Fall Festival and Flower Bulb Planting this Saturday 10:30am-2:30pm at 5th and K St, NW – Help with the Planting if You Can

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“All the action starts at 5th and K Saturday morning. We have TONS (600 daffodil bulbs and 1,100 snowdrop bulbs) of bulbs and are hoping for a great turnout to plant in Cobb Park as well as along K Street. Vida Fitness is going to have free Zumba – should be a great event.”

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  • I thought we determined the other day that this neighborhood was Mount Vernon Square, not Triangle.

    • And promptly forgotten by all. As long as the metro station retains it’s “Square” moniker, the “Triangle” folks don’t stand much chance.

    • I think one moron insisted on triangle in a particularly douchey way, and PoP smacked them down. Please return to Peter Pan’s Playground

  • I think they are both correct, but refer to different, though related, things. Mount Vernon Square is the actual “square” surrounded by K St., 9th St., Mass. Ave/NY Ave. (the convention center), and 7th St. It is also the name of the Metro stop, which is just up 7th St.. Mount Vernon Triangle is a sort of triangle-shaped neighborhood whose boundaries are 7th St., NY Ave,, NJ Ave., and Mass. Ave, placing it actually immediately east of Mount Vernon Square. But really, people tend to use both names to refer to the neighborhood, and I think little, if any, confusion ensues, so does it really matter?

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