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  • Glad they kept the old signage around. I’ve never been wild about the giant red letters but I am fond of the little cartoon character.

  • how;s the coffee here – anyone been?

  • Earlier this summer, signage said a nail salon was going into that space below DCCH.

  • jim_ed

    I go to the location in Petworth, but I can’t imagine its any different…
    The Coffee is solid if unspectacular. In all honesty, it’s probably a store bought roast, but they serve it hot, have real milk, and if I recall the decent sized cup was like $1.00 or $1.25. They all serve a reasonable plato tipico (eggs, plantains, cheese, and beans) for $5-6, which is a great way to start the morning. Sometimes language can be a barrier, so don’t hesitate to break out your finest 7th grade Spanish to get what you want.

  • The $1.55 million dollar question, or whatever, is what’s going to happen to this building that seems also to encompass the defunct Barbara’s Beauty Shop. These four lots represent the worst of anywhere on 14th Street (yes, from the river to Walter Reed). There are those two buildings that are under construction-ish and look like they were designed by a toddler. (I was told by someone that if you pay the owner, he’ll finish a floor for you. Yay!) There’s Gloria’s which, in their defense, is actually occupied, even if they sell sub-par pupusas, and then there’s this place. Maybe it’s good news that the owner wants more rent. Perhaps they’re looking to make improvements, or maybe even sell. Fingers crossed.

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