New Gym Opens in Mt. Pleasant


Thanks to a commenter for letting us know yesterday. That Yellow Gym was located at 3220 17th Street, NW just off Park Rd. It is now Fit 360 DC. Their website says:

“A new gym in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood that provides membership, group classes, and personal training. The focus will be on functional, innovative, total body fitness for all levels.”

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  • Isn’t this its third name in as many years?

  • Do they have a squat rack? And how much is it going to cost? A yes and a reasonable number is all I ask for.

    • I used to live in the Argyle and I doubt you will get either answer you are looking for. That gym seemed to fit about 3 people and a few pieces of equipment. I want to say I saw a flyer in the building for the old gym and it was a ridiculous price for what it was

  • If you click on “View Schedule” and choose Small Group Training – an unlimited monthly pass is $150. And I thought That Yellow Gym charging $70/month for access to a treadmill and their yellow painted old Curves equipment was crazy. I guess this place is more focused on personal training, hence the hefty price tag, but still disappointed there won’t be a more budget friendly gym in Mt. P.

  • I,too, would like to find a low priced, no-frills gym with a/multiple squat rack(s)!

  • The price that is being quoted here isn’t accurate. The classes are through Higher Ground Fitness which is separate from Fit360. The price for the gym is $49/month with a 1 year commitment and includes 24 hour access to all equipment. The space has been completely revamped with new equipment (including a squat rack, functional (cable) trainer, TRX straps, and Kettlebells) and a new focus on what the neighborhood is looking for. There will also be packages available for people that would like a membership as well as classes… Please check it out before you make assumptions. A lot of work has gone into revamping this gym with the neighborhood in mind.

    • Sorry for any assumptions. I looked on each main page of the site and didn’t see any information about the price of general membership. Maybe I am overlooking a section where this is listed?

  • it would be easier to check it out if they actually had some if this info on their website… just sayin’…

    • Fair point… They are working on getting the website up to date, but wanted to at least put something out there while they are in the building stage. It will all be listed through MindBody, but it takes time. They also want people to go and check it out. The change really is dramatic, maybe on your way home from work or take a quick walk after dinner. Brian and Tristana will both be there most of the day/evening. Hope you all can make it in to say hi!

  • If classes are your thing, I took some of Brian McGee’s functional training and kettlebell classes back when he was at Stroga, and I thought he was one of the best instructors there. Definitely challenging, and in my opinion at least, I thought he was great at finding that balance between pushing students to try their hardest, but not being a jerk about it (which I’ve experienced in the past with a couple of other trainers/fitness instructors and is something I find really off-putting).

  • Excited to see this gym in Mt Pleasant – hoping it’s a good alternative to the WSC!

  • I was walking by today and took a look. It seems like a really cool gym – TRX, Kettlebells and a modular thing that you can use to squat, do pull-ups,etc. Definitely different from what was there! The people working there were awesome and so friendly. Once the furlough is over, I just might join.

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