Uniqlo is Coming?!? More Possible Retail News for CityCenter – But it Sounds Like Apple Is Not


Yesterday we checked out The apartments at CityCenter and learned that a Tumi store was the first confirmed retailer. In the comments some interesting news came out – specifically a UNIQLO is coming according to this job listing:

“UNIQLO Manager Candidate Program – Retail Sales – new

Company: UNIQLO
Location: Washington, DC

Date Posted: October 21, 2013

UNIQLO is seeking Experienced Store Manager Candidates! At UNIQLO we are seeking individuals who are committed to becoming business leaders in the retail industry. Our ambition is to open 10 – 20 stores annually in the United States and become the #1 Specialty Apparel Retailer. With over 1,200 stores globally, together we believe we can change the world!”


But in less exciting scuttlebutt is word that the Apple deal may have fallen through. A commenter hears a Gucci store could be taking that space. I haven’t heard that but another source also tells me that he hears Apple has walked. Hopefully they can resurrect that deal because I think an Apple store would do very well there. More info when/if it becomes available.

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  • i love uniqlo! this is great news, and beats traveling to japan to do my shopping!

    • Or you could just go to NYC, with its massive Uniqlo flagship store on Broadway

      • Not to mention online.

        • Uniqlo online site is poor, offers little selection, is often sold out, and UI is too fancy to be good e-commerce site.

      • Yeah…but dropping the suggestion on a blog that one has or has the capability to travel as far as Japan for some fancy stuff sounds a lot cooler than suggesting a mere NYC shopping trip, or worse….shopping online from the comfort of one’s own home.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so excited. No more paying for shipping or lugging bags back from New York!

  • They should put an Apple store in the Central Union Mission building on 14th Street. Given those huge windows, it’s right in line with their architectural style… and would be a different addition to the area!

    • jim_ed

      Oh please god no. I can already see the ~10,000 articles on gentrification if Central Union Mission is replaced by an Apple Store. It would make the Post’s current fixation on millenials look like an AP wire blurb in comparison.

  • I’d rather have a Gucci store than an Apple one.

    • I’m curious about the Gucci store. Usually the high end stores cluster together. Tiffany’s, Gucci, Channel, Omega are always near eachother. Seems like we are either going to get a lot of high end stores here or none at all.

      This was the issue with the proposed Tiffany’s on Conn Ave. It’s hard to have a Tiffany’s across from a Dress Barn.

      • Interesting points.

      • Bingo… This project is going to be very luxe… think Chevy Chase or Tyson’s on steroids once phase 2 is complete — Prada, Tiffany, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, etc. To put it another way, they perceive Burberry (which will also be in the project) as lower end.

        • That would be interesting if you’re right. But, I wonder how that works from an economic standpoint? Most of the big money in the region lives in either in NoVa or Upper NW/ Western Montgomery County.

          Why would these affluent shoppers drive downtown when they can get this stuff (with easy parking) in the areas already? I understand this is more of “destination” type development, but it’s not going to overnight turn DT into a Union Square/Michigan Ave type regional draw.

          If I were a high end retailer, I would be a little hesitant to jump into an untested downtown retail market. DC doesn’t have the culture of DT shopping you find in other cities. Plus, I would be worried about cannibalizing my existing suburban stores.

          I hope I’m wrong, but it is just hard to imagine a neighborhood going from modest office worker shopping to high end lux district overnight.

          • Asian and Middle Eastern tourists… The Chevy Chase stores suffer because the luxury stores there seldom attract tourists like more central areas like G’town and now Penn Qtr. The foreign tourists spend the real money here and in other places like NY (obviously on a bigger scale). By the way, I am not speculating… City Center will be very high end… we will see if it works.

          • +1 Anonymous @ 2:55. There just isn’t enough critical mass of high end consumers in the city, and particularly not downtown. And its highly unlikely that the future residents of CC can be counted on to consistently spend that kind of money at shops directly underneath them. I think this is why you are not seeing the promised high end retail jump to sign leases here. And we’ve already seen how difficult it has been simply to sell the condos. And that could be because would-be buyers (many of whom are overseas) may doubt this development is going to be all that it was marketed to be. Chicken and egg….

