Le Bustiere Lingerie Store Moving into former Yoga Chai space in Adams Morgan

1744 Columbia Road, NW

Back in March we noted the former Yoga Chai space was for lease in Adams Morgan. They’ve now got a new tenant – Le Bustiere. Their website says:

“Le Bustiere is a fresh European inspired lingerie boutique offering diverse brands, styles and sizes that are currently unavailable in Washington DC.

Our mission is to give the intimate apparel enthusiasts what they are looking for, whether it is fit, comfort or style, in an atmosphere that is luxurious and exciting. I want to create a connection with the Intimate Apparel Enthusiast that evokes the feeling that Le Bustiere is “my lingerie store.”

We offer a variety of services which include free bra fitting, bridal & lingerie parties.”


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  • epric002

    ohhhhh i hope they carry 28 band sizes.

    • Me too. I’m a 28 B or C which is really hard to find.

      • epric002

        have you tried the little bra company? i feel your pain. it is sooo hard to find sub-32 band sizes. also, i just found them on facebook and asked about 28s and they said they do carry them! i did not ask about cup sizes.

        • Thanks for reporting back! I’m a 30, which is a little easier to find than 28, but still not super easy. Half of the time I wind up going with my “sister size,” but the 30s do fit a lot better!

          • epric002

            small-band solidarity! 🙂 i’m kind of a nut about a properly fitted bra, so i’m a bit more excited about this than i probably should be. if they carry 28s i’m sure they carry 30s too. good luck!

          • That was my thinking, too (about if they carry 28s, I’m sure they carry 30s). I’m very into properly fitted bras, too, probably because I didn’t figure out how poorly my bras fit until well into my 20s, when I was finally fitted well.

          • epric002

            you are probably well ahead of most women still. i also didn’t get properly fitted until i was out of college. but i still have many, many gfs who stubbornly wear the wrong size.

  • Have you tried Coupe de Foudre on E between 10th and 11th? They have a wide range of sizes.

    • Isn’t it super pricey? I’ve wanted to check it out, but it always looks a little rich for my blood aka the sort of place to get honeymoon lingerie but not everyday stuff.

      • Yes, Coupe de Foudre can be a bit pricy, depending on what you’re buying. Their bra fitting is great but they did not carry any bras I wanted in my size (30 band).

    • epric002

      they didn’t have my size in stock either (28DD)

  • Dumb ass location, unless it’s budget orientated lingerie.

  • anybody remember the weird lingerie store that opened for a while in Petworth on Sherman next to the Pink Snapper? They stocked it with strippery type lingerie, but it never ever was open. I always thought it must have been some sort of front..

  • I lived in the Adams Morgan area and I stopped in to check out the new lingerie store, beautiful store they really did an awesome job with the space. The space looks very modern and sophisticated. They carry various bra sizes and lingerie pieces you don’t normal see around. I had a good experience, owner was very nice and accommodating, I will definitely tell my friends and be back soon.

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