Checking Out The Apartments at CityCenter plus Tumi Confirmed as First Retailer

9th and New York Avenue, NW

Yesterday I was able to take an early look and hard hat tour of The Apartments at CityCenter. They are expensive but they are awesome. In the photo above (on 9th street looking southwest) there are 6 total buildings – to the left are the condos, to the right are the offices and in the center are the apartments (458 units in both buildings.) If all goes according to plan folks should be able to move in starting in early December. In November the new sections of 10th Street and I Street will be reopened to the public.

We are still waiting to learn about most retail and restaurants (“it’s going to be a shopping destination and you can live on top of it”) who have leased space – Tumi was announced as the first retailer today. Tumi will be located at 1051 H Street, NW. I also learned that there are plans for a small grocery store/food market in one of the spaces. More info on retail and restaurants as it gets released. In the meantime check out how the space is starting to turn out:

future electronic boards showing artwork:

future retail and restaurants fronting the entire internal plaza and street sides

More photos including a look at a 2 bed/2 bath corner unit after the jump.

new section of 10th Street looking south

swimming pool (not completed yet are the dog walk and bocce courts two floors above)

2 bedroom corner unit over looking a future park

living room

public seating on 10th Street

outdoor ottoman




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  • Snooze. Bring on Uniqlo!!!!

  • Wow, that corridor sort of reminds me of the outdoor shopping plazas in Cologne. Very cool! I hope it’s as active as Cologne too.

  • I’m getting increasingly nervous about the retail portion of this project. I hope unjustifiably so.

    But, Tumi??? That seems like the kind of boiler place filler that you would announce with 4 or 5 other stores.

    With this supposed to open in a few months shouldn’t we have heard more by now? Rumors of Apple, Tiffany’s, Uniqlo, etc and yet none actually announced.

    This project was billed as the missing piece that would put DT DC on par with SF or Chicago as an urban shopping destination. Of course, the project is way too small to ever do that. But, I was hoping this project would at least give us a critical mass of stores equal to your typical suburban mall. I really hope, we start seeing some big names announced and soon. I would hate to see the project open with a bunch of Douglas Development-esq for rent signs in the retail bays.

    • The Apple store is confirmed and a done deal. That big black boxed out section on the 11th Street side of the back of the second office tower will be the location. The rumor is Google is moving its DC offices in part because they didn’t want to stare at the Apple store across the street.

      • Cool. I guess you have insider info on this? Any other retailers you know to be a done deal, but not yet announced.

  • Looks like Uniqlo is confirmed. They’re looking for a “Manager” in DC. Yay!!

  • Where will these people shop for food? I’m not a fan of this project. The buildings are too austere…. not inspiring and not creative. oh, McKissack and McKissack…. the new premier? I preferred the old standard.

    • Where will they shop for food? Perhaps at the Safeway at CityVista, 6 blocks away. Or the reopening Giant 5 blocks away at CityMarket at O.

    • lovefifteen

      There are two large supermarkets about 5-6 blocks away. Also, there will be a small grocery store at DC City Center. I would bet it will be a high-end type grocery with organic products, but I am just guessing based on how these apartments and condos are very pricey.

  • I worry it’s a little too simple and boring architecturally. I don’t know why they think this will bring retail to downtown when so many other existing retailers struggle downtown (Macys) or close down (West Elm). I have my fingers crossed though that it will help. I just worry this one project won’t be what ‘makes or breaks’ DC which is already pretty good and this is just a small TINY portion of it.

    • I think part of the reason is that downtown is heavily populated with office workers that may only spend their working hours in the neighborhood. But as more residential complexes come downtown the population will be shifting and with increased foot traffic will come more spending.

    • Macy’s is a wreck, I completely agree, but that is, in part, because very few people live that close to it. And it is frankly poorly run and in pitiful shape. My hope is a Bloomingdales or Nordstroms will hit City Center and up the quality factor a little.

      West Elm was a furniture store. Not exactly a place one shops at downtown when no one lives there. I think an Apple store would be fantastic there. I loathe every time I have to go to Georgetown or Pentagon City to get to one.

      At least Tumi is expensive/high end for what it is – gives some hope this won’t just be another TJ Maxx or World Market type shopping destination.

      I do agree above that the architecture is pretty meh. Though the inside of the condos look like they will be very nice/high end. If not a little overpriced. But I suppose when the new Marriott hotels opens and that stretch between NY Ave and Mass Ave fill out, this will be pretty prime location for good retail.

  • Tumi?! I was really heart set on a Tower Records! So many CDs and videos to choose from…I’d be in there for hours….listening to new tunes, buying concert tickets, flipping through magazines featuring my favorite bands, etc. ‘New DC’ just never seems to look out for me. Sigh…..

  • Apple is out. New real estate person at Apple as seen on cnbc. Gucci in.

  • This place exemplifies DC’s need to building higher. It’s the marquee location in the city center that will have one of the highest per capita household income levels in the country, but it will not be dense enough to support its own retail portion without gutting store a block or two away. Truly a shame.

    • Yeah, this project is basically the final piece in DC’s attempt to create a vibrant mixed-use urban downtown. All in all, the plan to enliven DT has been at best a mixed-success. Yes, DT is shiny, has some date night restaurants, and isn’t completely dead outside office hours. But, it is far from the vital heart of a metro area of 6 million people.

      Now that we have reached the end of that, we have to decide how do we want our city to grow? 1) A European-style model in which our rowhouse neighbrohoods are redeveloped as densly packed 6 story apartment buildings (Paris/Madrid/Berlin), 2) A North American-style city where we preserve the low/mid density row house areas and focus growth in downtown high rise apartments (Toronto,Chicago, increasingly SF). 3) An LA-style polycentric urban core where we develop a series of small urban nodes seperated by less active lower density areas.

  • Great to have those streets open again! Surprised though, that the outdoor seating doesn’t have dividers in it to discourage people from sleeping on them.

  • I’d love an rei or similar.

  • The bench will be a prefect place for homeless to sleep!!

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