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  • Just went to Petworth Citizen, nice place will be back. Regarding open kitchen diner, want to like this place, food is good, owners mind is in the right place, but they have to get it together. Servicewise, paymentwise, cooking time wise, everything wise. Maybe that ‘new management’ will help them. Good luck to em.

    • Thats exactly my thoughts, I’m really glad there is a diner counter on upshur, and the food was exactly what I’d like in a diner, but general operations had been lacking a bit (though, admittedly, I had gone by after they had only been open a short time). Anywhere else, it would be my go to, but with Highlands as competition in particular, it wasn’t able to find a niche for me. When I went by last week, I was saddened to see that they were not open. Hopefully they have good luck with the new management.

      Petworth citizen is also a really cool place, good food, casual vibe. Will go back.

      Also Domku has changed its layout a bit. They made it slightly more divided into three spaces.. a lounge, a restaurant and a European bar. I like it.

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