New Mural at Georgia and Taylor St, NW


Thanks to all who sent emails about the new mural going up on the side of the temporary Safeway pharmacy across from the YES! Organic Market at Georgia and Taylor St, NW. The artist is Cita Sadeli ‘CHELOVE’.


I’m also digging the old Opel out front but if you buy it, don’t forget it needs gas:


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  • Not sure I understand the iconography/message here… interesting design though.

    • The message is “this looks way, way cooler than a blank wall”. Dig on that.

      CheLove is an awesome human being, if that’s who I think it is. She has twin sons, both of whom are cute as a button, if it’s the same artist I think it is.

  • I did the Opel, looks like a slightly uglier version of my beat up BMW 2002.

  • Petworth needs some murals, and I love this one so much! I feel like it’s a call/response with that neat banner over on 3Tree flats. Really fantastic getting to watch the artist up on her cherry picker.

  • So ugly and poorly designed! It looks like the mouth has bitten off the ass of the breakdancer.

  • This thing is amazing. We always walked by and admired the Opel before the mural began, and watched it go up over the last few weeks. It’s so good to see the area getting more murals. And as a working artist myself, props to hiring creatives!

  • I love that Opel. I’ve told my wife that if we had a garage, it would be mine.

  • Yo thanks for the post! Looks like you got out there on the last day of painting. Next time say hello for sure!

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