          • FOH … you seen property prices lately in DC? Yes, there is a lot of affluence in certain suburbs, but the city ain’t hurting for s**t. Plus, as downtown dave noted, downtown will attract many more tourists/part time residents etc.

  • so is uniqlo in NYC as affordable as it is in Asia? I just had my first uniqlo experience in Singapore a couple weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. Prices were similar to H&M but quality seemed a bit better.

    • Yes, same prices and quality. Probably even a bit cheaper here in the U.S. than in Singapore. I love their cold weather thermal wear and workout clothes. Chino pants and denim jeans are also good value buys.
      I don’t like the quality of their dress shirts, they use cheap materials. I go to Charles Tyrwhitt for those.

  • Can you name the source for the Apple tip? So far, the only source is an anonymous commenter who posted on popville. IMO, that’s far from a reliable source.


    • Prince Of Petworth

      No, I have another source who I spoke with yesterday. My sources are confidential that’s how I get the stuff. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Like I said, I think an Apple would do well there and hope they are able to work it out.

      • Odd, I have someone at Apple that also said it was a done deal. Far enough along that job postings have been posted internally twice now.

    • Yeah, and another poster further up that same comment trail said Apple is at Center City is a done deal. Gonna happen.

      They both can’t be right. I reserve judgement until I see something official.

  • Uniqlo may be coming. But, I think this is just a generic nation-wide link that they use to recruit people.
    When you click on the apply now button it says the actual position is in NYC or SF.

    Also, there website dosen’t list DC on the list of active job locations:

    But, they do mention they are looking to add 10-20 stores annual, so that is a good sign.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      So you think they put “Location: Washington, DC” by accident…

      • I’m not sure. I saw a link from them a year or so ago advertising jobs in DC. At the time I thought it was in conjunction with rumored Uniqlo in the Georgetown Mall.

        It maybe that they are collecting resumes for a yet unannounced DC store. Or it may just be that they want a nation-wide search for their manager program.

      • A retail deal isn’t a retail deal until a signed contract is announced. Even then, it’s not real until the doors open to the public. Witness Yo Sushi!’s recent switcheroo at H and 7th. They had the wallpaper up and everything.

  • SimplyHired has had similar postings for managers in DC previously, but each time the official job posting only lists positions in San Francisco and the New York area. They may be coming eventually, but this is probably not the official sign.

  • Microsoft should swoop in and take the Apple space if Apple doesn’t want it. With their new focus on devices, acquisition of Nokia, and the new xbox coming this winter seems like they’d want to expand the number of Microsoft stores out there. Note: I own an iPhone and iPad – this is not a comment on the merits of either company.

    • I think an Apple store would drive more retail traffic than a Microsoft store. I wonder how it would compare to Gucci though. The most surprising is Tumi. I don’t think i’ve ever seen someone excited to visit an area because of a luggage store.

  • The Downtown BID and the building owners need to pull out all the stops to try and reel Apple in. Apple stores are “destinations” that lift up the rest of a business district. And really, as it is, there’s little retail in downtown proper that I would travel to unless I was at work. Otherwise, I’d go to a mall that has more of a critical mass.

    • I feel the opposite is true. Apple stores may be a detonation for a handful of people but not many. And most people these days prefer downtown shopping to malls. I certainly do.

  • justinbc

    So can someone explain what the appeal of UNIQLO is? Hopefully it’s more than what they show on their website (which admittedly isn’t much).

    • Price point, I think.

    • As a male- High quality “basics” for the price point. Casual button ups/downs, Ts, sweatshirts, underwear, etc.

    • For me, it’s fit first, then price. One of the few places where I can buy off the rack pants that fit (31×34). Skinny tall men are doomed in fat America with American retailers, even relatively high end ones like Banana Rep. OTR shirts that fit like hot air balloons. If I want the arms to fit, it’s like wearing a mumu. If I want the girth right around the chest, the arms are like raglan shirts.

      • justinbc

        Ah, thanks. I do generally hate the way OTR shirts fit as well. I have pretty broad shoulders, but a narrow waist, so things generally wind up a half a size too big in order to make them fit.

