Major Progress at New Soccer Field in Adams Morgan donated by UAE and the Manchester City Soccer Club


The new soccer field by Marie Reed at 18th Street, NW and California Avenue, NW is starting to take shape. Looks like it’ll be artifical turf:


Here’s how it looked in April:


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  • Why are the UAE and some city soccer club building a soccer field in Adams Morgan? Is there some connection that I’m unaware of?

    • Public Relations. Advertising. Brand-building. etc. Soccer is growing in the US and many of the English teams (and others, I’m sure) are aggressively trying to build their recognition here. Manchester City is one of them and they are owned by a UAE investment group.

      • Also, I don’t know if there is a specific reason why DC is one location they’ve chosen. I believe they’ve done this in other US cities as well though.

    • The owner of Manchester City is the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates. The club is now rich and tapping into the US soccer fan base as its now more of a global brand like Manchester United, Chelsea, etc.

    • Just to clarify – Manchester City is attune to the Washington Redskins, ‘club’ means team, is case you were thinking it was more of an after school program or something.

      NBC just start showing premier league games on the weekend, time for teams to compete for US fans who have yet to build an affiliation. Think my friends already have me rooting for the Spurs though.

  • There are also fields in LA, Chicago and two other places that are escaping me (probably Miami and NY, but I can’t remember) that City has installed. And it’s not just the field, there will be programming that they will run as well (take that Stoddart!) This was all written about when the field was first proposed. Which by the way, was always going to be a turf field.

    Your photos are missing the best part of the renovation which was they got rid of the crappy railroad ties on the hill both in the fenced in field area and on California St. and have replaced them with actual terracing. It looks nice.

  • Anyone know what the rules will be for the use of this pitch? I would guess that there will be scheduled games (District Sports, etc.) on it a lot of the time but I’m hoping there will be pick up games when it’s not being officially used. It’s a public field, right?

  • I think their motive for doing this is UEFA’s new “financial fairplay” regulation. My amateurish understanding of this rule is that there is no firm salary cap like in the NFL or NBA, but teams are not going to be allowed to spend more money on players than they earn from team-related revenue. (Because rich owners from the UAE distort the competitive balance by throwing their oil money around).

    So think of this as a form of money laundering. Man City spends $25,000,000 worth of oil money on a project to build fields in DC, Chicago, LA, Rio, Beijing, etc…I made up a number but that’s not the point. Point is that as a result some little kids start wearing Man City jerseys, will identify as City fans, which will improve City’s ability to attract advertisers and TV deals. They don’t necessarily make all of their money back, even in the long term, but they make “clean” money that they can spend on new players.

  • I know they have said the kickball groups will not be allowed to use the field after construction is complete. Makes sense, but that was one of the best kickball fields in the city, and one of the few lighted ones.

    Anyone know if that is real grass or turf? I am guessing turf by the vehicles parked on it.

    • The school will still allow various community groups to use the field, including kickball. Marie Reed is an elementary school, but we have not forgotten that the facility is meant to be a community center.

  • Looks great!

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