More Info on Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop Opening in mid-November at 18th and M St, NW

1800 M Street, NW

A week ago we learned that Delaware’s Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop was coming to DC. The owner of the DC franchise sends a few more details:

“I can tell you that we are looking forward to bringing the Capriotti’s brand to the DC area. Many people know Capriotti’s from Delaware or the beach (locations in Bethany and Rehoboth). One of the things we pride ourselves on his fresh food. We roast Turkey and Roast Beef in house every night. We also have fresh bread every day (bread is a one day item, any bread left over at the end of the day will be donated to a local soup kitchen). So I think we distinguish ourselves by providing fresh food at a very affordable price. We will be doing catering and delivery. We will be open every day at 11am and will be staying open late on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We will hopefully be opening by mid-November.”


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  • This makes my Delawarean heart happy. I miss the bobbie!!

  • So. Tired. Of. Chains. Eventhesmallones. C’mon independent shops, pony up. Furthermore and apropos of nothing: if another DC lunchtime shop tries to “innovate” with its ordering or payment system (Boloco, Nando’s, Vapiano, etc) I’m gonna start throwing bricks.

    • austindc

      For a sec, I thought Eventhe Smallone’s was a chain, like a Fuddruckers or something.

    • We own a small business. We have one location, and awesome clients. We’re in the black, but profit margins are thin. And those margins will be threatened once our equipment starts to age and needs to be serviced or replaced. The ONLY way we’ll be able to increase our profit enough to retire someday is to open additional locations, in order to maximize return on various fixed costs. (Advertising, expensive equipment, business services, etc etc.)

      So… when we open the next location or two and become a small local chain, will you start ranting about us, too? We’re only cool as long as we’re small and poor? We’re only good enough for you when you can feel like you have some kind of an exclusive “in” wrt our product? Is that your thinking?

      This IS us, a small independent shop, “ponying up”.

    • How awesome do you feel about yourself that you’re SO much better than the masses that patronize chains?

      Why not go talk to the franchisee – a small businessperson, perhaps? – and what he thinks of your snooty, closed-minded comment?

      BTW, amen +1000 to Anonymous below.

  • Yess we can’t wait!! The Bobbie is amazingg.

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