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  • That sign is creepy-funny. Makes me wanna look over my shoulder. Kinda like, “We’ve traced the calls…they’re coming from inside the house.”

  • Hopefully something good will open in it’s place. So far everything, except Luna, on that strip of Conn have turned out to be pretty bad! GBD’s chicken is horrible and overpriced, DGS didn’t live up to it’s potential. Maybe we need a place with a real name, instead of just initials!

  • Good. That was a horrible location.

    • Okay, I’ll take the bait. The location was horrible but the food was very good. One of the better and more authentic Lebanese restaurants in town. They seemed to have spent a lot of money fitting out the space, and the back dining room was very comfortable. I’m sorry to see it go, and hope they are not relocating back to Beirut.

      • I guess I have the opposite view. The location was great- right next to my office!- but the food to me was terrible. Really terrible. I get nauseous even thinking about my last meal there. (Shudder). I wanted to like it and gave it several tries but would MUCH rather head to Moby Dick’s around the corner. I hope something better goes in its place, because again for me personally, its a great location!

  • DuPont is so lame now. Why would a good restaurant want to move in there? 14th Street is getting every good/new idea now. I guess the prices are annoyingly high on 14th St, but DuPont retail/restaurants are definitely dying a slow, boring death.

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