Keeping Up with the Neighbors on Harvard Street and Popping Up on New Hampshire Ave

15th and Harvard St, NW

All three of these row house were two stories and now have popped up to three.  When the last two are completed – we will revisit to see if they blend in with the block.


And thanks to a reader for sending the shot above from New Hampshire between Quincy and Randolph St, NW – He writes:

“What the?”

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  • Stairway for roof access is my best guess. I does look a little…odd.

  • Is the NH Ave house the one that was sold at auction over the summer?

  • I just don’t get the Harvard street renovations. Why not just keep the physical structures uniform among the three? Even the windows on the one on the left are a different size. Looks odd to me.

    • Different developers/desires. House on the far right was broken into a bunch of condos and sold for a pretty penny – guessing the house next door is trying to do the same thing, while house 3 may be the work of someone who intends to actually live there?

      • I’m pretty sure it’s the same developer though

        • If that’s the case, there’s no excuse for using the tiny windows up to as opposed to the full windows like on the other two homes. (To be fair, they’re obviously still in the process of building, so who knows how they will end up, but the small windows look to be there to stay.)

        • farthest to the right and middle were the same developer. far left was a different one.

    • The one on the left is really taking the piss (as my British friends would say).
      At least the one in the middle built to the same height as to the first of the three pop-ups (the one on the right).

      • As long as the entire block continues the trend of incremental height increases it will all look great.

        Actually, no, it looks ridiculous. # 3 is someone with more money than brains.

  • The one on the corner – on 15th St. actually looks really good. They built out to every possible square inch, including at first a ridiculous gated rear parking pad that didn’t allow any car larger than a Mini to manage the angle from the alley, but they did fix that and the place actually fits in quite well.

  • The one on the left on Harvard and the one on New Hampshire look like the houses are surprised.

  • Every time I walk past the NH Ave one, I wonder how on earth that building is still standing.

    There’s also a popup going in behind the Harvard Street ones, on Girard. That one’s less developer, though–I believe the couple who bought it are converting it and moving each of their parents into two of the units.

    • For a while it was just a facade stapled to the neighboring houses. They completely removed the entire shit-soaked terror house down to basement level.

  • I really don’t understand why the roof slant is different on the new one in the first picture. Ugly can’t be a selling point.

  • they look nicer than they used to.

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