New 60-unit residential project Coming to 14th and Wallach Pl, NW

14th and Wallach Pl, NW

Thanks to all who sent links to Urban Turf:

“On Thursday, Madison Investments and PGN Architects got the go-ahead from the Historic Preservation Review Board on their plans for a 60-unit residential project at the northeast corner of 14th Street and Wallach Place NW.”

You can see a couple of awesome renderings here.

Couple more photos of how it looks today after the jump.



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  • That’s interesting. There was a piece in the Post about Mitoni’s Hair Salon just this past summer in which they said:
    “That makes Mitoni’s a rarity: An old shop owned by the building’s owner, with no intention of moving.”
    I wonder if they still have no intention of moving?

  • wandafish

    I don’t care what businesses occupy it, just as long as that building gets an update it desperately needs. Paint peeling, boarded up windows … I’m all for historic preservation, but come on.

  • I really like the aesthetic of the new building in the renderings, but damn it looks huge! It’s just dwarfing that sad little historic building on the corner, and I’m sure will equally dwarf the little two floor townhouses on Wallach. It looks, though, like it’s about the same height as everything else being built in that area, so maybe it won’t look so massive once the rest of the block gets built up to the same height. If it is going to be a giant, at least it’s an interesting-looking giant!

    • It’s sadly ironic that the Wallach Place posse has opposed nearly everything in their neighborhood, but can’t even influence massive developments that are happening – quite literally – in their own backyard. Ho hum.

  • Well, that will definitely block all the awesome views that the South facing condos at Union Row.

    • You don’t get your view forever. Anyone paying a premium for a view in an urban center should realize that.

  • Wow, it does look pretty tall. I wonder how it will compare in height with the Louis across the street?

    • The renderings look like 9 floors. I haven’t counted the number of floors at the Louis, but I think this new bldg might be one or two floors higher.

  • The transformation of that block will be complete when the shoe store next door to the burger joint closes.

  • The renderings definitely show the better facades. The north facade (which you would see from the intersection of 14th and U) is a wall of brick/block with a few punch windows. I am guessing they did this in anticipation of some future development of the one story building that houses Black & Orange and the DTLR.

  • Glad to see that this old building will be restored as a result of this new project next to it. I am going to miss the mid 80s hair style pictures in the window though. Straight out of the Cosby Show!

  • Perfect! I was hoping the city would put more condos on 14th!

    • Not sure if you’re joking, but the fact is that condos in this zipcode are usually on the market for a week or less. The number of people who want to live here is dramatically larger than the supply of condos, so additional housing makes a lot of sense.

  • This is terrific. Hopefully it is 9-10 stories. This is where we should be putting density.

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