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  • Finally, a burger restaurant in DC!

  • My girlfriend and I picked up some burgers and fries from here during their soft opening. The service was good. The burger had a taste that my girlfriend described as backyard grill (and she meant that in a positive way), and I agree that the burger was at least pretty good. I don’t understand, though, why so few burger places are able to make decent fries (though, like Five Guys horrible fries, they at least come in high volume).

    • I was there yesterday and thought the burgers were goid . I also liked the fries that had the cheese and herbs.

    • How would you describe decent fries? I think Five Guys’ fries are great. At least they’re fresh.

      • Fries are like pizza. Everyone likes something different and they will never agree about what the “best” is. As it should be (it just shouldn’t be a reason for insults, as it too often is).

      • Are there places that serve non-fresh fries? Yuck. I haven’t had Five Guys in years, but I remember the fries being very heavy and oily.

        • Yup. They’re called Chinese carryouts. Know what? They’r f**king awesome with wings & mambo sauce. I can’t imagine them without perfectly fried crinkle cuts. But by all means, do continue to pay through the nose for soggy “fresh cut” fries fried by an idiot who has no idea WTF he’s doing (see any Five Guys).

        • Yes, most places use frozen fries and aren’t cutting them fresh every day.

          • I thought you were talking about frying them fresh. Fresh cut is better of course, but I’ll take a well-fried frozen fry over an oil-logged fresh cut fry any day.

    • justinbc

      I thought the fries at Smashburger were pretty solid, for a chain.

  • Had a Kraze burger in Seoul, and I believe it’s a Korean chain. Pretty good I’d say.

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