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  • Ew. All they had to do to fit in is mimic the clay tile but they cheaped out. Lame.

  • LOL. That’s just nasty. At least they didn’t slap an AC on the facade…

  • justinbc

    I don’t understand why, if you’re already rebuilding, you would use a black surface that absorbs more heat.

    • We replaced our roof recently and we did choose to get a white roof but according to several roofers we spoke with, at this latitude the winter heat benefits from a dark roof approximately equal the summer cooling benefits from a white roof, so there isn’t a clear preference from a sustainability perspective.

  • I give it a “B”

  • That enormous white fascia board is so sad. Even if they weren’t going to do the clay tile, would it have killed them to mimic the little sloping overhang that the roofs on either side have?

  • Agree about the huge white fascia. I think the most glaring omission is the lack of some sort of projection that maintains the deep shadow line below the roof. That would connect this house with the neighbors and make everyone forget or forgive the color of the shingles. A little harmony with the neighboring houses wouldn’t make this stand out so much. Even the newer building two houses down has a cornice!

    I don’t begrudge them the shingles, they are a neutral, ubiquitous roofing material. They just look bad because there are no other redeeming architectural details.

    • I think reno/developers WANT their redone houses to stand out because they think that will fetch more money, when we who live here (most of us, anyway) want some respect shown to the context of the home. It would have been pretty simple to have this fit in better, look nicer, and be respectful, but that is the opposite of what the decisionmaker wants. That is why every reno HAS to be painted.

  • Absolutely hideous and it looks like shoddy contruction as the roof, awning, and fascia board don’t look quite parallel.

  • Looks cheap.

  • Hold on – is this three condos? It looks like three separate mailboxes on the front porch.

  • As a stand alone it wouldnt look too too bad

    but in context (between those 2 homes) it doesnt look too good at all
    seems to fight the block instead of fitting in

  • I like it better than the faux 3rd floor of the house on either side.

  • Hideous. And this style of popup seems to be a trend. One went up on I and 12th NE not long ago (I believe it’s three separate condos) and one is going up on 6th and I NE too. The one on 6th and I isn’t AS bad because the house was a lot shorter than all the existing houses on the block in the first place. Now it’s just slightly taller, not towering.
    I don’t see why they can’t build an extra floor with a new roof that looks similar to the existing one instead of this exaggerated mansard style that looks ridiculous.

  • The brick on the west side (left side if you’re looking from the street) has not been painted (as it was on the other side). What’s up with that?

  • no transom either. Tell’s me they didn’t even pretend to try and match the style of the street/neighborhood

  • How can we stop the pop ups? I feel that they are messing up the aesthetics of each block.

  • I don’t get the hate – I think this looks pretty good especially considering they didn’t just stick a box up top and cover it with vinyl siding, which seems to be the popular technique.

  • It looks better than that monstrosity on 11th and V

  • We live a few houses down (just out of the picture). From what we have heard/can see, the same developer just bought out the house next door (the light blue one) and is doing the same complete demo and renovation. So, I am guessing this won’t stand out quite so much in 6 months, for better or worse. They also added a huge addition at the back of the house — a full 15 or so feet deeper into the alley than any other houses on the block.

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