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  • saf

    It was lovely. We went early, and went home early, because it just gets too crazy as the day goes on.

    So we hit the stuff at the school first, then went up the street to look at the vendors on the northern end and to have a few beers at the Pint.

  • The crowd seems to be now up at Meridian Pint’s tent. Was there for a few hours, fun, crowded. Walked down to the offical Columbia Heights Day and it was kinda slow. The Adams Morgan and H St Festivals are all on commerical corridors, hence they are much busier. This is the slowest Columbia Heights Day ive witnessed.

  • I wish they would close off all of 11th from Kenyon to Monroe to make it one unified event.

    • This is a great idea – close off a few more blocks, get the other restaurants on 11th to participate, heck, invite more places from over on 14th to take part as well.

  • As a vendor at CoHi Day, I had an absolute blast. This was the first time for us (GoodShuffle) to get out promote to our community since our launch two weeks ago. The people were very energetic, the music was fun and the popsicles were keeping us alive after a long day in the heat!

    Also, props go to the organizers! Really well run, communication was great and the resupply of water was clutch.

  • Not quite carribian festival bad but having the stuff up by meridian pint just brought tons of people down Lamont st. 4 cars broken into on my block during the day and half a dozen empty bottles/cans (cobra, 40s etc) and tons of trash and chicken wings in my and neighbors yard. Pretty disgusting

  • Columbia Heights day was mostly booths for politicians… I counted 7: Graham, ANC, Mara, and a bunch of others I’ve never heard of… there was even a table with Jack Evans literature — who doesn’t even represent Columbia heights…

    GoodShuffle was pretty much the only thing worth checking out…

    No wonder people were at Meridian Pint Oktoberfest…

    • Wow, that’s quite the compliment! The reception we received from those that stopped by our booth was fantastic. Please let me know if there is anything in particular you want to see on GoodShuffle and if anything needs improving. We push new features up every week, so we are eager for feedback.

  • Super Fun day! Thanks all for organizing

  • hispanicandproud

    Too many politicians and not enough real people. But my dog Dusty had a good time.

  • As one of the organizers of Columbia Heights Day, we really appreciate the community’s feedback. We’re an all-volunteer festival and rely on local support to present it every year. Please feel free to get in touch with any ideas you have, additional comments or to get involved: liz(at)columbiaheightsday(dot)org.

    • I thought it was great. Keeps getting better! Well done.

    • Columbia Heights Day gets better every year! We had a great time grabbing drinks at Meridian Pint and Room 11 and then hitting up the food trucks for snacks.

  • where were the arts & crafts vendors like adams morgan day? saw only commercial tents and pols…

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