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  • this is house is completely awesome

  • Please explain why it is awesome. It looks kind of jumbled together to me (and I’ve seen it in person so its not the photo). I like modern but I also like rigor of a thoughtful composition.

    • To each his own, dude.

    • Corner lot, huge windows, huge front porch, rear balcony, deck, large yard, detached, not a cookie cut, very unique. AWESOME. I’ve also seen it in person. I walk my dog by it every day. If you don’t like it that’s cool. Personally, I don’t care what you like.

  • Beetlejuice!

  • Looks like young architects moved to an older, established D.C. neighborhood because it was affordable and made a statement without hoping to. Regarding the structure alone, I support the tasteful color palate as to mute the “here I am” nature of the design.

  • The house was built by Scott Evans of “Positive Space.” I love it – extraordinary detail that as others have said, you appreciate more in person.

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