Over the Past 36 Hours “Operation off the Streets 2” Results in 60 Adults Arrested for Prostitution in NW

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From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department, Third District, is pleased to announce the completion of “Operation off the Streets 2”. We would like to thank all the citizens and stakeholders that have provided prostitution related complaints and or information to us through the various available avenues, to include 911 calls, list serve postings as well as at various community meetings held throughout the city. As a result, members of the First and Third Districts were able to work together along with several local businesses to successfully arrest 60 individuals over the past 36 hours in the Downtown Washington, DC area for prostitution related crimes. The cases closed involved both men and women and ranged from basic street level to internet and hotel prostitution in the NW section of the city. Thank you all for your participation and dedication to working towards resolving these issues in our communities.”

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  • Excellent! This is the type of operation I expect to see by the MPD. Instead of being reactionary, they are proactively going after law breakers. If only we would see more of this. As a criminal justice professional, I personally know the benefits to these type of operations. They work! I just don’t understand why these tactics are not used more often. For instance, if a neighborhood is seeing an uptick in crime (robbery, thefts, break ins) a similar approach would be beneficial. We can’t always only arrest people after the fact, we need to hit the perpetrators before they they commit another crime or hurt our families and children.

    • The only thing this is successful in doing is padding overtime pay rates for the “criminal justice professionals.” Cops and politicians love these BS stings – the pols look “tough on crime” and the cops can afford to go buy some new toys for the weekend.
      Huge waste of taxpayer money, IMO.

      • Yup. All it does is move the problem to another location–which explains why there were so many prostitutes working the corner behind my building last night, a place that’s usually at the far edge of the problem area.

  • I hope they also arrested the Johns

    • This. Don’t just persecute sex workers. Johns usually just get a slap on the wrist while sex workers get prison time and no rehabilitation.

    • And the pimps. Let us please not forget the pimps.

    • Exactly. Just arresting the women is like arresting the cashier at subway. If you want to stop subway, go after the demand (johns) or the owners (pimps). Arresting the women does nothing to stop the cycle, especially if the women are being forced into prostition in the first place.

  • I wonder if there is any correlation with the Value Voters Summit?

  • Way to ruin my Columbus Day weekend plans. Thanks MPD.

  • Even if you arrest 60 prostitutes there’s still at least 475 members of Congress left. So our problems remain far from solved.

  • Who gives a flip about hookers. I almost never see them in DC. What I DO see in DC all the time are drug deals. Where is the sting for that? You can even call in a high drug traffic area and nothing ever happens. This does not impress me MPD, clean up some real crime then talk to me.

  • Sex workers and their environments are very resilient and these kinds of stings are basically for show. Although no one walks Thomas or Logan Circles anymore, the women still take their clients there and use the allies.

    Given that sex work is almost always interwined with law enforcement, I wouldn’t be surprised if the more savvy streetwalkers knew about this ahead of time.

    • No one may walk IN Thomas Circle anymore, but there are regularly sex workers to be found at both 12th and 13th and Massachusetts, with women occasionally working corners as far south as 12th/13th and K. 12th Street between Mass and N has so many sex workers at 4:00 AM that it would make the Red Light District in Amsterdam blush.

      • This. I was coming back from the airport once after dropping off a friend at 5:30am and there was a traffic jam on 12th St at N. I had no idea this even happened there.

  • It’s all a big conspiracy. Send the feds home without pay, forcing them into prostitution to survive, and then bring the hammer down on them. Government reopens, 60+ employees slimmer.

  • sorry people but prostitution isn’t a victimless crime.
    i’m glad mpd made these arrests.

  • MPD hard at work.

  • I just don’t get it: why is sex legal when it’s free and illegal when you pay??? It’s legal in Nevada, Holland, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, the DR….just to name a few…and they don’t seem to have a problem with it.

  • Legalize it, regulate it, and tax it.

    This only makes life harder for the women. Who’s going to bail them out? Their pimp who now has hard evidence that he’s all she’s got.

  • I don’t have a big problem with commercial sex work, but streetwalkers can be a nasty nuisance and attract all kinds of unsavory behavior and crime.

    I remember in Atlanta, a residential neighborhood was having a lot of problems with streetwalkers. A neighborhood group got together and started taking down: date, time, make and model, and license number. Then, they would send a postcard to the registered address of the car, saying, for example:

    “On October 14, at 10:02 pm, a man in a silver lexus 400h, with license plate number ABC-123 was noted soliciting for sex on Hayward Avenue.”

    Ended their problem. They didn’t have to do it very long before the word got around and the hookers left.

    • How did they get their addresses?

      Also, DC has the nastiest-looking hookers that I’ve ever seen. It’s sad in more ways than one.

  • No if they would raid the hotels and offices and homes were all the ‘high class’ escorting is taking place.

  • funny how the cops have time for this but none of the other crazy shit that goes on here. everytime a see a cop their face is buried in their fucking iphones.

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