acceptable and the price can’t be beat. Sure, I could get better stuff at a farmer’s market, but I’d spend 2-4x as much. Most of the produce at TJs is what’s in season, so I’m always picking up new fruits and veggies. That’s more than adequate for me.
          Cheapest wine and beer in DC, aside from CostCo (but that’s really a trek). It’s got the vast majority of your cooking essentials, really good deals on olive oil, better-than-average deli meat/cheese/bread, and crazy good deals and selection for whole bean coffee. Steaks? Good. Cheap prices on organic chicken breasts. And a very good price on their thick cut bacon ($5).
          Even when the line is long, the wait is no more than 10 minutes. I usually go on weekend afternoons and everything is fine. Free parking and less than a 10 minute drive from my place on U Street.
          My only criticism is their seafood selection. Everything is frozen, except for smoked lox (which, btw, is very good and very inexpensive).
          So yeah, I guess I don’t understand the criticism that TJs is “gimmicky” or isn’t a “real” grocery store. It has pretty much everything I need on an everyday basis.
          But please, continue to think it’s lame – more free samples, more parking, and shorter lines for me!

          • The main complaint that I have about their fish is that much of it is from REALLY unsustainable fisheries. C’mon TJ, green up!
            They typically have some really good cheeses, too.

      • Trader Joe’s is cheap if you would normally be buying prepared foods in cute packaging. Compared to other cutely packaged foods their stuff is cheaper. But it’s not a deal if you compared it to non-cute packaged foods from other stores, and much more expensive than popping your own popcorn or cutting up your own squash or whatever.

  • Rave: My next marathon got a great review in Runners World – can’t wait
    Rant: Got email from race organizers saying that the shutdown will force a change in the course – likely lots of hills!
    Rave: Not furloughed yet!

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Hello all, that’s me on the “Name the shutdown” photo ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rant: there are guys on either side of my cube that seem to have uncontrollable loud flatulence.

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