      • Yes, the tailoring of the clothes is definitely more Asian. I loved living in Asia for a year – everything fit me!!! I actually freaked out when I found out that I was a size large in Tokyo. It was amazing to be able to buy EVERYTHING.
        I used to live 5 minutes from the Macy’s flagship store in NYC. Even there, I could usually only find 3 or 4 dress shirts in the entire store that properly fit me. If I didn’t like the colors or design, I didn’t really have any other options.

      • So, for gay guys? Isn’t Zara just two blocks away?

        • Confused. Wanting a shirt that doesn’t bunch like a topsheet around the waist makes me gay? (Moreover, that’s an issue for you?) Congrats on paying money for clothes that make you look stupid.

        • justinbc

          Fail attempt at trolling.

        • Right bro! Let’s hit up Front Page for some slores and reminisce about our lax days.

        • If wearing fitting clothes makes a man gay, I hope all the men become gay.

          • Hold on, you can insult Americans by saying everyone is fat but them can’t take it in return. How about you learn to shop and stop buying corney ass otr stuff. You sound like my 15 year old mentee. First fitted clothing makes you look suspect. Good tailored clothing nor quality otr stuff wont give you that problem. Hell pick up a slim fit shirt and shut the hell up you freaking fashion misfits. Better yet grow up and get a damn tailor.

        • Grow up

  • An Apple store would be a huge win for City Center and the district as a whole. As mentioned above, Apple stores are a destination. In addition, the higher sales/sq foot would certainly help tax collections. For every IPad/Iphone sold, that is another $30 in DC’s coffers.

    • Not so true, they draw for a while but they don’t bring in enough money. Hell a good high end retailer can bring in as much money without the headache of long lines, extra security, etc.

  • This position has been up for “Washington DC” for a while now – at least a year, or maybe longer. Last year the WaPo reported that HInes, the developer, was having talks with Uniqlo and Top Shop, among others, but there hasn’t been any public announcement with the results of those discussions.

    There is no doubt that Uniqlo will come to DC eventually but this job listing is not really evidence of that.

  • Good news! It’s surprising to me that Uniqlo hasn’t been here already; they would do well in Georgetown as well. I think they are great for basics, kind of a step up from H&M to me but similar prices. I have a couple of pair of undies from them that I love, and usually I am indifferent to underwear. You can order online from them, too, no need to trek to NYC.

  • So what’s up with that totally out of place brick building with the boarded up windows on the corner in the background? Shouldn’t that be a tri-level smoothie shop or yoga emporium by now???

  • WTF is UNIQLO and why should I care?

  • I mean, isn’t this place just another H&M? If you’ll recall a time when H&Ms were only in NYC and everyone thought they were cool and now look at what they’ve become…

    • You hit the nail smack dab on the head…

    • Based on the comments above, the clothes fit better on people with smaller frames. I’ve never been to a UNIQLO, but if what they’re saying is true I would love something like this. Forever 21 is currently my store of choice; although a lot of the clothes are junky they fit me really well. H&M stuff tends to be more big and billowy, and Zara seems to be made for taller women with broad shoulders.

    • Their stores are a little less rowdy than H&M, I’d say. Very busy, but bigger, almost more like a department store in size and feel (at least the two I’ve been to in NYC are this way.) I’m a short guy but with a bigger frame, and I generally have to go up a size to be sure Uniqlo’s stuff fits right.

  • Gucci sucks. Carhartt is where it’s at.

  • OMG!!!!! I love this store!

  • All the retailers are waiting for Hermes and they will follow in line. Tiffany’s, LV ect all waiting for that deal to be done. Apple won’t find better space in Dc that gtown store sucks.

  • I sure hope Uniqlo does come here. I too enjoy their clothes for taller, thinner gentlemen. I also want a retailer to think of DC before VA for once. One thing I’ve found is that not all Uniqlos are created equal. The larger ones have a lot more stuff – including very affordable suits and other items that aren’t on their rather pitiful website. Free tailoring isn’t offered at all stores either. So here’s hoping that we get a big Uniqlo rather than just a starter size one.

  • YAY!!! Finally DC gets a Uniqlo!!!

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