Props to the Cops – Package Thief Caught in the Act

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

“At approximately 2 PM today in the 2800 block of Ontario Pl., Northwest, a member of the Third District while on patrol observed a subject lying on the porch of a home in the block as to not be seen by the home owners.

The subject was observed reaching out and stealing a package and walk west in the block.

The subject was stopped immediately and placed under arrest. The adult male of Northwest DC will be questioned about other similar cases in the district.”

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  • so happy to hear this! I live right around the corner and we have been experiencing ongoing package theft for months. is there any way to get a description of the subject?

  • Thank goodness! I live right near there, and I can’t tell you how many packages I’ve lost this year.

  • I have a package ripped open and stolen on Tuesday at 13th and Kenyon from my front door. Left the packaging in the bushes in front of the house. I couldn’t believe it.

    • gotryit

      Strange – in that area, I would have a hard time believing that a package would last more than 5 minutes on a porch.

  • If my packages were disappearning like that, I’d be mailing myself some special packages, like a week’s worth of kitty litter.

  • Last thursday, my neighbor saw a guy opening my downstairs tenant’s package. He yelled at the guy to stop, and the guy took off. My neighbor called the cops, and amazingly, they got the guy, and my neighbor IDed him. This was at Georgia and Harvard. Way to go neighbor and cops!!

  • GOOD! Now I hope that they don’t mess up the booking process and let this guy get off (a la Chris Brown).

  • I’m betting there are 50 of these guys going around that neighborhood. Arrest one and 2 others pop up. Why break into cars with alarms and messy glass when you can just grab free stuff sitting out in the open or behind a building door that’s easy to pry open with no alarm. I live nearby in Lanier Heights and we’ve had ongoing issues with some a-hole trying to crowbar our front door to the lobby to steal boxes. One of our residents spotted him in the act but he took off right away. We’ve had to fix our front door a bunch of times now, each time it costs a few hundred bucks. Same MO. Rips open boxes, takes stuff if he thinks it’s worth it, and throws empty boxes in front of building.

  • Do they mean the 1800 block of Ontario Place or the 2800 block of Ontario Road? There is no 2800 block of Ontario Place.

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