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  • In all seriousness, can someone explain how running 6-car trains v. 8-car trains saves money, considering they’re still running at the same frequency. I don’t get it.

  • I bet ridership is down because of the spike in people bicycling. Obviously not from 40 miles outside of DC but I live in DC and only use the metro if it’s my last resort.

  • This could also be attributable to the great weather we’ve been having. I wonder if they’re going to run into trouble once the weather gets colder and more people are turning away from walking/biking around town.

    • Do people really think 1 out of every 4 metro riders suddenly decided to bike because the weather is nice? Seriously, that’s your explanation?

  • Been taking the orange/blue line from Federal Center SW the last couple of days just to see what the area is like now with the shutdown and there’s definitely a difference, especially between yesterday and today. L’Enfant Plaza also doesn’t seem to be packed with tons of people like normal.

  • How come WMATA can come up with this 22% number with such definitive clarity without actually having ONE FULL DAY of ridership data for the shutdown (Tuesday many reported until 11am), yet just about any other decision is steeped in depths of opacity that make steam baths on NYC’s lower east side look clear as a crystal vase?

    • You know it’s not that hard to take two numbers and calculate the percent difference. It’s not “definitive clarity”, it’s just basic math.

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