Museum Minute Vol. 10 – Neighborhood Heritage Trails

heritage trail

Museum Minute is written by Elle O’Flaherty. Elle lives in Mt. Pleasant and previously wrote about the African American Civil War Memorial and Museum.

This is a very special furlough edition of Museum Minute in which I tried to both go to a museum while many were closed and spend no money while most still in operation charged entrance fees. Thus, I bring you the Neighborhood Heritage Trail. We’ve all seen the large signs posted around town, but I hadn’t actually taken the time to walk one of the trails until suddenly Congress afforded me plenty of opportunity.


I’m glad I did. I walked the Mount Pleasant Heritage Trail, which was interesting if you’re entirely too enamored of your neighborhood, which I am. It was also kind of nice to have a purpose to walk around on a beautiful day. The trail had all sorts of information about the architecture, famous former residents (and less famous, including a former presidential chauffeur), and interesting facts about MtP. There are 15 heritage trails throughout the city, a couple have free accompanying audio tours, and odds are there’s one for your neck of the woods. So, if you’re looking for a cheap way to learn more about your hood while taking a walk with your kid or dog, two thumbs up.

By the way, just in case you don’t think this furlough edition museum review isn’t up to Popville’s usual standards, I think we all know who to blame…

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  • Love the Mt. Pleasant Heritage Trail. Last Christmas, I had family in from out of town and I suggested that they walk it as a way of getting out of the house and getting to know the neighborhood. They absolutely loved it. It helped them appreciate how great this neighborhood really is.

  • Thanks, this is a great reminder that I should take some time to explore the history in my own neighborhood (and others)! I’ve walked by that sign 100 times, but always hurrying to the S9.

  • I know that the local website Active Life DC has featured a bunch of area heritage trails. It’s a pretty good resource (and was definitely handy during the shutdown)! (see

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