New Tenant for Tony’s Place Flowers – A Fast Food Teryiaki/Asian Fusion Restaurant Called Poppa Box

1928 I Street, NW

Not sure if this the same place I heard about back in July 2012 or something completely different but Washington Business Journal reports a permit has been issued for:

“Alteration and repair of an existing, 1,045-square-foot retail space to establish a 14-seat fast food restaurant, Poppa Box, a Teryiaki/Asian fusion joint from the Go! Bento company.”


Here’s how Tony’s Flowers used to look:


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  • Hmm, there’s a fantastic “mongolian bbq”-ish type place right next door in Penn Grill (if you’ve never been, it’s awesome – sold by weight and delicious) – hope this doesnt hurt them at all!

    • Thanks for the tip! I’m literally 200 feet from this place and never knew the Mongolian BBQ place existed!
      I hope you know about the “secret sushi” restaurant tucked into the lobby of the office building at 20th & K Street 😉

      • Oooh, i’ll have to check out the secret sushi! Enjoy Penn Grill – i recommend going half/half on their spicey/mild sauce! It’s delicious!

      • Which building – do they do take out or is it sit-down?

        • It’s a take-out style place with seats, they are only open during lunch hours on the weekdays. They specialize in bento boxes – 2 items you pick off a large list (sashimi combos, rolls, tempura, eel, etc), plus soup or salad. It’s called Sushi Express.
          They also now accept debit/CC. Woot! 🙂

  • Why would you go for “teriyaki/asian fusion” when you can have build-your-own stir fry by the pound at Penn Grill. Also, Penn Grill’s sandwiches are delicious.

  • I would make it an Oyster brew pub with big open air windows.

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