New Giant on H Street, NE Reducing Hours Starting November 9th


Speaking of Giant grocery stores, thanks to a reader for sending:

“I was at the Giant on H street last night and saw this as I was exiting. Too bad they decided to cut back from the 24 hours but I guess there just weren’t that many people stopping in at 3am.”

We recently judged the Giant at 3rd and H St, NE which opened up 24 hours/day back in May.

3rd and H St, NE

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  • My guess is not a lot of demand + sketchy people coming into the store at night, especially as the nights get colder.

  • Damn, that sucks…

    i deff use it as an after hours grocery spot
    was never packed when i was in there after 12 but there were always other shoppers in there

    maybe once h st becomes more populated they can try for the extended hours again

    im sure they just werent breaking even on paying the employees vs sales from 12-6

  • Awwwww. I only went there once after 12 and it was pretty much a ghost town…lights were dimmed presumptively to save money. I guess I should have seen it coming…I think as the street adds more density, they might consider extending back to 24 hours again. There’s one building going up diagonally across the street from the Giant, then there are big projects planned in the 500, 600 and 800 blocks.

  • I am all for non-24 hour grocery stores. I mean, what sort of clientele do you get from midnight to 5am? There is a reason why everyone says not to walk alone at night during those times. Shady characters!

    I hope the Petworth Safeway is not 24 hours either.

  • Too bad. Once the trolley goes in and the construction around it is cleared, hopefully they go back to 24 hrs.

  • They should have thought this through more thoroughly from the beginning. It’s generally not a good thing for a business to have an offering, then reduce or eliminate it. Especially so soon after initial offering, in this case. But the reality here: Giant is–well–giant and they will not suffer greatly. Plus, they are the only game in town in that neighborhood.

  • I often shop the Georgetown Safeway after midnight. Parking is a breeze. It’s actually a calming experience.

  • Honestly I was quite surprised it was a 24 hour grocery store when it first opened and wondered how much demand there would be. I tend to go there right after work or in the afternoon on the weekend. I imagine this won’t really hurt their business. But then, I don’t really make a habit of being out past midnight much these days.

  • I suspect demand will pick back up once the construction around that area is complete.

  • Yeah, I can see this. Don’t know how much demand there is for a full service grocery story at 2:00 am. However, I do wish DC had more 24-hr NYC bodega type markets.

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